• UGA Avoids Probation for NCAA Rule Violation

    by Ken Sugiura; Staff December 2014

    Georgia's swift and decisive reaction to initial reports that swim coach Jack Bauerle may have violated NCAA rules resulted in a relatively favorable outcome when the infractions committee issued its final ruling Tuesday.

  • Senator: Make College Athlete Compensation S.C. Law

    by December 2014

    Under a bill pre-filed by state Sen. Marlon Kimpson, Clemson University and the University of South Carolina would be required to pay some of their athletes both a weekly stipend and a trust-fund payment upon graduation.

  • Northern Illinois $138M Facilities Plan Spurs Big 12 Talk

    by Chicago Daily Herald December 2014

    When Northern Illinois unveiled a privately funded, $138-million plan to build new athletic facilities and double the capacity of Huskie Stadium a few weeks ago, there was widespread enthusiasm among the alumni base. After all, it has been nearly 25 years since NIU devised an "Athletics Facility Master Plan," and it naturally got fans wondering if there was something more afoot.

  • Playoff Trip Too Costly for Many Ohio State Parents

    by Bill Rabinowitz, The Columbus Dispatch December 2014

    In the parents' letters, their anguish is clear. In their voices is a palpable sense of frustration. On one hand, they are filled with pride and joy. Their sons -- Ohio State football players -- have reached the pinnacle of their sport by qualifying for the inaugural College Football Playoff. But they also are filled with worry and, in some cases, painful resignation. When Ohio State travels to New Orleans for its Jan. 1 semifinal game against Alabama in the Sugar Bowl, many of the players' parents can't afford the financial burden to be there.

  • Opinion: Medal of Honor Bowl Flap About More than Race

    by Brian Hicks December 2014

    If a ref had seen Charleston County Council turn down the Medal of Honor Bowl s request for $25,000 last week, he might have called unnecessary roughness. But the play stands. Last week Charleston s own bowl game a charity to raise money for the Medal of Honor Museum asked council for money to help get the game broadcast on NBC. Seems our bowl isn t big enough to sell its TV rights. We have to pay them. Councilman Henry Darby took the opportunity to criticize The Citadel again for displaying a Confederate battle flag in Summerall Chapel. He also pointed out some rather unflattering, and patently racist, comments attributed to former governor and Confederate Brig. Gen. Johnson Hagood.

  • U. of Tennessee Protected by Terms of Tyndall Deal

    by Ben Frederickson December 2014

    Tennessee basketball coach Donnie Tyndall could be fired for cause if he misrepresented to UT what he knew about potential NCAA wrongdoing in his former program.

  • Editorial: UAB Showed Courage in Dropping Football

    by THE WASHINGTON TIMES December 2014

    It takes strength, courage and resolve on the part of young men to play football. Sometimes it requires even more strength, courage and resolve on the part of college and university administrators not to play football.

  • Football Players Suing UNM Over Rape-Claim Dismissal


    The University of New Mexico learned Tuesday that it is about to be hit with a civil rights lawsuit by three young men previously accused of raping a UNM student last spring.

  • 14 Lacrosse Players Disciplined for 'Cracksgiving' Costumes

    by Beth Brogan BDN Staff December 2014

    Members of the Bowdoin College men's lacrosse team will be disciplined for dressing up as Native Americans at a November party known as "Cracksgiving" held in an off-campus house.

  • Michigan Takes Step to Ban College Athlete Unions

    by Michael Gaio December 2014

    In April, football players at Northwestern cast a historic vote to determine if they would unionize. Student-athletes in Michigan may never get that chance.