• Opinion: Soften BYU Honor Code for Big 12 Inclusion

    by Gordon Monson September 2016

    Here's the truth about what BYU can do to make itself more attractive to the presidents of the Big 12, increasing its chances for inclusion in the conference and making its position more acceptable. Not just acceptable to those outside its community, but those inside it, too: Soften the language in its honor code. Leave some parts out and administer the remaining parts with a little more kindness and understanding.

  • Opinion: Ex-GW Coach Learns 'Soft' Lesson the Hard Way

    by Deron Snyder September 2016

    Today's players don't care much for the old standards of treatment modeled by the likes of Bear Bryant, Bob Knight, Frank Kush and scores of less-famous coaches. Concepts such as abuse and mistreatment — those terms didn't apply in a world and a time before Twitter, Facebook and ESPN.

  • Rutgers Closes Student Tailgate Area After AD Has Beer

    by Stuart Goldman September 2016

    “No, I can’t drink that right now!” Rutgers Athletic Director Pat Hobbs yelled to a crowd of students Saturday at a special tailgate area the university sponsored.

    Seconds later, with a microphone in one hand and a can of beer in the other, Hobbs told the cheering students, “I am of age! If they card me, I’m OK! Go RU!” Hobbs then appears to take a sip.

    The exchange, caught on video, likely is the reason why Rutgers announced Tuesday that it is closing the student tailgate area called “The Alley” where Rutgers students gathered this season before home football games.

  • U. of Miami: No Evidence Behind App State Allegations

    by Matt Porter September 2016

    As Appalachian State investigates alleged misbehavior that possibly occurred before Saturday's home game against the Hurricanes, a Miami official said Tuesday his school found nothing and is moving on.

  • After Sex Abuse Allegations, MSU Fires Ex-USA Gymnastics Doc

    by Mark Alesia, Marisa Kwiatkowski, and Tim Evans September 2016

    Michigan State University announced Tuesday that it has fired Larry Nassar after an IndyStar investigation revealed accusations of sexual abuse against the longtime USA Gymnastics team physician. "Over the past week, the university received additional information that raised serious concerns about Nassar's compliance with certain employment requirements," university spokesman Jason Cody said. He would not elaborate but said the requirements were tied to a 2014 investigation into alleged "abuse during a medical procedure."

  • Player Arrests Put Spotlight on WSU Policies

    by Chad Sokol September 2016

    When a Washington State football player is accused of a crime, the response from coaches and staff is almost always the same: "It's a team matter." But is it? Universities grapple with this question when responding to allegations, such as those leveled against several WSU players in recent weeks. Violence can trigger strong emotions in the court of public opinion, but it's often the coaches who decide when players will play. Some observers call for immediate action: Kick the player off the team, or at least suspend him.

  • Miami Investigating Alleged Pregame Groping, Taunting

    by Matt Porter September 2016

    Appalachian State students said several Hurricanes players physically and verbally assaulted members of the school's color guard as Miami ran onto the field before Saturday's game in Boone, N.C. In a public Facebook post, color guard member Sophie Randleman, a junior at ASU, said one of her fellow students was "shoved by several very large, intentionally aggressive football players." Randleman said the color guard member "had severe pain and had to sit for most of the game." Randleman said she later learned that "several other members were groped, sworn at, taunted and touched in ways that were definitely not asked for."

  • SoCon to Consider Pulling Events from N.C.

    by Post & Courier September 2016

    The Southern Conference could be next to pull championships out of North Carolina. The NCAA announced earlier this week it will move championships out of North Carolina because of a state law that requires transgender people to use the bathroom that matches their birth certificate.

  • GW Basketball Coach Fired After Verbal Abuse Claims

    by Stuart Goldman September 2016

    Attorneys for Mike Lonergan say George Washington University wrongfully terminated him as its men’s basketball coach after claims of verbal and emotional abuse from current and former players.

  • Junior College Football Players Among Bus Crash Deaths

    by Spokesman Review September 2016

    The bus driver, two football players and a 10-year-old child are the four people killed after a bus carrying a South Carolina junior college football team to its first game ever crashed on a North Carolina highway, state troopers said. The front left tire on the bus blew out around 2:30 p.m. Saturday, sending it into a guardrail, then scraping the side of a concrete bridge column on U.S. Highway 74 near Hamlet, North Carolina, Highway Patrol Lt. Jeff Gordon said.