• Arizona's Miller Fed Up with Court Stormings

    by Nicole Auerbach February 2016

    Arizona men's basketball coach Sean Miller devoted more than half of a postgame news conference to the issue and delivered a thoughtful, forceful message -- one that raises all the right points.

  • Blog: Attracting Donors for Campus Rec Projects

    by Alex Peirce February 2016

    Editors' note: In March 2014, students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison approved a $223 million referendum to overhaul the campus recreation facilities, badly in need of improvement. Since then, the recreation program has been busy planning, fundraising, vetting architects and much more. As the project progresses, Alex Peirce, UW-Madison Rec Sports Assistant Director of Marketing and Communications, will be offering an inside look at the process of coordinating such a monumental planning effort.

    Once our project received all of the necessary approvals for it to move forward, our attention shifted to working with the architects, engaging students in the design process, and securing gift funding for the new facilities. Approximately 25% of the cost for our entire Master Plan (two indoor facilities and two outdoor playfields) will be funded by gifts and donations. We work closely with the University of Wisconsin Foundation to identify and connect with interested donors, a process that has greatly increased my understanding of how to navigate and prepare for those impactful (and very important) relationships.

  • Opinion: Remarks to Ex-Player Put Jones on Hot Seat

    by Mark Wiedmer February 2016

    Could the words of University of Tennessee at Chattanooga football player Drae Bowles end the University of Tennessee coaching career of Butch Jones? If the sworn declaration Bowles submitted as a new filing in the ongoing federal lawsuit charging the UT athletic department with promoting a "hostile sexual environment" is proven true, that potentially sad, sorry conclusion to the fourth-year coach's career with the Volunteers would certainly seem plausible. According to the document, Bowles -- who transferred to UTC from UT following the 2014 season -- claims Jones told him that he "betrayed the team" for helping a fellow UT student-athlete after she claimed she had been raped by two of his teammates in November 2014.

  • Amended Lawsuit: UT's Jones Called Former Vol 'Traitor'

    by Patrick Brown February 2016

    Amendments filed Wednesday to the federal lawsuit against the University of Tennessee include allegations from a former football player that head coach Butch Jones told him he'd "betrayed" the team for helping a woman who accused two other players of rape. Wide receiver Drae Bowles, who transferred from the Volunteers to the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga after the 2014 season, also said he was punched in the mouth by teammate Curt Maggitt for helping the woman, according to court documents.

  • Texas Athletics Names High School Relations Director

    by Stuart Goldman February 2016

    The University of Texas athletic department recently appointed former Longhorns assistant football coach Hardee McCrary to the newly created role of high school relations director.

  • Opinion: Alleged Victims Might Think Differently of UT

    by John Adams February 2016

    The coaches at the University of Tennessee really like each other. They’re also very supportive of one another. One more thing: UT is a great place to be for students and coaches. That all became apparent when 16 coaches representing Tennessee sports met with the media Tuesday. Things sounded so wonderful, I started reworking an old country song in my head: “If heaven ain’t a lot like UT, I don’t want to go.” Finally, late in the question-and-answer session, WATE reporter/anchor Hailey Holloway reminded everyone why we were there. She raised a question regarding how the alleged victims of sexual assault might feel about the coaches’ united and impassioned defense of a school against whom six women recently filed a federal lawsuit. Their charge: UT has created a student culture that enables sexual assaults by student-athletes, particularly football players.

  • Tennessee Coaches Unite to Defend Campus Culture

    by Dustin Dopirak February 2016

    All 16 University of Tennessee head coaches said at a news conference Tuesday the athletic department does not have a sexist culture, despite claims made in a recent federal lawsuit that the coaches admitted have hurt recruiting. “Is it being mentioned in recruiting? Yes,” said women’s basketball coach Holly Warlick. “As coaches, we recruit kids as if they are one of our own. Are we concerned anywhere they go, whether it’s the University of Tennessee everywhere in terms of their safety? Absolutely. ... If I had a daughter, I would not hesitate one bit for her to come on campus.” Most of the coaches at the news conference had no See ut, 15A connection to the Title IX lawsuit alleging a “hostile sexual environment” on campus. The news conference did not include athletic director Dave Hart or any members of the University of Tennessee administration. The coaches said they called the news conference on their own accord, consulting with athletics department spokesman Ryan Robinson but not administrators.

  • Ex-Athletic Director Sues UMaine at Augusta Over Firing

    by Jessica Lowell February 2016

    The former athletic director at the University of Maine at Augusta claims in a lawsuit filed last week in U.S. District Court that university officials failed to follow university policy and were negligent in doing so when they fired him on the grounds of "untruthfulness and deception."

  • Four Cities Seeking Bowl Games, Despite Oversaturation

    by George Schroeder February 2016

    Even as college football's power brokers wrestle with how -- and whether -- to fill 2016 postseason bowls with teams with sub-.500 records, as many as four cities have considered starting new bowls. Groups from Austin; Charleston, S.C.; Myrtle Beach, S.C.; and St. Louis have indicated interest in applying for NCAA bowl certification. Although it appears unlikely at this point that any of the prospective bowls would become reality in 2016, the prospect has created concern. The 2015 postseason for the first time included teams with 5-7 records. The addition of two new bowls ballooned the total to 40, and only 77 teams met the requirement of at least a 6-6 record, three shy of the number needed.

  • Boston College Unveils Plans for New Facilities

    by Rich Thompson February 2016

    Boston College yesterday announced an athletic facilities upgrade, an undertaking aimed at making the program more attractive to potential student-athletes in the ultra-competitive Atlantic Coast Conference.