• Why Community Colleges Want Live Mascots

    by Bob Susnjara May 2016

    While mascots played by students are common at four-year universities, they are hit and miss at the local two-year colleges.

  • Ohio State Getting Aggressive with Satellite Camps

    by Tim May May 2016

    As soon as the NCAA rescinded its ban on satellite football camps for Football Bowl Subdivision schools, Ohio State went into full launch mode.

  • Officials Approve $18.5M UT-Chattanooga Facility

    by Andy Sher May 2016

    State officials have given UTC the go-ahead to begin pre-planning an $18.5 million football/athletic training facility. The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga project breezed through the five-member State Building Commission last week on a unanimous vote with little comment.

  • Complications Likely if Undrafted Players Return to School

    by Jay Clemons May 2016

    What's the downside of letting undrafted juniors or draft-eligible sophomores return to school — assuming they never signed with an agent, accepted money from prospective agents and were in good standing with a university before declaring?

  • Transfer Trend Concerns College Coaches

    by Andrew Miller May 2016

    It's a growing trend in college basketball; 2,000-plus college basketball players have changed schools over the last three years. Nearly 850 players made the move last year.

  • Eastern Washington Mulls Options for Stadium Site

    by Jim Allen May 2016

    The answer to Eastern Washington's football stadium dilemma may be near. Over the next rise, to be exact. Just north of Roos Field lies farmland that's suitable for a new stadium. Informal discussions between the landowner and EWU officials are underway, The Spokesman-Review has learned. "We have discussed some possibilities," said John Montague, the representative of the estate of his mother, Mildred Montague, who died in 2006.

  • ACC Network May Never Come

    by Brad Senkiw May 2016

    The ACC is one of just two leagues (the Big 12 is the other, although Texas has its own channel) from the Power 5 that doesn't possess its own lucrative network. The ACC desperately needs one. Swofford and the league's athletic directors aren't blind to that at all.

  • ACC Football Title Game to Remain in Charlotte

    by Jonathan Jones May 2016

    Charlotte’s role as host of the ACC football championship game through 2019 appears safe, so long as the city and venue promote “inclusive environments,” commissioner John Swofford said Thursday.

  • Column: Some Athletes Miss Out on O'Bannon Checks

    by Doug Robinson May 2016

    The NCAA and EA Sports were ordered to pay a combined $60 million, with one-third of the total going to lawyers, the real winners of the case. A few weeks ago, they began mailing checks to former college football and basketball players who played from 2003-2014 (next, the NCAA will declare those players retroactively ineligible for cashing the checks and force their schools to forfeit victories and ban them from postseason play for three years).

  • Ole Miss: Tunsil Texts Likely Real, Probe Continues

    by Daniel Paulling May 2016

    Ole Miss believes the alleged text message conversations between former offensive tackle Laremy Tunsil and director of football operations John Miller are real, but the school is still investigating whether screenshots of those messages were altered before being posted online, ESPN reported Thursday.