• Opinion: Colleges Must Be Care with Alcohol Sales

    by Albuquerque Journal May 2016

    With UNM President Bob Frank and athletics director Paul Krebs already on board for allowing beer and wine sales at University Stadium, it seems a foregone conclusion that it's going to happen.

  • New Mexico to Sell Beer and Wine at Football Games

    by Chris Quintana May 2016

    It appears Lobo fans will be able to enjoy a brew and cup of wine - legally - at University Stadium this fall. University of New Mexico athletic director Paul Krebs wants to sell beer and wine during football games to lure more fans and revenue, and he has the support of UNM President Bob Frank and Board of Regents President Rob Doughty. "There is revenue to be made and it would help us to increase attendance," Krebs said Tuesday morning during a presentation to the regents' Finance and Facilities Committee meeting. He said the university already has the proper state licenses to sell alcohol to the public at both University Stadium and WisePies Arena, aka The Pit.

  • Ban on Meldonium Questioned After Athletes Fail Test

    by Rachel Axon April 2016

    Maria Sharapova is the most noteworthy athlete to have failed a drug test for meldonium. But in the month since the tennis star revealed her use of a drug she contends is for medical reasons, a slew of other top athletes have been implicated. They include fellow Russians Yuliya Efimova, a four-time breaststroke world champion, and Nikolai Kuksenkov, the country's best male gymnast. In all, 140 athletes have tested positive for meldonium in the three months after it was banned Jan. 1, according to a World Anti-Doping Agency spokesman. But as the tally of failed tests is increasing, critics are raising questions about whether meldonium enhances performance and how WADA could ban the drug with what they say is relatively little scientific evidence. "There's really no evidence that there's any performance enhancement from meldonium. Zero," said Don Catlin, a longtime anti-doping expert and the scientific director of the Banned Substances Control Group.

  • Coaches Acted Fast to Respond to HS Drinking Incident

    by Kendi Anderson April 2016

    Baseball coaches at Walker Valley High School in Cleveland, Tenn., took swift action after they found nine students drinking beer and wine during the team's spring break trip to South Carolina.

  • HS Hockey Players Suspended After Title Celebration

    by Glenn Jordan March 2016

    Lewiston's superintendent of schools said Wednesday "we need to hold our student-athletes to the highest standards" after an incident in which high school hockey players partied outside the home of a school district employee.

  • College Football Stadium to Launch Designated Beer Area

    by David Paschall March 2016

    Since becoming Finley Stadium's executive director in January 2014, Paul Smith has been seeking ways to enhance alcohol sales at University of Tennessee at Chattanooga home football games while having the school's support as well. Smith has accomplished that mission.

  • Can Hemp Help Treat Brain Injuries?

    by Chris McGaughey March 2016

    Former Chicago Bears quarterback Jim McMahon calls himself old school, including his use of marijuana both during and after his career. Yet McMahon s stab at self-medicating could be ahead of its time. Researchers at Johns Hopkins plan to test whether a compound found in hemp and its notorious cousin, cannabis proves as effective in treating brain injuries as testimonials claim. Some former players believe cannabidiol, or CBD, could help millions who suffer brain injuries each year, including chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a degenerative disease caused by repeated concussions and found in many former NFL players whose brains have been autopsied.

  • Penn State Pushes for Liquor License

    by Jason Scott February 2016

    Penn State athletic director Sandy Barbour has reportedly asked the Board of Trustees to approve increased alcohol sales at on-campus athletic venues.

  • Understanding the Ultimate Risks of Teenage Steroid Use

    by Paul Steinbach January 2016

    This article appeared in the January/February issue of Athletic Business. Athletic Business is a free magazine for professionals in the athletic, fitness and recreation industry. Click here to subscribe.

    The signs of steroid use were there. Taylor Hooton had put on 30 pounds of muscle in less than three months.

  • The AB Extra: July 31

    by Laura Godlewski July 2015

    In this week's AB Extra, you'll find news about PED testing at e-sport competitions, a cooling mask for athletes designed by Nike and a mouth guard made by a former NFL player that gives real time data on players' hydration and heat levels.