• Opinion: Scandal, Not Money Will Be CFB's Downfall

    by Brad Rock August 2016

    It's not hard to see there are big changes coming for college football, given the money involved. TV rights are one thing, but now Google, Twitter and other platforms are entering the sweepstakes. The richest football programs may get richer, but others won't be able to financially compete. Some believe unchecked spending will eventually lead to a collapse. Just like the national debt, the money tree can't grow forever. For that matter, maybe college football can't, either. But in my mind, it won't be money - or lack thereof - that is most likely to bring down college football. It will be constant scandal.

  • More Baylor Controversy; Hammad Played Despite Allegation

    by Spokesman Review August 2016

    A Baylor football player arrested this week on a felony stalking charge was allowed to play in 2015 despite being accused of sexual assault and violating a "no-contact" order with his accuser, ESPN reported Thursday.

  • Lawyer Disputes NCAA Charges Against Ex-UNC Prof

    by Aaron Beard August 2016

    Randall Roden, who represents Jan Boxill, filed a 54-page response this week to an NCAA charge that she provided improper academic assistance to athletes. That was one of five charges against UNC tied to its long-running academic fraud scandal, though Roden's response included a letter to the NCAA complaining of an "impossibly burdensome and fundamentally unfair process for gathering and reviewing evidence in the case. Namely, the response states, Boxill has "consistently been denied access to the database of her own emails at the center of the charges.

  • Opinion: Petty Transfer Rules Need to Be Overhauled

    by Jeff Schultz August 2016

    Head coaches leave for other jobs in the middle of contracts all the time. The players? They're stuck. Because scholarships tend to be a one-way contracts

  • Texas Wesleyan Reviving Football After 75 Years

    by Eric Prisbell August 2016

    At Texas Wesleyan, school officials are especially optimistic because football is so ingrained in the North Texas culture. As Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones recently told USA TODAY Sports, "It's such a legacy. Football is bred into this area."

  • Are TV Partners Manipulating Conference Realignment?

    by Scott D. Pierce August 2016

    Maybe no one at ESPN or Fox has issued -- or is issuing -- direct orders to anyone at the ACC, Big Ten or Big 12. But ESPN and Fox are certainly making their wishes known. Making it clear that they would prefer School A to School B. Two schools to four sc

  • FCS Playoffs Tweaked to Be Less Regional

    by Eric Peterson August 2016

    If five Missouri Valley Football Conference teams make the NCAA Division I FCS playoffs this season, there won't be a repeat of last year, commissioner Patty Viverito reiterated Tuesday. The five MVFC teams that made the postseason a year ago were placed in the same side of the 24-team bracket, causing an outcry from the league's fans, coaches and administrators last November. "This will not happen again," Viverito said during the annual MVFC media teleconference. "We really want the playoffs to be more national in scope rather than regional."

  • North Dakota State Rescinds Restrictive Media Policy

    by Tu-Uyen Tran August 2016

    North Dakota State University athletics' controversial rules that would have limited access for media outlets that didn't have a deal with the university will be rescinded, the university said Tuesday.

  • NCAA Accepts Mizzou Sanctions, Adds Probation Year

    by Topeka Capital-Journal August 2016

    The NCAA infractions committee panel's findings over what it said were roughly $11,400 in improper inducements and benefits given to players and a recruit by two boosters was released Tuesday, nearly seven months after Missouri admitted NCAA violations dating to 2011.

  • AAC Head Acknowledges Looming Big 12, Touts League

    by Tom Schad August 2016

    American Athletic Conference commissioner Mike Aresco didn’t shy from what he called “the elephant in the room” at the conference’s media day Tuesday. In fact, after running through a long list of thank-yous at the beginning of his annual address in Newport, Rhode Island, he cut right to the chase. “I cannot stand here this morning,” Aresco said, “and ignore the recent Big 12 news regarding realignment.”