• Spring Football Not in OHSAA's Immediate Future

    by Steve Blackledge, THE COLUMBUS DISPATCH July 2014

    Blame it on social media or perhaps the vivid imagination of hard-core fans, but the widespread rumor that Ohio high-school coaches are lobbying for full-fledged spring football has been greatly exaggerated.

  • Bye, Prospector Pete? Long Beach State Retooling Image

    by JJ Fiddler July 2014

    LONG BEACH >> Long Beach State's athletic department is unveiling a new visual identity as the first move in a wide-ranging rebranding of the university's sports programs that could put the 49er mascot, Prospector Pete, on the chopping block. Changes to the school's logo, to be announced publicly this morning, is partially funded by a $100,000 donation from an unnamed group - the largest ever group gift to the athletic department. A slight design adjustment was made to the font and iconic "LB" logo used by all of the Long Beach State programs, and now all of the teams will be referred to as Long Beach or "The Beach" instead of "49ers." The baseball team will remain the Dirtbags.

  • Basketball Facility Built Around UA Hand-Me-Down Hoops

    by Zack Rosenblatt, Arizona Daily Star July 2014

    There's a new basketball facility being built on Tucson's south side, and the quality of its courts and baskets might only be second to, well, one. Six miles south of McKale Center, on Contractor's Way, sits the LEAD Practice Facility, and it's taking a page out of the UA basketball arena's book. By 'page,' we mean baskets. Two of them. That's where it all started for Bob Spencer, the development manager for the new facility, which is set to open up sometime in mid-to-late fall. It'll also have the same type of floors as McKale, too.

  • Slive's SEC Speech a Warning to NCAA on Autonomy

    by Ben Frederickson, Knoxville News-Sentinel July 2014

    Mike Slive’s annual state of the conference address at SEC Football Media Days on Monday referenced great athletes (Muhammad Ali and Hank Aaron) and great minds (Winston Churchill, Dwight Eisenhower and Nelson Mandela).

  • Anderson U. Campus Rezoning Clears Way for Athletics

    by Sarah Freishtat July 2014

    Anderson City Council members gave preliminary approval Monday to a proposal to change the zoning of Anderson University property, which would allow the school to construct new athletic fields and facilities.

  • Could KU Basketball Stress Study Be a Game-Changer?

    by Jesse Newell. July 2014

    Trey Burke's heroics may not have been the only thing that led to Kansas' loss to Michigan in the 2013 Sweet 16. A scientific study by a group of KU researchers confirms what many might have already assumed: Stress - both on and off the court - affected the Jayhawks during the most crucial point of the season.

  • College Rec Centers the Key to a Higher GPA?

    by Michael Gaio July 2014

    Add this to the long list of benefits provided by a campus rec center: it may help students achieve better grades.

  • Secondary Market Blamed for Low Season-Ticket Sales


    West Virginia University football season ticket sales are as low as they've been in nine years, but the Mountaineers are working with, as opposed to against, a supposed obstacle to boost future sales.

  • Athletes Bill of Rights Draws Criticism in Boston Area

    by MARIE SZANISZLO July 2014

    Local universities balked at a proposed College Athletes Bill of Rights, which they said would force them to pay for lifelong health insurance for players injured during games. Representatives from the area's Division 1 schools said the proposal would put them at a competitive disadvantage on the field and burden already money-losing athletic departments.

  • Senators Grill NCAA's Emmert, Accomplish Little

    by Steve Berkowitz, USA TODAY Sports July 2014

    Senate Commerce Committee chairman Jay Rockefeller, D-W.Va., began a hearing on college athletics Wednesday with vigor, skepticism and the promise that this is the start of a campaign of NCAA oversight.