• Opinion: 'Academic Village' at UA a Brilliant Idea

    by Arizona Daily Star (Tucson) August 2015

    UA athletic director Greg Byrne is in the process of raising $7.2 million to build an athlete's academic center, which is neither sexy nor high-profile, like last year's $30 million makeover of McKale Center.

  • Has the Cost-of-Attendance Fuss Been Overblown?

    by Ben Frederickson, Knoxville News-Sentinel (Tennessee) August 2015

    Jeff Gerkin’s job is finally topical. Tennessee’s assistant dean and director of financial aid and scholarships jokes there is more attention on cost of attendance now than any of his previous 15 years on the job combined.

  • The AB Extra: August 7

    by Laura Godlewski August 2015

    This week's AB Extra features news about angry soccer fans, a re-creation of Tennessee's Neyland Stadium in a fan's front yard and virtual reality recruiting at Michigan. 

  • Study: Academic Stress Increases Athletes' Risk for Injury

    by Laura Godlewski August 2015

    Several years ago, the University of Missouri football team was overwhelmed by a number of injuries. J. Bryan Mann, an assistant director of strength and conditioning at the university, wanted to understand why this was happening

  • What's Driving Student Attendance at OSU Football Games?

    by Rob Oller, The Columbus Dispatch August 2015

    Football is king on many college campuses, but his majesty is losing loyal subjects by the thousands as students choose not to attend games. The trend worries university marketing and money people, who know that the more intensely students connect with the football team -- and attendance is one indicator of connectivity -- the more likely they will attend games as alumni and become generous donors down the road.

  • Can the Nike Swoosh Give a Team Swagger?

    by Mike Strange, Knoxville News-Sentinel August 2015

    Butch Jones was asked Tuesday night what was the biggest difference in his third Tennessee opening practice. His answer: team speed. There was another big difference, too. The Swoosh was everywhere. The Nike era returned to Tennessee football July 1 for the first time since adidas took over in 1997.

  • NCAA Schools Take Reactive Approach to Transgender Policies

    by Zolan V Kanno-Youngs, @KannoYoungs, USA TODAY Sports August 2015

    USA TODAY Sports asked 75 NCAA Division I programs if they had adopted the recommendations, and out of the 50 that responded, 10 had used the recommendations to enact a formal policy that specifically addresses the inclusion of transgender athletes in intercollegiate athletics.

  • NCAA's Stipend Payments Spark Debate Over Recruiting

    by August 2015

    While student-athletes and their families get some relief, coaches are grappling with a new and potentially major impact on recruiting.

  • As Rivals Begin Stipend Payments, Old Dominion Waits

    by Harry Minium August 2015

    By Harry Minium | The Virginian-Pilot NORFOLK THE NCAA WILL BEGIN allowing Division I schools to compensate athletes for the so-called full cost of attendance this month, but Old Dominion won't immediately be among those handing out checks. All 65 schools from Power Five conferences, including Virginia and Virginia Tech, will offer full stipends for all full scholarship athletes. The checks will cover expenses, such as clothes, cell phones and travel, not included in a traditional scholarship. Stipends will range from $2,000 to $5,000 or more depending on the school. Many of ODU's football and men's basketball mid-major recruiting rivals, such as East Carolina, Marshall, Virginia Commonweath, George Mason and UNC Charlotte, also will offer at least partial stipends. Yet, after considering the issue since January, ODU has decided to wait a year, athletic director Wood Selig said.

  • College Football Officials: Accuracy of Calls Over Speed

    by Scott Adamson August 2015

    Last year, the SEC experimented with one rotating eight-man officiating crew while in 2015 it will join the ACC and other Football Bowl Subdivision leagues in going with the larger crews every weekend for every game. But do more eyes on the action make for smoother game flow and “cleaner” officiating or does it slow things down? Frankly, not a lot of answers were gleaned from the SEC’s plus-one crew in 2014.