• S. Carolina Mistakenly Told They Made Tourney

    by David Cloninger April 2016

    This wasn’t salt in the wound. This was pouring an entire case of Morton’s into open-heart surgery. South Carolina was told it was in the NCAA Tournament, then told it wasn’t, the NCAA said on Thursday. The NCAA responded to a report from’s Ron Higgins by admitting a mistake was made.

  • Opinion: Demand Accountability for Sports Misconduct

    by Marlen Garcia April 2016

    Too often, top-level administrators are clueless about the inner workings of athletics. They see high-achieving athletes, many of whom also excel academically, and prefer to assume everything is dandy.

  • Boeheim: Difference Between 'Breaking Rules' and 'Cheating'

    by Dayton Daily News April 2016

    Jim Boeheim drew a distinction Thursday between what he considers cheating in college sports and the violations for which Syracuse was punished with a postseason ban last year. "It's something I regret," the basketball coach said. "I'm not happy about that. I don't think we gained any competitive advantage at any time in this whole case that we've been through for 10 years. I think it weighed on us for 10 years and affected recruiting for 10 years. That's just part of the punishment.

  • Shooting Device Helped Hield Rise to Stardom

    by Josh Peter April 2016

    As a freshman, Hield shot 23.8% from three-point range. This season, he's making 46.5% of his three-pointers. Assistant coach Chris Crutchfield traces progress to Hield's love affair with his shooting device.

  • Jones' Phone Records Released Amid Assault Scandal

    by MJ Slaby March 2016

    University of Tennessee football coach Butch Jones spoke four times with Knoxville’s police chief the day a woman accused two UT football players of rape and twice with a former player who claims he was berated by Jones and assaulted by a teammate for helping her, phone records obtained Wednesday by the News Sentinel show.

  • Final Four Families Get Travel Expense Help From NCAA

    by Ryan Aber March 2016

    For the second straight season, the NCAA will pay expenses to the family of each player for the teams in the men's and women's Final Fours. The money is for travel, hotel and meal expenses for family members.

  • Opinion: Follow School Process for ODU Stadium

    by The Virginian - Pilot March 2016

    Stephen Ballard has produced an impressive pitch for a new football stadium at Old Dominion University. It would seat 25,479 people, have plenty of the luxury amenities and seating big-time college football requires. And it could be open as soon as 2018. Renderings show a towering mix of shiny modern and traditional architecture situated on the same site as the 79-year-old Foreman Field.

  • At Least 35 College Hoops Coaches Earn $2M or More

    by Steve Berkowitz and Christopher Schnaars March 2016

    The $2 million coach, once rare in college men's basketball, is becoming routine among the upper-echelon programs. Twenty-four coaches whose teams participated in the 68-team NCAA tournament are making at least $2 million this season, and there are at least 11others at that level whose teams didn't play in the event, according to a USA TODAY Sports analysis of documents it acquired in conjunction with the Sports Capital Journalism program at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis.

  • Ex-Stanford Swimmer Convicted of Sexual Assault

    by Dayton Daily News March 2016

    A California jury convicted Brock Allen Turner, the former Stanford University and three-time All-American Oakwood High School swimmer, of three felony charges stemming from a sexual assault that occurred after a fraternity party in January 2015.

  • UC-Irvine to Offer e-Sports Scholarships

    by Patrick Seitz March 2016

    Parents worried that their kids are playing too many video games might need to rethink their perspective. At least one university plans to offer academic scholarships for e-athletes, people who play competitive video games.