• Ex-Dolphins Trainer Involved in 'Bullygate' Lands FIU Job

    by Andrew Abramson June 2016

    Former Dolphins athletic trainer Kevin O'Neill, who was fired in the wake of the Bullygate scandal, has been hired by Florida International. Fox Sports first reported the hiring and O'Neill is listed as an employee on the university's web site.

  • OSU Beer Sales Will Impact Nonprofits' Concessions

    by Mary Mogan Edwards June 2016

    For all the fans and visitors who will be happy about cold beer being served in Ohio Stadium this fall, the season will be dismal for some of the dozens of church groups, high-school sports teams and other nonprofits that have earned money in the past by staffing the concession stands at Buckeye football games. A new age minimum for concessions volunteers will wipe out a big part of the labor force for many such groups. Levy Restaurants, which operates concessions at the stadium, requires all volunteers to be 18 or older at any location where alcohol is served, said Levy spokeswoman Jenn Sutherland. Ohio law prohibits anyone under 19 from serving alcohol; Levy requires that concessions volunteers between 18 and 20 handle only tasks that are away from the counter.

  • How College Rec Centers Improve Student Life

    by AB Editors June 2016

    Across the country, colleges and universities are investing in their recreation and wellness centers, offering students a hub for campus life.

    The folks at Ohio University have compiled an infographic explaining the benefits to institutions of investing in campus recreation and wellness centers. 

    From ABCollege Rec Centers Expanding into Student Life Hubs


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  • Ethics Clause in Coaching Contracts Could Become Trend

    by Jeff Schultz June 2016

    In the aftermath of Baylor's poor handling of sexual-assault cases, the school made the extraordinary decision to fire coach Art Briles with eight years and more than $40 million left on his contract. The message from the board of regents: Winning doesn't trump everything -- now there's a novel thought in major college football -- and the school is comfortable with its legal position in impending buyout talks, given Briles' apparent ethics violations in this matter.

  • Former Washington AD Slammed Over Budget Deficit

    by Katherine Long June 2016

    A University of Washington regent slammed former athletic director Scott Woodward on Thursday, saying Woodward did not let the governing board know about a growing deficit in the UW athletic department's budget. Regent Jeremy Jaech, the board's vice chair, described it as "a bad-faith effort" on Woodward's part to use one-time money, paid in advance to UW for multimedia advertising, and apply it to the budget. Jaech called it "an attempt to make the numbers look better than they really were." Woodward left UW in January for a similar position at Texas A&M. His replacement, Jennifer Cohen, was appointed last month and made her first appearance before the regents Thursday.

  • Legislators Likely to Approve ODU Stadium Plan

    by Harry Minium June 2016

    One hurdle remains for Old Dominion University’s proposal to undertake a $55 million overhaul and expansion of Foreman Field, the school’s football stadium: General Assembly approval. Weeks ago, insiders figured that any ODU stadium proposal might face headwinds, as legislators have increasingly been critical of universities using student fees to pay for athletics. “One of the main priorities of the General Assembly has been affordability for our college students,” said Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam, a Norfolk Democrat.

  • USA Swimming Bans Turner for Life

    by Yaron Steinbuch June 2016

    Brock Turner, the former Stanford University swimmer whose short sentence for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman sparked widespread outrage, has been barred for life by USA Swimming.

  • Ex-Yale Basketball Player Sues School Over Expulsion

    by Stuart Goldman June 2016

    The former captain of the Yale men’s basketball team who was expelled in February for an alleged sexual assault has filed a lawsuit against the university.

  • Ex-Vol Joins Class-Action Lawsuit Against NCAA, SEC

    by Dustin Dopirak June 2016

    Former Tennessee safety O.J. Owens has filed a class action lawsuit against the NCAA and the SEC, alleging “reckless disregard for the health and safety of generations of University of Tennessee athletes” because of a lack of education given to football players about traumatic brain injuries.

  • ODU Unveils Stadium Plan, Won't Raise Student Fees

    by Harry Minium June 2016

    Old Dominion's Board of Visitors approved plans Thursday to build a $55 million, 22,130-seat football stadium that likely will open in 2019, and, surprisingly, would be paid for without increasing student fees.