• Baylor Produces Text Evidence; Briles Drops Libel Suit

    by Courtney Cameron February 2017

    A new lawsuit was filed Thursday by seven Baylor officials, several school regents and the interim university president among them, accusing former head football coach Art Briles and other members of the athletics administration of conspiring to keep hidden multiple counts of athlete misconduct.

  • Falcons' Use of Painkillers Scrutinized

    by D. Orlando Ledbetter February 2017

    In May 2010, the Falcons became so concerned about the "excessive" reliance on painkillers by players that the issue eventually reached the desk of owner Arthur Blank, a recent court filing said.

  • Rutgers Revises Drug Policy, Eases Marijuana Penalties

    by Jason Scott January 2017

    A new drug testing policy at Rutgers, implemented last August, relaxes penalties student-athletes receive if they are found to have used marijuana. The new policy creates a distinction between penalties for marijuana and other drugs, including hard drugs such as cocaine or heroin, or performance enhancing drugs.

  • Opinion: No Dopers Should Be Allowed in Hall of Fame

    by Telegram & Gazette January 2017

    Baseball’s Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York, is the sport’s pantheon to its greatest players (and executives, managers, umpires and writers), but not only that: It is a kind of national shrine.

  • Does Binge Drinking Decrease When Colleges Sell Beer?

    by Frank Fitzpatrick January 2017

    During the soon-to-be-completed 2016 football season, more than three dozen Division I schools, including Temple, peddled beer and sometimes wine at football games often populated by thousands of underage students.

  • FIFA: Doping Probe Unlikely to Cost Russia World Cup

    by Martin Rogers December 2016

    FIFA President Gianni Infantino appeared to guarantee Russia's status as host of the 2018 World Cup on Monday, even as soccer's global governing body opened a preliminary investigation into claims of state-sponsored doping offenses.

  • Emails Reveal Massive Russian Doping Cover-Up

    by NC Fuller Jackson December 2016

    Russia's doping cover-up went far beyond the Olympics, according to a vast archive of emails released by a World Anti-Doping Agency investigator.

  • Players Contend Marijuana Safe, NFL Ban Outdated

    by Ryan Kartje December 2016

    It's September, two days before another NFL season begins, and Jake Plummer is describing the chronic pain of a decade spent in professional football, as if it were once an indistinguishable part of him, the specter of which he couldn't relinquish until years later, when a friend introduced him to CBD.

  • Doping Remains a Problem Among Olympic Athletes

    by Rachel Axon December 2016

    of medals have been stripped from the 2008 Beijing and 2012 London Games this year as the International Olympic Committee has retested its samples from those Games.

  • Blue Jays Incident Revives Call for Beer Can Ban

    by Courtney Cameron October 2016

    Almost a year after fans’ behavior led to a beer can ban in the upper decks of Toronto Blue Jays’ Rogers Centre for the remainder of the AL Championship Series, a new incident threatens to revive the ban.