• Wake Forest Basketball Comps Military Personnel

    by News & Record November 2016

    WINSTON-SALEM — Wake Forest's basketball season opener against Radford at 7:30 p.m. Friday will also be the Demon Deacons' fourth annual Lawrence Joel Veterans Memorial Classic.

  • Opinion: Big Ten's Friday Night Push Is Simple Greed

    by Deron Snyder November 2016

    Folks at the Big Ten must be asleep on the job, their dreams filled with dollar signs whirling like a slot machine. Administrators clearly aren't paying attention to what's happening in real life, which should jolt them awake in a cold sweat. The NFL's TV ratings are cratering. Saturation coverage has led to viewer apathy. Overexposure has created indifference. More than enough has become too much.

  • Texas Tech Converts Racquetball Courts to Fitness Area

    by Courtney Cameron November 2016

    In keeping with the trend on college campuses of upcycling run-down or underused spaces to accommodate engaging fitness experiences, Texas Tech University has repurposed two of its original twelve racquetball courts into a 1600-square-foot functional fitness training facility.

  • Report: Baylor Won’t Get Penn State-Level Punishment

    by Jason Scott November 2016

    According to a Wall Street Journal report, the NCAA does not plan to levy punishment against Baylor equivalent to that received by Penn State in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky sexual abuse scandal.

  • GSU May Spend $53M On Turner Field

    by Molly Bloom and J. Scott Trubey November 2016

    Georgia State University wants to spend $52.8 million, mostly from proceeds from its bookstore, parking operations, housing and other sources, to buy and renovate Turner Field and nearby properties.

  • UW Student-Athletes Tweet for Change

    by Courtney Cameron November 2016

    On Monday, University of Wisconsin student-athletes took to twitter in a campaign to raise awareness of the problems inherent in a system that they say lauds the athlete and dismisses the student. According to ESPN, a score of UW football players as well as celebrated basketball player Nigel Hayes have shared a statement that earnestly asks for respect and understanding. The athletes are calling on university officials to take a stand, address head-on the issues that student-athletes of color face daily on college campuses around the United States and take the initiative to effect real change.

  • Baylor Officials Disagree on What Briles Knew

    by Telegraph Herald November 2016

    Baylor's assistant football coaches have disputed claims by school regents that former coach Art Briles knew of a gang rape involving a player. Thirty-three assistant coaches and staff members issued a statement on Twitter on Friday expressing their support for Briles, who was fired in May, The Dallas Morning News reported. It was the first time the coaches had spoken publicly about the series of sexual assault claims at Baylor, some involving former football players. Baylor regent David Harper and three other regents met with the newspaper's editorial board on Thursday, and Harper said Briles knew of the allegations of at least one gang rape.

  • Ex-UT Coach Tyndall Hired as D-League Assistant

    by Phil Kaplan November 2016

    The NCAA in April hit Tyndall with a 10-year show cause penalty for violations committed at Southern Miss, including acting unethically and failing to promote an atmosphere for compliance.

  • Brand-Conscious Universities Force HS Logo Redesign

    by Courtney Cameron November 2016

    American high schools are facing a new challenge as universities become more possessive of their brand. Nationwide, high schools are scrambling to redesign team logos under threat of trademark-infringement suits as big-name universities such as Penn State, Notre Dame, University of Iowa, University of Texas and Texas Tech University issue warnings to high school teams informing them of trademark violations.

  • BYU AD Touts Benefits of Independence to Fans

    by Gordon Monson November 2016

    Tom Holmoe did what he had to do on Friday in his sports version of a General Conference talk wrapped in a one-man pep rally wrapped in a state-of-the-program address aimed at BYU fans, fans who were anxious and worried and curious after the school was kicked to the curb by the Big 12. He bucked them up. He gave them hope. He reminded them that BYU is a "distinctive" university built on faith and strength. He darn near quoted "Tubthumping" by Chumbawamba, highlighting the notion that when BYU gets knocked down, it gets up again ccc and that as it does so, ESPN will televise every minute of it.