• One on One: Baseball Fan Hollye Minter Recalls Fall from Stands

    by Paul Steinbach July 2010

    Ever wonder what it would be like to fall out of an upper deck? Hollye Minter would tell you, if only she could remember. Everything between losing contact with a 30-inch-tall railing on the Home Run Porch at The Ballpark in Arlington and landing on the Care Flight helipad at Parkland Hospital in Dallas is a blank. That was April 1, 1994, opening day of the Texas Rangers' new stadium, and Minter — who, on her 26th birthday, suffered a fractured vertebrae, two broken ribs, a broken shoulder and six broken teeth - was reminded of at least some aspects of her ordeal last month, when a man fell 30 feet out of the first row of the Ballpark's club level. Paul Steinbach spoke to Minter on July 7, the day after Tyler Morris became the second member of an unenviable Rangers fan club.

  • 10 Steps to Managing Critical Incidents at Commercial Pools

    by Michael Popke June 2010

    Following 10 important steps before, during and after a critical incident can keep swimmers safe and aquatic facility operators out of legal trouble.

  • Ballpark Fall Turns Fatal at Miller Park

    by Paul Steinbach May 2010

    Having reported on fatal falls involving ballpark upper decks, I was particularly shocked to read minutes ago of a death involving a fan who fell 14 feet from a lower-level railing at Miller Park in Milwaukee.

  • Heightened Awareness of Concussions Changing Culture of High School Sports

    by Michael Popke November 2009

    Heightened awareness of concussions is changing the culture of prep sports.

  • Running Scared?

    by Cathy Liewen October 2009

    Last Sunday, Jon Fenlon, Daniel Langdon and Rick Brown, ages 26, 36 and 65, all collapsed and died while running a half-marathon in Detroit. What made these deaths unusual was that they all happened within 16 minutes of each other during the last two miles of the 13.1-mile race. While the autopsies are still pending, the deaths were most likely caused by heart failure. Add these deaths to the list of fatalities during recent endurance events (half-marathons claimed two lives in San Jose, Calif., earlier this month and another in Virginia Beach, Va., in September), and it's enough to make even avowed couch potatoes break a sweat.

  • In Florida, Health Clubs' Duty to Stricken Patrons Doesn't Go Far Beyond Dialing 911

    by John T. Wolohan December 2008

    In Florida, health clubs' duty to stricken patrons doesn't go far beyond dialing 911.

  • Fitness Centers May Have Duty of Care Regarding AEDs

    by John T. Wolohan April 2008

    A court's decision may signal a change in fitness centers' duty of care with regard to AEDs.

  • Efforts to Rebuild Minds and Bodies of New Orleans Residents Move Forward

    by Michael Popke February 2008

    Efforts to rebuild the minds and bodies of New Orleans residents surge forward.

  • Eleven States Mandate AEDs, Though Industry Resistance Remains

    by Paul Steinbach February 2008

    Eleven states now mandate defibrillators in health clubs, but plenty of resistance remains within industry ranks.

  • Urban Forest Management Strategies Fight Park Wildfires

    by Marvin Bynum June 2007

    Proactive urban forest management strategies can spare departments the tragic toll of park wildfires.