• Ticket Charge Plan Puts Clemson AD, Students at Odds

    by April 2016

    A couple of years of consternation on the touchy topic of Clemson students paying to attend Clemson home football games could soon reach a boiling point. Clemson athletic director Dan Radakovich proposed plans Tuesday morning during the board of trustees quarterly meetings to initiate a ticket purchase plan the university hopes to raise between $1.8 million and $2 million annually for the athletic department. Historically, Clemson students have always been admitted to Memorial Stadium free of charge. In recent years before an online system was instituted in 2015, students would line up and even camp out in some instances to be awarded tickets on a week-to-week basis, first rewarding IPTAY members (annual cost: $40) and then giving tickets in order to seniors, juniors, sophomores and freshmen.

  • NCAA Puts Moratorium on New Bowl Games

    by Matt Murschel April 2016

    The NCAA is putting a three-year moratorium on adding any new bowls games. The NCAA Division I Council approved the measure Friday after receiving a recommendation from the Football Bowl Games Ad Hoc Working Group.

  • Opinion: Summitt Scandal About Tyler, Not Pat

    by Patricia Babcock McGraw April 2016

    For 38 years, Pat Summitt did nothing but win games and championships — all while staying squeaky clean. You didn't have to like Summitt, the legendary Tennessee women's basketball coach who tallied more than 1,000 career wins and 8 national titles. But you had to respect her. Her players graduated and her program alluded controversy.

  • Assault Survivor Calls on Athletes to Be Campus Leaders

    by Barry Rozner April 2016

    Hardly a day goes by anymore without a story about sexual assault in sports, be it at the professional, college or high school level. And the all-too-common response from the team involved is to circle the wagons. Teams know that 98 percent of sexual assaults go unpunished, so if they hire powerful attorneys, go to war publicly and shame the victim to the point where the woman must leave her town, family and job because of harassment, it's a good bet their player will never see the inside of the courtroom.

  • Opinion: Ban on Satellite Camps Hurts Student-Athletes

    by Paul Myerberg April 2016

    The NCAA's decision to ban satellite camps, effectively immediately, is seen largely as a victory for the Southeastern Conference, which has long railed against a practice it views as giving the rest of the Football Bowl Subdivision an unfair recruiting advantage. It didn't help, of course, that the SEC and the Atlantic Coast Conference had rules prohibiting coaches from participating as guest coaches at satellite-camp opportunities -- essentially giving the rest of the FBS free rein to hold camps in the Southeast.

  • Stark Differences in Handling of Cal Harassment Cases

    by Thomas Peele April 2016

    Just days after vowing to fight the university’s efforts to fire him, Cal assistant basketball coach Yann Hufnagel resigned Thursday, blaming the “toxic environment” of a campus stained by scandal and abruptly ending a high-profile effort to clear his name from a sexual harassment complaint.

  • Tyndall Hit with 10-Year Show Cause, Ex-Coach May Sue

    by Grant Ramey April 2016

    Donnie Tyndall plans to appeal the NCAA’s 10-year show cause ordered against him Friday. If that doesn’t work, he’s prepared to take legal action. The ruling announced Friday was “intended to drive him out of the coaching profession permanently,” according to the former Tennessee basketball coach’s legal representation, lawyer Don Jackson of The Sports Group, based in Montgomery, Ala. In an emailed statement to the News Sentinel late Friday night, Jackson said the planned appeal of the Committee on Infractions’ decision will “aggressively defend” Tyndall against “groundless allegations” made by the NCAA.

  • HS Athletes Committing to Colleges Earlier Than Ever

    by Phil Anastasia April 2016

    In one strange sense, Jack Herman was a college baseball player before he was a high school baseball player. As odd as that sounds, Herman's decision to orally commit to accept a baseball scholarship from the University of Maryland before playing his first game for Eastern High School in Voorhees, Camden County, was only an extreme example of an expanding trend. More high school athletes, especially in sports such as baseball and lacrosse, are committing earlier to colleges, many coaches say.

  • Parents: Louisiana Tech Divided by Favoritism

    by Josh Peter and Nicole Auerbach April 2016

    Tyler Summitt's treatment of Louisiana Tech's starting point guard divided the team months before he resigned as women's basketball coach, parents of team members told USA TODAY Sports.

  • Tyler Summitt Resigns after Inappropriate Relationship

    by Stuart Goldman April 2016

    Tyler Summitt, son of legendary women’s college basketball coach Pat Summitt, resigned Thursday as the head women’s basketball coach at Louisiana Tech, referencing an "inappropriate relationship."