• Pitt Hires Eastern Michigan AD Heather Lyke

    by Jerry DiPaola March 2017

    Pitt will hire Eastern Michigan athletic director Heather Lyke, athletic director at Eastern Michigan since 2013, to replace Scott Barnes.

  • Opinion: Ideas for NIT Rules Experiments

    by Paul Woody March 2017

    Hard as it might be to imagine now, the NIT's importance and impact once was equal to, if not greater than, the NCAA tournament.

  • U. of Memphis Board Okays Football Facility Financing

    by Tom Schad March 2017

    The University of Memphis board of trustees voted Friday to allow university president M. David Rudd to pursue alternate financing for the construction of an indoor football practice facility.

  • Arizona Seeks Tuition Increase, Fee for Athletics

    by Yoohyun Jung March 2017

    The University of Arizona is proposing a new fee to support its athletics programs and facilities as part of the school's tuition proposal for the 2017-2018 year.

  • College Coaches From All Sports Hitting Paydirt

    by Will Hobson March 2017

    In a phenomenon playing out across the country, salaries are soaring for coaches of lower-profile college sports largely subsidized by lucrative football and men's basketball, whose annual national tournament opened Tuesday.

  • Bathroom Bill, Furled Flag Helped City Host Tourney

    by Grace Raynor March 2017

    The manual that NCAA Tournament host sites are given before March Madness begins is 280 pages long. It details everything from how many inches certain tables should be to which drinking cups are permitted on the floor to exactly how certain graphics are supposed to look. More often than he would like to admit, Furman athletic director Mike Buddie has jolted awake at 3 a.m., his mind racing through the night as he makes sure all of his bases are covered. "It's waking up thinking, 'Oh my gosh, do we have 204 seats for the media or 210?' The little things," Buddie said. "Just making sure that we don't drop the ball on something that's important." In any other year under most any other circumstances, Buddie would have had 2½ to 3 years to prepare. Cities bid well in advance for the opportunity to host a men's basketball NCAA Tournament regional, and are accepted or declined years before the actual event.

  • Parking Outside NCAA Venues Costly

    by Barbara O'Brien March 2017

    Some basketball fans were surprised to see Buffalo parking rates doubled or more for the first round of the NCAA basketball tournament Thursday.

  • Is New Facilities Plan Too Much for PSU?

    by Mike Gross March 2017

    Penn State has a plan. If/when that plan comes to full fruition, the northeast sector of the vast University Park campus will be an athletic village of sleek structures of brick and glass with sweeping roofs and state-of-the-art amenities for the athletes and coaches of 31 intercollegiate programs. The plan was released Monday morning, and discussed in a presentation open to the public and media Monday afternoon. The artist's conceptions were cool - renovated Beaver Stadium looked great in a brick-and-sandstone suit - in a futuristic way, like images of a proposed colony on Mars.

  • ODU Got Bang for Buck with Football Training Center

    by Harry Minium March 2017

    The college football arms race spiraled out of control long ago. Flush with TV money, Power 5 schools have rushed to build 5-star training facilities that look more like Marriott hotels than places where football players sweat and train. Oregon opened a $68 million football training center three years ago with ventilated lockers from Germany, Brazilian wood floors and a barber shop with imported Italian lounge chairs.

  • Princeton Hoops Team to Take Midterms at Tourney Site

    by Mark Herrmann March 2017

    In the midst of this era of radical change, when the Ivy League has finally held a conference tournament and Princeton has ditched its signature patterned offense, some things do remain the same.