• PR Firm to Plead Case for Marshall U. Spot in Playoffs


    Conference USA, of which Marshall is a member, has retained the Los Angeles-based firm Brener Zwikel & Associates. According to USA Today, the firm sent a statement Thursday touting Marshall's credentials to the College Football Playoff committee.

  • Media Members' Inside Look at Playoff Selection Process

    by Chris Dufresne Los Angeles Times (MCT) October 2014

    The folks running the playoff recently invited selected media members to participate in a mock selection for the new four-team playoff.

  • OU Changes Sideline Policy Following Player Collision

    by Michael Gaio October 2014

    Photographers and videographers at Oklahoma Sooner football games will have to live without a few extra comforts after a sideline collision shook up one of Oklahoma’s star players last week.

  • Ohio State Uncovers More of Band's Sexualized Traditions

    by Laura A. Bischoff, Dayton Daily News October 2014

    Traditions included student-produced videos of raunchy skits and a beef cake calendar, the university said Thursday in federal court filings.

  • Profanity's Recruiting Impact Resonates with UT Students

    by David Cobb, Knoxville News-Sentinel October 2014

    University of Tennessee Chancellor Jimmy Cheek has publicly outlined that he sees a problem with profanity during football games since a derogatory chant rang through Neyland Stadium on Oct. 4.

  • UNC Coaches Removed from Academics, Report Finds

    by HAROLD GUTMANN; 919-419-6655 October 2014

    When asked Wednesday how involved he was in his players' academics, North Carolina coach Larry Fedora said he was only focused on his next opponent.

  • Call for 'Big, Meaningful Changes' at U. of North Carolina

    by LAURA OLENIACZ; 919-419-6636 October 2014

    Academic failures revealed in an investigation into one UNC-Chapel Hill department Wednesday occurred because of a system that requires athletic "eligibility to be prioritized over educational enrichment," a university professor said Thursday.

  • A Year After Player Boycott, Grambling Seeing Success

    by George Schroeder, @GeorgeSchroeder, USA TODAY Sports October 2014

    In the months since he became head football coach at his alma mater, Broderick Fobbs has had several conversations with his predecessors. He talks occasionally with former coach Doug Williams. He has touched base with Rod Broadway. And, of course, there's one other. "I've talked with Coach Robinson," Fobbs says, "when no one else is around."

  • Backboard Collapse Forces Basketball Teams to Relocate

    by Special to The Post and Courier October 2014

    The Charleston Southern men's and women's basketball teams may be forced to open their respective seasons in high school gyms after a backboard expansion collapsed at CSU Field House.

  • In Aftermath of Report, No Closure for UNC Athletics

    by HAROLD GUTMANN; 919-419-6655 October 2014

    With the release of Kenneth Wainstein's report detailing the paper class system in the UNC Chapel Hill Department of African and Afro-American Studies, the academic side of campus can begin the process of moving on. But there will be no such closure for the athletic side,