• The AB Extra: April 24

    by Laura Godlewski April 2015

    Our weekly recap of news and notes from around the athletic, fitness and recreation industries. This week we've got news on a fantasy-focus in NFL venues, a hot-dog drama in Kansas City, an update on the NBA's inroads in Africa, and plans that would allow you to live at a minor league ballpark.

  • Opinion: "The Clemson Will" Good Idea, Could Be Better

    by Gene Sapakoff April 2015

    Clemson's effort to win big and influence recruits historically has been ahead of the college athletics curve. It appears Clemson is on the cutting edge again with this week's roll out of The Clemson Will.

  • Stadium Reno, Engagement Top Priorities for Air Force AD

    by Brent Briggeman, By BRENT BRIGGEMAN - April 2015

    Jim Knowlton's fact-finding mission as the new Air Force athletic director has taken him to Texas, to the offices of Colorado Springs leaders and even to the bathrooms at Falcon Stadium.

  • Opinion: Colleges Fumble Cost Complaints

    by Nancy Armour, USA TODAY Sports April 2015

    The schools in the Power Five conferences haven't even started cutting the checks yet, and already some coaches are moaning about how paying the full cost of attendance is going to give somebody else an advantage.

  • College Football 'Satellite Camps' Popular, Controversial

    by Brad Senkiw April 2015

    NCAA bylaws state college football programs can have camps on campus, anywhere within the state or within a 50-mile radius if out of state.

  • Swinney on Full Cost of Attendance: 'It's a Nightmare'

    by A. Brenner, Post & Courier (Charleston, SC) April 2015

    Dabo Swinney has long been a staunch defender of the NCAA's college football system, and he's not sure recent pledges to provide full cost of attendance are the right call.

  • Clemson Gets Initial OK to Buy Private Recruiting Jet

    by SEANNA ADCOX; Associated Press April 2015

    The Joint Bond Review Committee approved the university s plans to buy an eight-passenger aircraft to be used primarily for athletic recruiting and fundraising.

  • Opinion: One-and-Done Hurting College Game's Integrity

    by Stephen Moore, Investor's Business Daily April 2015

    Missouri's Democratic senator, Claire McCaskill, caused quite a stir in the college sports world this week when she ripped the Duke basketball team. "I've got no problem with these kids going to the NBA," she said. "But let's not call them "students,' because we are now recruiting these kids for an NBA tryout, not to go to college . . . I think one-and-done is not good for college basketball."

  • Opinion: Don't Expect Freshman Ineligibility to Return

    by Scott Adamson April 2015

    Give Jim Delany credit; the Big Ten commissioner seems sincere about that whole “student-athlete” thing. On Friday he sent a letter to media members titled “Education First, Athletics Second: The Time for a National Discussion is Upon Us.”

  • SEC Pushes NCAA for Cost-of-Attendance Transparency

    by Ben Frederickson, Knoxville News-Sentinel April 2015

    Beginning in August, college athletes across the country can receive increased scholarship payments that cover the full cost of attendance, the result of a January vote in which the five power conferences freed themselves to pay for more than just tuition, fees, room, board and books.