• Postseason Offers Coaches Chance for Big Bonuses

    by Steve Berkowitz December 2016

    Between their teams' success so far and what they can still accomplish in this weekend's conference championship games and the College Football Playoff, four head coaches have a chance to end up with $1 million or more in bonuses. And that's without counting awards for coach of the year honors or meeting other goals.

  • Opinion: Conference Title Games Still Need Tweaks

    by Dan Wolken December 2016

    Now that college football is asking fan bases to spend money on playoff semifinals and finals, conference title games are a much harder sell as fans weigh whether to save their money for potential playoff games.

  • Pros From Small Schools Offer Different Perspective

    by Ray Glier December 2016

    Offensive lineman Ali Marpet of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, wide receiver Brittan Golden of the Arizona Cardinals and wide receiver Taylor Gabriel of the Falcons are among those who did not go to a DivisionI powerhouse or even a DivisionI midmajor.

  • Opponents Honored Nebraska's Lost Player All Season

    by Nicole Auerbach December 2016

    Not even two minutes into Nebraska's season-opening game against Fresno State, the Cornhuskers faced a routine yet rather emotional moment: their first punt. To be more precise, their first punt since their punter, Sam Foltz, had died in a car crash during the summer that also killed former Michigan State punter Mike Sadler.

  • College Bowl Picture Taking Shape

    by Erick Smith December 2016

    The mystery of which 80 teams will fill out the college football bowl card is almost solved. Where they are going will have to wait until after the final weekend of the season.

  • Opinion: McCaw Brings Baggage to Liberty U. Position

    by Paul Woody December 2016

    Until May, McCaw was athletics director at Baylor University in Waco, Texas, a job he held for 13 years. He resigned after being sanctioned and placed on probation by the university in the wake of a rape and sexual assault scandal that initially involved five football players and one female athlete.

  • Helfrich Out at Oregon Following 4-8 Season

    by Associated Press November 2016

    Helfrich was head coach of the Ducks for four seasons, leading the team to the first College Football Playoff championship game after the 2014 season. But Oregon faltered this year with a five-game losing streak, and finished at the bottom of the Pac-12 North with just two conference wins.

  • College Basketball Players Juggle Road Games, Class Time

    by Brant Wilkerson November 2016

    As North Carolina prepares for a 9:15 matchup Wednesday night at Indiana in the ACC-Big Ten Challenge, the game will take place on a sixth missed day of class for players since the basketball season began Nov. 11.

  • Baylor's Grobe Unlikely to Continue Coaching

    by Stephen Hawkins November 2016

    Jim Grobe came out of semiretirement to help Baylor get through a tumultuous season. After that is done, he has no plans to coach again. "Honestly, football needs a fresh start," said Grobe.

  • Programs Seek to Defy 'Football School' Label

    by Kelly Gramlich November 2016

    It has become common in the college sports vernacular to refer to certain universities as "basketball schools" or "football schools," depending on which sport the school excels in the most.