• Could State Budget Crisis Put LSU Football in Danger?

    by Takara Scott-Johnston February 2016

    If a series of proposed tax increases fails to pass in Louisiana, the state’s college sports — including LSU football — could lose funding and be canceled beginning in April, according to Governor John Bel Edwards.

  • Opinion: Title IX Unfair to Male Athletes

    by Clay McEldowney February 2016

    Title IX, a federal law prohibiting sex discrimination in education, harms college sports in many ways ("Bending the rules of Title IX," Feb. 2). For example, many men's varsity teams suffer from a strict roster cap, while women's teams typically are unlimited.

  • College Football Could Get Expanded Replay

    by George Schroeder February 2016

    The role of replay review in college football - including the potential use of centralized conference command centers - would be expanded under rules proposed by the NCAA Football Rules Committee. During its annual meeting this week in Orlando, the rules committee proposed giving replay officials more responsibilities on targeting calls, including the ability to make calls from the booth rather than just reviewing calls made on the field.

  • Tennessee AD Hart Has Faced Legal Trouble Before

    by Anita Wadhwani and Nate Rau February 2016

    A lawsuit filed Tuesday by six former female students at the University of Tennessee alleged top campus officials fostered a campus culture that enabled sexual assault and harassment by male student-athletes and then allowed those athletes to either transfer or graduate with no discipline. Chief among the officials highlighted in the suit is Dave Hart, athletics director since 2011.

  • University Plans $1M Sports Complex Turf Replacement

    by Larry Mahoney February 2016

    Husson University in Bangor is planning to replace its FieldTurf surface at the Winkin Sports Complex. Husson's football, baseball and field hockey teams use the facility, where the artificial turf was installed in 2002 with a warranty of 10 years.

  • Community College to End Athletic Scholarships

    by Dessislava Yankova February 2016

    Officials at Volunteer State Community College in Gallatin have confirmed the school will not offer athletic scholarships to incoming student-athletes beginning in fall 2016. In an email to the Gallatin News Examiner, college spokesman Eric Melcher said the school has been looking at its expenditures and its academic needs. “With the advent of Tennessee Promise last dollar scholarship program, student-athletes who qualify for (Tennessee) Promise have full tuition paid anyway, just like any other qualifying student,” Melcher wrote.

  • Opinion: Louisville Case Illustrates Broader Problems

    by Dick Jerardi February 2016

    What went down Friday in Louisville is at the heart of what is wrong with college sports. And it is not that a former Louisville basketball staffer apparently arranged for strippers to appear at parties in a dorm and some money changed hands. We are talking high school- and college-age men hanging with women late at night. Is this really an outrage? Here is the outrage: Louisville announced an immediate postseason ban. Why not just wait to get all the facts and see how this plays out? The university is protecting its brand, its cash and its future cash. It is what always happens in these cases. The truth is irrelevant on the way to finding the most expedient way to move on from the problem, and collateral damage is just part of doing business.

  • Temple's Stadium Proposal Gets Mixed Reaction

    by Myles Gordon, Mike Gibson February 2016

    Would you want a football stadium in your Neighborhood? That's what Temple University's Board of Trustees wants to "bless" North Philadelphians with. A new 35,000-seat stadium will create traffic bedlam (just ask South Philadelphians), increase cancer rates because of noxious and toxic fumes and reduce parking availability for neighborhood residents.

  • NBA Techniques Trickling Down to College Ranks

    by Nicole Auerbach February 2016

    The defending NBA champion Golden State Warriors, is impacting the college game stylistically and culturally. College coaches are popping in to watch Warriors practices and coming away impressed

  • Tennessee Responds to Sexual Assault Lawsuit

    by Patrick Brown February 2016

    The federal lawsuit filed Tuesday against the University of Tennessee alleges multiple football players twice physically attacked teammate Drae Bowles for helping the woman who accused linebacker A.J. Johnson and cornerback Michael Williams of raping her in November 2014. Bowles played wide receiver for the Volunteers for three seasons before transferring to the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga last January.