• Ex-Indiana Football Coach Denies Wrongdoing

    by Bill Rabinowitz March 2017

    Kevin Wilson, Ohio State's new offensive coordinator, spoke publicly for the first time on Thursday, denying allegations that he had been insensitive to injured players as Hoosiers coach.

  • Baylor Axes New Associate Director for Football Ops

    by A.J. Perez March 2017

    Scandal-plagued Baylor dismissed its associate director for football operations about a month after he was hired, USA TODAY Sports confirmed late Monday night.

  • Snow Postpones Swimming, Basketball Championships

    by Diana Pugliese, Jeff Reinhart and John Walk March 2017

    The surprise mid-March snowstorm has created some havoc with the PIAA's basketball and swimming championships.

  • Snubbed by NCAA, Coach Tweets Scheduling Plea

    by Jason Scott March 2017

    After his team narrowly missed out on an at-large bid to the NCAA tournament, Illinois State basketball coach Dan Muller took to Twitter (bitmoji included) to try to find power conference opponents to boost his team’s resume.

  • College Dumps the Scale to Promote Body Positivity

    by Courtney Cameron March 2017

    Carleton University in Ottawa has sparked a heated online debate through the fitness center’s decision to remove the scale from the campus gym. In place of a scale, students found a sign encouraging them to focus on wellness rather than weight.

  • Winter Storm Hampers NCAA Tourney Travel

    by Deborah Simmons March 2017

    As with any winter storm, Stella's whipping skirt tails are expected to disrupt our daily routines, including happy hour. However, she's also going to disrupt our planned activities.

  • Beaver Stadium Renovation Delayed for Other Projects

    by Frank Fitzpatrick March 2017

    The onset of the massive makeover that administrators insist Beaver Stadium requires likely will be delayed at least five years while Penn State focuses on other sports building projects. At Monday's unveiling of the long-delayed athletics facilities master plan, athletic director Sandy Barbour said the complexity of updating the 57-year-old stadium necessitated the deferral. "We need that kind of runway to design, sequence, and fund it," Barbour said after the public meeting in Hintz Alumni Center. "Until then, we can't set [a deadline for completion]."

  • Big Ten Conference Helps Legitimize eSports

    by Kelsy Ketchum March 2017

    The campus superstar used to be a quarterback. Now, instead of a strong arm for throwing a football, the new superstar might need to have fast fingers to tap a computer keyboard. League of Legends, a competitive online game, has become a phenomenon on college campuses across the country - including Minnesota. It's gotten so big, in fact, that it's being televised. And before you roll your eyes at that, consider this: It has more viewers than the National Hockey League. League, as it's known by the people who play it, has been around since 2009 but has taken off over the past few years. The game's publisher, Riot Games, claims that more than 100 million people play League every month.

  • Prep School Opens Fencing Center

    by Marci Woodmansee March 2017

    Before the Kroeker-Petrosyan Fencing Center opened on the Memphis University School campus, the fencing team had to transport and set up their equipment for each practice in Todd-Snowden Gymnasium or the Dining Hall.

  • EMU Students Rally Against Proposed Football Facility

    by Jason Scott March 2017

    Plans to build a $35 million training facility for the Eastern Michigan University football team face opposition from the university’s student government.