• Recruit Charged with Assault to Enroll in Summer School

    by Stuart Goldman June 2016

    Mississippi State athletic director Scott Stricklin will receive the 2015-16 Under Armour Athletics Director of the Year Award on June 15 in Dallas.

  • Minnesota Wrestling Coach on Leave, Home Searched

    by Joe Christensen June 2016

    University police have been investigating the wrestling team since April 11 and obtained search warrants to probe J Robinson's Plymouth home and personal computer. The university launched its own investigation Tuesday. Coyle said Robinson is on paid administrative leave "pending the conclusion of the investigation."

  • Briles Issues Statement; Starr Resigns as Chancellor

    by Stuart Goldman June 2016

    Art Briles issued his first public statement Thursday since he was fired last week as the head football coach at Baylor.

  • Ex-Penn State Gymnasts Detail Alleged Abuse

    by Jason Scott June 2016

    Former gymnasts have accused Penn State women’s gymnastics coaches Jeff and Rachelle Thompson of emotional and verbal abuse, and details of the allegations have emerged in recent reports.

  • New SEC Bylaw Bans Transfers with Misconduct Records

    by Dustin Dopirak June 2016

    The new bylaw, proposed by Georgia, prohibited SEC schools from accepting transfers who had been “subject to official university or athletics department disciplinary action at any time during enrollment at any previous collegiate institution … due to serious misconduct.”

  • Calipari: SEC Should Reschedule League Hoops Tourney

    by Seth Emerson June 2016

    John Calipari, long an opponent of holding the SEC basketball tournament, has moved on from wanting to eliminate it. Now he just wants to move it to November.

  • Decision on Big 12 Expansion Unlikely at Meeting

    by Phil Stukenborg June 2016

    When the Big 12 Conference’s athletic directors and board of governors (the league’s presidents and chancellors) meet at the Four Seasons Resort and Club at Las Colinas, expansion will be among the primary topics. What won’t be a priority is reaching a decision regarding expansion this week.

  • Ole Miss's Freeze: 'Mistakes' Made, Players Never Paid

    by From Our Pr The Commercial Appealess Services June 2016

    Ole Miss football coach Hugh Freeze is “owning the mistakes” made during his tenure, which now includes NCAA violations, but said neither he nor his assistants knowingly did anything wrong. Speaking at the Southeastern Conference’s annual meetings Tuesday, Freeze delivered a lengthy, prepared statement and then took several questions about violations involving first-round NFL draft pick Laremy Tunsil. “I stand here owning the mistakes, but that is what they are, not some staff out trying to buy players,” Freeze said. “There’s not a single charge in our letter that charges a coach with (being) out buying players. While I have struggles in life that I don’t always get right, breaking the rules in recruiting is not one of them. I won’t do it.”

  • SEC Coaches Welcome Centralized Replay Experiment

    by From Our Press Services June 2016

    Much like the Atlantic Coast Conference, the SEC will use collaborative replay in 2016. All replays will be looked at by a replay official in the stadium and the league's "Video Command Center" in Birmingham. The three-person command center will assist the replay official in deciding whether to uphold or reverse calls.

  • Pac-12 to Run and Broadcast e-Sports Competition

    by Jason Scott June 2016

    In recent years, e-Sports have made major strides toward legitimacy. Broadcast television has turned e-Sports into a commercial product, some schools have begun giving e-Sports scholarships, and now a major collegiate conference is poised to take the e-Sports movement even further.