• Blog: Selecting an Architect for Your Campus Rec Project

    by Alex Peirce January 2016

    Editors' note: In March 2014, students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison approved a $223 million referendum to overhaul the campus recreation facilities, badly in need of improvement. Since then, the recreation program has been busy planning, fundraising, vetting architects and much more. As the project progresses, Alex Peirce, UW-Madison Rec Sports Assistant Director of Marketing and Communications, will be offering an inside look at the process of coordinating such a monumental planning effort.

    As someone completely new to facility construction, I have learned quite a bit about the process of selecting an architectural firm for Wisconsin state projects. For example, the actual selection committee is composed of seven members, one representative from campus, one from the UW System, and five designees from the Division of Facilities Development (DFD). Similarly, the process can vary from state to state or even from private to public organizations. As I was researching and preparing information for this article, I found information that may be helpful for both clients and architects. I hope the information I share in this post can better prepare you for your next project.

  • Former Athletic Trainer Claims Pressure from Coaches

    by January 2016

    Former Texas A&M head athletic trainer Karl Kapchinski claims that he felt pressure from Aggie coaches that influenced his medical decisions.

  • Hawaii Basketball Gets Three Year Probation

    by Jason Scott December 2015

    An NCAA investigation found that former University of Hawaii men’s basketball coach Gib Arnold violated conduct rules and provided misleading information to the governing body, earning the program three years of probation.

  • Study: Helmetless Football Drills Decrease Injury Risk

    by December 2015

    Head injuries in football players have become a national concern due to their link to brain and spinal damage. High school and college football players can each sustain more than 1,000 impacts in a season. Researchers have sought ways to reduce the risk of head-impact injury.

  • Blog: Missouri Scholarship-Pulling Bill Is Asinine

    by Jason Scott December 2015

    While checking Twitter yesterday as I often do during the afternoon, I noticed some reporters that I follow out of Columbia, Mo. (the home of my alma mater, the University of Missouri) tweeting about a proposed bill in the state legislature that would automatically revoke the scholarship of any athlete who refuses to play for reasons not related to health. It would also call for coaches who support such strikes to be fined by their institution.

  • Maryland Considering Changing Name of Stadium

    by Jason Scott December 2015

    Wallace Loh, the president of the University of Maryland, announced on Monday that he was recommending renaming Byrd Stadium, home of the school’s football team.

  • Air Force Stirs Public Prayer Controversy

    by December 2015

    The Air Force Academy’s Football team has stirred controversy with its pre-game activities. An advocacy group recently complained about the Falcons praying in the end zone before games, accusing the academy of proselytizing.

  • Numbers Don’t Support Firing Successful Coaches

    by Jason Scott December 2015

    This season, the college football coaching carousel is spinning at an unusually fierce velocity. Several high-profile jobs have become available, with coaches either stepping down or getting the axe.

  • Judge Throws Out Gender Bias Suit Against NCAA

    by Stuart Goldman November 2015

    A U.S. district judge has thrown out a proposed class-action lawsuit that accused the National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA) of gender discrimination.

  • Iowa Smashes Wrestling Attendance Record with Stadium Meet

    by November 2015

    In a historic meet, the Iowa Hawkeyes wrestling team recently beat top-ranked Oklahoma State 18-16. The meet was the first wrestling match held in a division I football stadium, and shattered the NCAA attendance record by having 42,287 fans in attendance.