• 'Ask Jameis Winston' Twitter Campaign Backfires on FSU

    by Jessica Chasmar, THE WASHINGTON TIMES August 2014

    Sports information director Elliott Finebloom said they expected some negativity, but didn't anticipate the scope of it, the Associated Press reported.

  • Opinion: O'Bannon Decision Not a Total Loss for NCAA

    by Dave Hickman August 2014

    Truth be told, even the lawyers in the room probably haven't entirely grasped all of the ramifications of the O'Bannon decision handed down Friday, the one that in the strictest sense of competition paints the NCAA as the losing team.

  • Victorious O'Bannon Knows NCAA Fight Far from Over

    by Bozeman Daily Chronicle August 2014

    "You want to go to the Supreme Court, let's go. I've got my ticket already." -- Ed O'Bannon, former UCLA basketball players

  • Sun Belt Commissioner: The Future Will Hold Challenges

    by Doug Roberson; Staff August 2014

    Sun Belt commissioner Karl Benson seemed non-plussed by Thursday's news that the "Power Five" conferences composed of the ACC, SEC, Big 12, Big Ten and Pac-12, plus Notre Dame, will be allowed autonomy within Division I.

  • Opinion: Consensus Among 65 Varied Schools? Good Luck

    by Jeff Schultz; Staff August 2014

    The NCAA didn't so much abdicate the throne when it comes to major college football Thursday as it threw its crown to the torch-carrying villagers and said, "You can have it."

  • Washington State U. Store to Sell Tickets, Gear, Food

    by Jody Lawrence-Turner,, (509) 459-5593 August 2014

    WSU to open store in downtown Spokane One-stop shopping for Cougar fans By Jody Lawrence-Turner, (509) 459-5593 Washington State University is opening a downtown Spokane store that will be a one-stop shop for fans and alumni.

  • Basketball Administrators' Advice to CFB Playoff Panel

    by Nicole Auerbach, USA TODAY Sports August 2014

    No one knows what the next few months will bring for the 13 members of the College Football Playoff selection committee. The only folks who have any idea what this process is like are those who go through a similar one for basketball.

  • UNM Women's Basketball Cuts Prices to Lure Fans

    by KEN SICKENGER JOURNAL August 2014

    UNM is cutting season-ticket prices, eliminating parking fees in most lots and increasing fan access to players. These and other changes in game-day structure are intended to improve the fan experience and boost home attendance for women's basketball, which has steadily declined in recent years.

  • Air Force to Probe Reports of Athlete Misconduct

    by Tom Roeder, The Gazette August 2014

    U.S. Air Force Academy cadet athletes flouted the sacred honor code by committing sexual assaults, taking drugs, cheating and engaging in other misconduct at wild parties while the service academy focused on winning bowl games and attracting money from alumni and private sources in recent years, a Gazette investigation has found. The findings are egregious enough that academy Superintendent Lt. Gen. Michelle Johnson told The Gazette that she has called for an Inspector General's investigation of the athletic department. "These efforts will help in eliminating subcultures ... whose climates do not align with our institutional core values," she said in a statement released Thursday exclusively to The Gazette. Johnson said the academy has taken steps to correct the problems within the athletic department. "Despite all of our efforts, I expect we'll still have issues with a few young people who will make poor choices," she wrote.

  • Makeover Turning UA's McKale Center into Intimate Arena

    by Greg Hansen, Arizona Daily Star August 2014

    Construction workers at McKale Center are working double shifts until 3 a.m., seven days a week, in an attempt to have a $30 million remodeling project complete for Arizona's Nov. 9 exhibition opener against Cal Poly Pomona.