• Products Liability on IHRSA's, Cybex's Agenda

    by Andrew Cohen February 2012

    The opinion within Cybex International Inc. that the court system is running amok can best be summed up by noting that the $19.5 million settlement the fitness equipment manufacturer reached this month with Natalie Barnhard, the physical therapy assistant left a paraplegic by a toppled 25-year-old Cybex leg extension machine, counted as very positive news for the company. On the hook after a 2010 jury verdict for a $49.5 million judgment that could have severely impaired the company, Cybex emerges from the case significantly lighter in the wallet but still in business, its stock price rising out of penny territory and its future prospects excellent.

  • Watch Highlights from AB Conference 2009

    by Default Admin December 2009

  • AB Conference: Everything You Know Is Wrong

    by Andrew Cohen December 2009

    That's not quite the title of this seminar…Barry Klein and Rob Bishop, owners of Elevations Health Club in Scotrun, Pa., are speaking about questioning assumptions about your business plan in "Everything You Know About Running a Health Club Is Wrong." Barry was just relating an interesting anecdote about a seminar he attended at a club conference a couple of months ago. The subject had turned to enhancement fees, which are a one-time annual fee charged to members ostensibly to fund capital improvements such as new fitness equipment, new carpeting and so on. These are becoming very popular in for-profit facilities - that is, popular among club operators, not club members. Members, in fact, can get downright ornery about them - "isn't my $49 a month fee paying for fitness equipment and carpeting?" Barry and Rob are inclined to side with members on this one, as they consider such fees cowardly; one would think a business owner would be courageous enough to charge $52 instead of $49 a month, rather than stick a one-time $36 fee down in the fine print.

  • ABC 2009 Orlando, Florida - Day 1 video

    by Default Admin December 2009

  • How to Handle a Sexual Harassment Complaint

    by Rick Searing May 2009

    Recommended steps for handling a sexual harassment complaint in your workplace.

  • Clubs For the Cure/Augie's Quest Raising Funds to Find Cure for ALS

    by Paul Steinbach April 2008

    Clubs for the Cure/Augie's Quest is uniting the fitness industry in its fundraising efforts to find a cure for ALS.