• Columnist: Will Others Follow UAB Lead, Drop Football?

    by Mark Wiedmer, Chattanooga Times Free Press December 2014

    When word leaked out a couple of days ago that UAB was dropping its football program after 24 years, Bill Curry said his first reaction was one of "shock."

  • More Bad News: UAB's Bowl Hopes Now 'Nonexistent'

    by Michael Gaio December 2014

    If it's true that "when it rains, it pours," consider UAB's football program drenched in a torrential monsoon.

  • U. of New England Eyes 2017 for Football Program Launch

    by MIKE LOWE Staff Writer December 2014

    The school, which competes at the NCAA Division III level, also is adding a women's rugby team beginning next fall.

  • Defense Dept. Investigates AFA Athlete Misconduct Probe

    by Tom Roeder, December 2014

    A memo released Tuesday says investigators will determine whether "criminal investigations, to include sexual assault, involving USAFA football players met investigative standards."

  • UAB Kills Football Program, Fallout Immediate

    by Michael Gaio December 2014

    The University of Alabama at Birmingham officially killed its football program on Tuesday. The ensuing scene on the school's campus was one of chaos and heartbreak — students protesting, the band playing, tears flowing and a school president being berated by devastated players and booed by fans. Death is never easy to accept.

  • Record $16M Gift Earmarked for FAU Training Complex

    by Jeff Ostrowski December 2014

    Florida Atlantic University said Tuesday it landed a $16 million gift from the Schmidt Family Foundation, a sum it hopes to spend on a $50 million training center for its sports teams. The new facility would include indoor practice fields for the football team, a program that just finished another losing season and has struggled to attract fans. FAU plans to build the training complex on vacant land next to its $70 million football stadium, but many details -- such as a groundbreaking date or even how ­many indoor fields the facility will include -- remain unclear.

  • Georgia Stage Players Chill in $42K Cryotherapy Chamber

    by Ken Sugiura December 2014

    As Georgia Tech's season extends into its 15th week (including open dates), legs are heavy, bodies are sore and bruises have accumulated. To repair the Yellow Jackets, the athletic department has enlisted technological help for a treatment beyond traditional therapies such as ice and massage ? a $42,000 chamber that provides treatment through air chilled by nitrogen gas. Tech is the first college to have purchased a unit from Atlanta-based Impact Cryotherapy, which is the only U.S. company manufacturing what are known as cryotherapy chambers. When the Jackets take the field Saturday night against Florida State to play for the ACC championship, they will do so with the benefit of having had their workout recovery accelerated by three-minute treatments at up to minus-160 degrees Celsius (minus-238 degrees Fahrenheit).

  • Opinion: UAB Move Suspicious, Not Shortsighted

    by Dan Wolken December 2014

    At the end of the entire disgraceful process that concluded Monday when the University of Alabama at Birmingham shut down its football program, President Ray Watts posted a note on the school's website promising the decision would not mark the end of UAB's athletics ambitions. He said lifting the financial burden of a money-losing program would allow the athletics department to reinvest and prosper in other areas.

  • Big 12 to Add Aid Increases, Longer Scholarships

    by Dave Hickman, Staff writer December 2014

    The Big 12 Conference took the first official steps Monday toward providing its student-athletes with far more financial benefits than they've ever known before.

  • FGCU Looks for Major ROI in Men's Basketball Program

    by Joseph Cranney 239-435-3414 December 2014

    For years, FGCU has been in the process of transforming its athletic department into one that can afford to avoid mishaps like the busted scoreboard. There are now plans to add a $500,000 video board to Alico Arena next season.