• Proposal Would Pay Certain Clemson, USC Athletes

    by April 2015

    Football and basketball players at South Carolina and Clemson would be paid up to $5,000 per year under a proposal discussed Wednesday by state lawmakers.

  • UW Forward Hayes Part of Suit Seeking Athlete Pay

    by Josh Peter, @joshpeter11, USA TODAY Sports April 2015

    Nigel Hayes has emerged as a March Madness celebrity, thanks to his puckish interactions with news conference stenographers.

  • Why One College Is Cutting Its Most Successful Sports

    by Kyle Rowland, The Journal Gazette April 2015

    IPFW on Saturday announced it is cutting two of its most successful sports, raising questions about its continued commitment to Division I athletics.

  • Partnership Earns Fargo Praise as NCAA Hockey Host

    by Brad Scholossman, Forum News Service April 2015

    The NCAA regionals don’t often stray from their usual destinations. Manchester, Albany, Worcester, Bridgeport, Grand Rapids, St. Paul, repeat. But Fargo wins praise for NCAA regional tourney.

  • Ohio State's 'Fuel Zones' Reflect NCAA Rules Relaxation

    by Collin Binkley, The Columbus Dispatch March 2015

    In a new snack room for athletes at Ohio State University, players on the men's lacrosse team buzzed in after a recent practice and left with armloads of sandwiches, juice, yogurt. The snack room -- Ohio State calls it a "fuel zone" -- is one of two the university built this year to offer athletes a quick bite between practice and class.

  • Team Psychologist Helps Dayton Women See Success

    by Tom Archdeacon March 2015

    Team psychologist Dr. Becky Cook will be carrying a smooth, plum-sized rock into the arena. She's also carrying a small plastic bag that contains sand.

  • Most Schools Don't Itemize Spending of Athletic Fees

    by Laura A. Bischoff March 2015

    College students at 10 of Ohio's biggest public universities are paying more than $135 million for intercollegiate athletics through either mandatory fees or university subsidies - and most of the students don't even know it.

  • The AB Extra: March 27

    by Laura Godlewski March 2015

    Editor's note: Today we're introducing a new feature to, The AB Extra. Each Friday this space will feature news, notes and interesting articles from around the web in a quick, concise format. We hope you enjoy this first edition of the The AB Extra.

  • K-State AD Supports Decision to Dismiss Hoops Players

    by Ken Corbitt, Topeka Capital-Journal March 2015

    MANHATTAN - Kansas State basketball coach Bruce Weber faced tough personnel and personal decisions concerning the future of his program. Coming off a 15-17 season filled with turmoil, Weber announced Tuesday that two-year leading scorer Marcus Foster and freshman Tre Harris were dismissed from the team and sophomore point guard Jevon Thomas opted to transfer.

  • 'Cheated': New Book Examines UNC 'Paper Class' Scandal

    by Kelsey Dallas Deseret News March 2015

    Published March 15, the book details a broken model for life as a student-athlete, focusing on a flawed NCAA eligibility system that rewards players for remaining eligible at any cost.