• Professors Group Decries Attention Given to Athletics

    by KARIN KAPSIDELIS April 2014

    An "irrational exuberance" for athletics and a shift of resources away from academics are signs higher education is losing focus on its core mission, the American Association of University Professors says in its annual report on the economic status of the profession.

  • Tax Expert: Unionizing May Cost College Football Players

    by JAMES HAMILL April 2014

    Northwestern players claim they want to unionize to get better medical benefits, concussion testing, and perhaps to be paid for their services. Players also say they want four-year scholarships, although a recent change in policy at Northwestern already provides football players with four-year scholarship "tenders."

  • Smaller Arenas Not in Final Four's Near Future

    by Mark Wiedmer April 2014

    NCAA president Mark Emmert was asked on Sunday if the organization will ever consider returning its biggest event to a regular basketball venue. "We all love the confines of a nice, tight arena," he said, though no men's Final Four has been held in a traditional arena since Kentucky won the 1996 title inside the Meadowlands.

  • For Non-Revenue Coaches, Fundraising Comes with Job

    by Ed Johnson Assistant Sports Editor April 2014

    The morning after a signature win by the New Mexico Lobos men's soccer team, UNM coach Jeremy Fishbein and associate athletic director Kurt Esser sat in Seattle. The reward for hard work, they decided, is more hard work.

  • Opinion: NCAA's Problem-Solving Promises Ring Hollow

    by Nancy Armour, April 2014

    Ignoring a problem and hoping it goes away is no way to get things done. The NCAA has managed to turn it into an art form.

  • What Impact Could Unionizing Have on Women's Sports?

    by Super User April 2014

    What if the preliminary right given to Northwestern scholarship football players to form a union expands to various men's and women's teams across the country?

  • Northwestern Coach Urges Players to Say No to Union

    by LAMOND POPE. Sun-Times Media April 2014

    The players will have a chance to vote on forming a union April 25, but Fitzgerald's stance on the issue is pretty clear. ''I believe it is in their best interest to vote no,'' Fitzgerald said Saturday.

  • NCAA: UGA Coach Tried to Influence Swimmer's Grade

    by Chip Towers; Staff April 2014

    Worried about a star athlete losing his academic eligibility after fall semester, Georgia swimming and diving coach Jack Bauerle interceded and called on a professor to help out.

  • College Rec Race: Then and Now

    by Super User April 2014

    In the April issue of Athletic Business, we took a look at how current trends in college recreation compared to those 15 years ago, when AB teamed up with architectural firm RDG of Des Moines, Iowa, to address design and operation needs. Check out the full article here.

    Demand for recreation and fitness spaces has only increased since 1999, and colleges have been struggling to keep up. After more than 30 years of falling behind, students at the University of Wisconsin voted 12,070 to 1,914 to approve a segregated fee increase that will fund a $223 million renovation of its facilities. Below is a breakdown of how their current amenities compare to their Big Ten counterparts.


    Click the chart below to compare how space for fitness is currently allocated in facilities across the Big Ten:


    Universities haven't been sitting idle these past few years. Check out this rundown of the major campus rec construction in the Big Ten: 





  • Minnesota Seeks Consultant Help on 'Athletes Village'

    by Brian Johnson April 2014

    The University of Minnesota’s hoped-for $190 million athletics complex is still without a groundbreaking date and the fundraising effort remains a work in progress, but other project-related plans are moving forward. Late last week, the U of M put out a request for professional services to analyze everything from parking needs to site access for the proposed “athletes village” on the U of M’s East Bank. The requested “district improvements study” is a step forward in planning for the new complex, which would include an academic center, practice facilities for football and basketball, and new digs for women’s gymnastics, Olympic-style sports, and wrestling.