• Dartmouth Tackling Dummy Paves Way to Smart Football

    by Stuart Goldman April 2016

    The MVP on the Dartmouth football team is not a player, but an actual MVP — a motorized, remote-controlled tackling dummy called the Mobile Virtual Player.

  • Despite Objections, College Drops Missionary Mascot

    by The Bismarck Tribune April 2016

    Whitman College, a private, liberal arts school located in the rolling hills of Walla Walla, Washington, has dumped its long-time mascot. Whitman teams will no longer be called the Missionaries, a reference to Marcus and Narcissa Whitman who came to the Walla Walla Valley in 1836 and were massacred a decade later. Campus officials said Missionaries' mascot was considered non-inclusive, imperialistic and incorrectly implied that Whitman was a religious school.

  • South Carolina to Put Nearly $1M into Baseball Facilities

    by April 2016

    The USC Board of Trustees on Friday approved converting the current ground-floor media room at Founders Park into a player's lounge, and constructing a new media room and player's meeting room on the upper concourse of the eight-year-old stadium.

  • Penn State Leaning Toward Stadium Renovation

    by Mike Gross April 2016

    Penn State athletic director Sandy Barbour admitted a final decision hasn't been made, but, she said, "it's very, very clear to me from the analysis that's been done ... that renovation is the direction that we need to head in."

  • Transfer Denied School Choice as Tampering Alleged

    by Jacob Thorpe April 2016

    A three-person faculty committee rejected Washington State center Valentine Izundu's appeal during a hearing on Wednesday afternoon, barring the player from contacting San Diego State University on the grounds that Izundu and the SDSU coaching staff had contact before the season was over.

  • Ex-Player Describes 'Emotional Abuse' by Swoopes

    by Patrick Finley April 2016

    Saying she was the victim of "emotional abuse" while playing for Loyola coach Sheryl Swoopes, Cate Soane is speaking out while her coach is being investigated for player mistreatment.

  • Old Dominion Rejects Unsolicited Stadium Proposal

    by Harry Minium April 2016

    Old Dominion University has rejected Stephen Ballard's proposal to build a 25,000-seat football stadium without reviewing his unsolicited bid, saying the timing isn't right for such a public-private venture.

  • ADs Link Football, Hoops in Creative Scheduling Plans

    by Nicole Auerbach April 2016

    As Massachusetts athletics director Ryan Bamford perused his football team's first season as a Football Bowl Subdivision independent -- fall 2016 -- he had a lot of open dates to fill and no conference constraints. So he figured he might as well think with no constraints. "We have probably more of an opportunity to do it now," Bamford told USA TODAY Sports on Thursday. "I can schedule more games and be a little bit more creative with our football and basketball schedules than a lot of schools can -- because they just don't have the dates."

  • University Won't Contribute to Rented Field Renovation

    by Daniel Desrochers April 2016

    The Kanawha County Parks and Recreation Commission has been trying to raise money to replace the turf on Schoenbaum Field in Coonskin Park, but they know they won't be getting it from one source - the University of Charleston. The University of Charleston Board of Trustees voted not to contribute any money to Schoenbaum Field beyond the amount that they pay to rent to use the facilities. That has members of the county parks board upset.

  • Big Ten Near Big Broadcast Deal with Fox Sports

    by The Columbus Dispatch April 2016

    The Big Ten is poised to shift much of its media rights from ESPN to Fox. An industry source confirmed a Sports Business Daily report that a pending six-year deal would give Fox Sports and Fox Sports 1 about 25 football games and 50 men's basketball games per season starting in the fall of 2017.