• Opinion: Bad News Gives College Football Black Eye

    by Deron Snyder December 2016

    We're well familiar with "Bowl Week" — closer to a month — when college football concludes its season with more than three dozen nondescript matchups like the Advocare V100 Texas Bowl, plus old favorites like the Orange, Sugar and Rose. This year the sport added a putrid precursor, Bowel Week, as schools in three Power 5 conferences smeared us with excrement.

  • NIU Was Ready to Take Minnesota's Place in Bowl

    by Ralph D. Russo December 2016

    As news about a football player boycott at Minnesota broke, Northern Illinois athletic director Sean Frazier quickly realized his Huskies might have a chance to play in the Holiday Bowl. One problem: NIU was already on winter break. But in less than 24 hours of frantic work, Frazier and NIU coaches knew they had what they needed most to accept a postseason bid on short notice: a motivated team. With the Huskies having played in San Diego bowl games two of the last three seasons Frazier knew the logistics would fall into place for a game against Washington State on Dec. 27. Easy? No. But far from impossible.

  • More Men’s Teams Suspended for Online Commentary

    by Courtney Cameron December 2016

    The Princeton men’s swimming and diving team and the men’s soccer team at Washington University in St. Louis have joined the ranks of men’s teams facing suspension after reports were made alleging their participation in public comments and actions of a sexist or racist nature.

  • How College Recruiting Has Evolved in State of Utah

    by A. Donaldson December 2016

    Thanks to social media and rising popularity of both high school and college football, signing day - which this year falls on Feb. 1 - is something of a national holiday for prep and college football fans.

  • Coach Says He Risked Job to Support Minnesota Players

    by Spokesman Review December 2016

    Minnesota head coach Tracy Claeys said Sunday that he knew he was risking his job last week when he expressed support for players who boycotted practices and threatened to skip a bowl game if 10 teammates who were suspended after a sexual assault investigation weren't reinstated.

  • D-League Players Keep NBA Hopes Alive

    by Jesse Dougherty December 2016

    David Foster, 28, is a rim-protecting center for the Los Angeles D-Fenders, the Lakers’ NBA Development League affiliate. He wasn’t drafted out of Utah, has never played in the NBA and is hoping his last-ditch effort to get there does not sputter out.

  • Minnesota Football Team Ends Boycott

    by The Bismarck Tribune December 2016

    The University of Minnesota football team's boycott ended less than 36 hours after it began, the university leadership never blinking, and the players backing down amid pressure from many who read details of the allegations.

  • Morehead State Coach Woods Resigns

    by Spokesman Review December 2016

    Sean Woods resigned as Morehead State's coach after being charged with misdemeanor battery in Indiana for allegedly assaulting two of his players. Athletic director Brian Hutchinson on Thursday announced Woods' resignation after four-plus seasons guiding the Eagles. The coach had been suspended since Nov. 22 and Morehead State began investigating "complaints received" about him. Police in Evansville, Indiana, on Tuesday filed the battery charge against Woods. Morehead State was in Cheney on Tuesday, losing to Eastern Washington 88-86 in overtime. It was the fifth straight game Woods missed through suspension. Two players stated in an affidavit that they had altercations with Woods. One said the coach backhanded him in the chest and the other claims Woods shoved him twice. - AP

  • New Feature for Clemson’s Football Playground

    by Jason Scott December 2016

    Clemson has made headlines recently for the many extravagances of its new football facility set to open Feb. 1. Among the amenities the facility boasts: a mini-golf course, laser tag, a movie theater, a bowling alley and a basketball court. It’s even got a nap room.

  • Basketball Coach Accused of Assaulting Players

    by Jason Scott December 2016

    Morehead State University men’s basketball coach Sean Woods faces a misdemeanor battery charge after two of his players accused him of assault.