• The AB Extra: July 31

    by Laura Godlewski July 2015

    In this week's AB Extra, you'll find news about PED testing at e-sport competitions, a cooling mask for athletes designed by Nike and a mouth guard made by a former NFL player that gives real time data on players' hydration and heat levels. 

  • Editorial: High School Right to Test Athletes for Drugs

    by AB Staff July 2015

    If you're a student-athlete at Rio Rancho Public Schools - whether your game is football, volleyball, baseball or any other district sport - it's three strikes and you're out under the district's new drug-testing program.

  • School Board OKs Drug Testing, But Not for Steroids

    by Elaine Briseno, Albuquerque Journal (New Mexico) July 2015

    Suiting up will now come with the possibility of a random drug test for athletes in the Rio Rancho school district. On Monday, the school board unanimously passed a policy that will allow for the random drug testing of students in grades eight through 12 who are playing on a district sports team.

  • MLBPA Strikes First Partnership with Supplement Provider

    by Gabe Lacques, USA TODAY Sports July 2015

    As concerns grow about the health of major league players grinding through a 162-game schedule, the game's Joint Drug Agreement grows stricter. And the fear of a player ingesting a tainted supplement that could result in a career-altering suspension remains very real for players.

  • NFL Alum: Athletes, Abuse and a Cultural Shift

    by Bob Newton, Chicago Daily Herald July 2015

    We hear often of professional athletes who struggle with drug and alcohol abuse issues. But in almost every situation, these players did not suddenly turn pro and develop an appetite for chemicals.

  • PED Use Not Declining, Says Kinesiology Professor

    by Stu Durando St. Louis Post-Dispatch July 2015

    Even after years of suspensions, public humiliations and stripped championships, athletes continue to use banned performance enhancing drugs at a substantial rate.

  • College to Let Steubenville Rapist Enroll, Play Football

    by Mary Beth Lane, The Columbus Dispatch June 2015

    One of the Steubenville High School football players convicted of raping a 16-year-old girl after an alcohol-fueled party will attend Hocking College in the fall and play on its new football team, college President Betty Young said.

  • Beer and Wine to Be Sold at Texas Football Games

    by San Angelo Edition June 2015

    Beer and wine were already sold at other sporting events, but Royal-Memorial Stadium had remained alcohol-free. The school announced the change Wednesday.

  • U. of Maryland Approves Beer Sales Trial Run

    by Laura Godlewski June 2015

    The University of Maryland approved a trial plan that will allow the school to sell beer and wine at football games, as well as at other sporting venues starting in the fall.

  • Man Convicted of Zamboni DUI Gets Nine Days in Jail

    by Tom Mahon, Daily News Staff June 2015

    There's nothing funny about drunk driving. But you can't help but chuckle after learning a Fargo, N.D., man was sentenced to nine days in jail yesterday after being convicted of DUI while behind the wheel of a Zamboni.