• Should College Football Teams Get Extra Bye Week?

    by Dan Wolken September 2017

    At the NCAA's annual convention in January, the top legislative committee for Division I floated the idea of a 14-week college football calendar, which would have the practical effect of putting two bye weeks into the schedule for every team in the country. Like every potential significant change, it has gone through the policy wringer over the ensuing months with various subcommittees discussing positives and potential unintended consequences, including whether that might push preseason practice back into July (something many coaches and probably some conference officials would be against). While the initial push for a 14-week calendar was rooted in building in extra recovery time for players during the grind of a long season, the extreme weather events that have wreaked havoc with games over the last two weeks have brought a second possible benefit into focus: more flexibility to reschedule games that get canceled. "The proposal was really directed for health and safety," said Northwestern athletics director Jim Phillips, who chaired the D-I council until rotating off earlier this year. "But after witnessing how Mother Nature can really cause issues -- lightning strikes, hurricanes, travel issues -- an additional week might take some pressure off and give flexibility for these types of (occurrences)."

  • After Irma, Charleston Southern, Indiana Agree to Game

    by David Shelton September 2017

    Charleston Southern's game at South Carolina State scheduled for last weekend was cancelled due to Hurricane Irma, so CSU was hoping to pick up another game this season. Indiana's game against Florida International also was cancelled because of the hurricane.

  • As NCAA Hearing Ends, Wait Begins for Ole Miss

    by Antonio Morales September 2017

    After consecutive nine-and-a-half-hour days, all Ole Miss can really do now is wait. A years-long NCAA investigation led to 21 allegations, including 15 Level I violations, charged against the football program. And it took two long days for the NCAA's Committee on Infractions to hear the university and enforcement staff's side of things, completing its hearing in Covington Tuesday night around 6 p.m.

  • Big Sky Basketball Tournament Set for Boise

    by Michael Lycklama September 2017

    Skyline Sports reported Tuesday night the Big Sky Conference will move its men's and women's basketball tournaments to Boise's CenturyLink Arena starting in the 2018-19 season.

  • Pac-12 Successful in Shortening Games So Far

    by Anne M. Peterson September 2017

    The Pac-12's test program to shorten games appears to be doing just that. All non-conference games airing on the Pac-12 Network this season have reduced quarter breaks, while a few have fewer commercial breaks, too. Some games feature 15-minute halftimes. In the 12 games so far that have been part of the pilot program, game time is down to 3:16, according to the league. Washington's 63-7 win over Montana last weekend lasted just 2:54. Last season, the Pac-12 averaged 3:26 per game.

  • College Hockey Coaches Debate Recruiting Trends

    by Chip Scoggins September 2017

    Some top coaches and administrators in college hockey held a summit in Chicago recently to discuss possible rules changes in response to a trend of schools recruiting players in their early teens, or younger. Gophers coach Don Lucia represented Big Ten coaches on the new recruiting advisory committee, which consists of one coach, one administrator and the commissioner from all six hockey conferences. In a bit of irony, Lucia received verbal commitments from a 13-year-old and 14-year-old last week.

  • Opinion: Iowa's New Football Tradition a Source of Pride

    by the Telegraph Herald September 2017

    For Hawkeyes football fans, construction work around the famed University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics next to the stadium has been a fact of life for years.

  • Miami, Florida State Shift Games After Irma

    by Matt Porter September 2017

    The 17th-ranked Hurricanes' football game Saturday at Arkansas State was canceled, and this week's prime-time showdown with 11th-ranked Florida State was moved to Oct. 7, a date that was supposed to be an off week for both teams. The Oct. 12 game against Georgia Tech was pushed to Oct. 14.

  • Opinion: Money a Corrupt Influence on College Football

    by Norman Chad September 2017

    College football is so wrong for so many reasons and that's before we even get to the latest academic fraud at Florida State. It is money ill-spent and time ill-spent, an alarming hidden-in-broad-daylight repudiation of our institutions of higher learning's supposed core mission. Let's round up the usual suspects:

  • Hugh Freeze, Other Ole Miss Officials Meet with NCAA

    by Antonio Morales September 2017

    The doors of the John A. Roebling ballroom at the Embassy Suites finally flung open a few minutes before 6 p.m. Monday evening. Hugh Freeze exited the room. Lee Tyner, Ole Miss' general counsel, soon followed, as did Ross Bjork and others. Those exits marked the end of Day 1 of Ole Miss' long-awaited hearing before the Committee on Infractions.