• Fla. Lawsuit Set to Define Schools' Legal Duty to Use AEDs

    by MARK MILLER AND DEBORAH J. LA FETRA; Special to The Tampa Tribune April 2014

    Potentially, every sports facility or program that is made available for youth athletics would have to be prepared to use an AED if an athlete were to collapse - or face legal and financial liability.

  • Steubenville Coach Punished for Silence in Rape Case

    by CHRIS TOGNERI April 2014

    A Steubenville High School wrestling coach will perform community service and attend training on the problem of sexual violence as part of a plea deal after he was indicted for failing to report child abuse or neglect.

  • Technology, Collaboration Key to Protecting Open-Access Events

    by Dennis Van Milligen April 2014

    No one anticipated — no one could have anticipated — what happened on that day," recalls Boston Police Commissioner William Evans. An avid runner with more than 40 marathons under his belt, including last year's Boston Marathon, Evans has been preparing harder for this year's Boston Marathon than any other race he's run. But unlike previous years, his morning runs with a member of the Boston Athletic Association aren't meant as training for his participation in the race; they are meant as preparation for his more daunting task of protecting the race.

  • NJ High Schools Preparing for New Safety Mandates

    by Michael Gaio April 2014

    New Jersey high schools will soon have new rules in place aimed at keeping student-athletes safer.

  • Police Under Fire for Force Used at Post-Game Gathering

    by Veronica M Cruz, Veronica M. Cruz Arizona Daily Star April 2014

    One of the complaints involves an incident caught on a cellphone video of a woman who appears to be walking west on a sidewalk on University Boulevard when she is knocked down by an officer and pushed over a bench.

  • Worker's Death Halts World Cup Stadium Construction

    by Michael Gaio April 2014

  • U. of Arizona Post-Defeat Disturbance Leads to 15 Arrests

    by Veronica M Cruz, Arizona Daily Star April 2014

    Fifteen people were arrested Saturday night after a confrontation on University Boulevard with Tucson police following the Arizona Wildcats' Elite Eight loss to the Wisconsin Badgers in the NCAA basketball tournament.

  • Flood Emergency Provides Lessons in Crisis Management

    by Rob Bishop and Barry Klein March 2014

    As a gym owner or manager, there's one phone call, above all others, that you do not want at 1 a.m. — a call from your alarm company.

  • Navy Freshman Dies After Collapse at Football Practice

    by Michael Gaio March 2014

    Navy freshman football player Will McKamey died while in a coma Tuesday night, three days after he collapsed during a Midshipmen football practice. He was 19.

  • Opinion: NFL's Gun Policy Puts Public, Police at Risk

    by JOHN R. LOTT JR. March 2014

    Unbelievably, some won't even let police officers work for free. They object to them carrying guns when off-duty. Gun-control advocates are so extremely fearful of guns, the NFL has banned off-duty police from carrying their guns inside stadiums. They really believe that the presence of guns, even those carried by off-duty police, pose an unacceptable danger. Not surprisingly, police unions from Minnesota to New York are bringing lawsuits. The sergeants union in New York City is typical, fearing the ban puts both police and the public at risk -- calling the policy "ludicrous and insane." It also prevents a fast response when seconds might matter.