• College Basketball Team's Bus Stolen by Drunk Driver

    by Jason Scott February 2017

    Following a loss at St. Bonaventure on Wednesday night, the Saint Louis University basketball team discovered that the bus that was supposed to take them home had gone missing.

  • College Football Hasn't Embraced Tech on the Sidelines

    by Fuller Jackson February 2017

    Two years ago, the NCAA passed a proposal that encouraged college football to embrace technology by putting tablet computers on sidelines and cameras in helmets. Two years later, college football is still behind the times when it comes to using technology to coach players during games.

  • Pac-12 Network Struggles for Revenue

    by Jacob Thorpe February 2017

    The Pac-12 Networks, which was supposed to be netting member schools upward of $5 million per year by now, distributed just around $1.5 million per school, according to a report by Jon Wilner of the San Jose Mercury News.

  • Big 12 to Withhold Some Revenue from Baylor

    by Spokesman Review February 2017

    The Big 12 says it will withhold 25 percent of Baylor's share of conference revenue until an outside review of the athletic department determines whether the school is in compliance with conference regulations and Title IX guidelines following its sexual assault scandal that has rocked the school.

  • Baylor Coach Arrested; Supporters Demand Reform

    by Courtney Cameron February 2017

    On Tuesday, a letter was issued to the Baylor University school board by the Bears for Leadership Reform, a group composed of thousands of Baylor supporters, voicing concern over the effectiveness of university leadership as allegations continue to surface among athletics department students and staff. The letter was signed by 14 former Baylor regents, 3 of whom have served as chairman of the board.

  • Opinion: Best Bet for Baylor Is to Come Clean Quickly

    by Nick Jimenez February 2017

    There is a maxim concerning scandal that is good to recall whenever really bad stuff happens: get the whole story out and get it out fast.

  • CU Rec Makes Advances in Adaptive Programming

    by Courtney Cameron February 2017

    The University of Colorado Recreation Center is making significant advances in the way of creating a universal community and activity hub for its diverse student population.

  • Without HB2 Repeal, North Carolina to Face More Fallout

    by Matt Bonesteel February 2017

    North Carolina already has lost out on hosting a number of sporting events because of House Bill 2, which mandates that transgender people use the bathroom corresponding with their birth gender in state-run facilities and bans the state's municipalities from enacting anti-discrimination policies.

  • Minnesota Announces Discipline for Football Players

    by Spokesman Review February 2017

    The University of Minnesota panel that heard the case of alleged involvement by 10 football players in a sexual assault on campus has upheld recommended punishment for five of them and overturned or reduced discipline for the other half.

  • NCAA Agrees to $208.7M Settlement Payout

    by Marisa Kwiatkowski February 2017

    The NCAA has agreed to pay nearly $208.7 million to settle part of a class-action lawsuit filed by student athletes who claimed the amount of scholarship money they could receive was unfairly capped below the actual cost of attending college.