• Disabled Advocate Pushes for Better Playground Access

    by Leslie Linthicum July 2014

    Even though she's 34 now, Tonya Rivera still has vivid memories of playing on playgrounds when she was a little girl. Mom holding her on her lap as she soared on the swings. Dad carrying her to the top of the slide and Mom scooping her up when she reached the bottom. And often, when her parents had tired, sitting in her wheelchair off to the side and watching her sister play with the freedom and independence that able-bodied children enjoy.

  • New Turf Field Designed for Tornado-Damaged Stadium

    by Telegraph Herald July 2014

    A new ProGrass field has been designed for University of Wisconsin-Platteville's Ralph E. Davis Pioneer Stadium.

  • Pro Sports Teams Still Slow to Accept LED Lighting

    by Michael Sanserino, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette July 2014

    The San Francisco 49ers are putting the finishing touches on a $1.3 billion stadium in Santa Clara, California, meant to be one of the most environmentally friendly in the world. Solar panels on the roof will create enough energy over 365 days that the power used during the 49ers' 10 annual home games will be net neutral to the power grid, according to Al Guido, the team's chief operating officer. Toilets and sinks are more efficient than state standards, and the sprinkler system will use recycled water. But when the 49ers chose to install overhead lights to illuminate the field at Levi's Stadium, they opted against the most energy- efficient option. The team initially planned to install high-impact LED lights, but later decided to join the other 31 National Football League teams in opting for more traditional metal halide lights or incandescent bulbs.

  • Sensor Project to Expand from Two NFL Teams to All 32

    by Tom Pelissero, @TomPelissero, USA TODAY Sports June 2014

    More NFL players are likely to wear sensors that assess head impact in games this season as the league and the NFL Players Association expand a project proponents hope will help them tackle the concussion issue.

  • Monitors Keep Construction Noise in Check at U of Portland

    by Jeff McDonald June 2014

    Construction sometimes can be downright noisy. But contractors working near residential and commercial properties are finding ways to reduce their impact.

  • Blood Test Could Be Concussion Detection Breakthrough

    by Phil Kadner. May 2014

    A new blood test that reportedly can spot concussions in athletes could be "Nobel Prize-type stuff," according to a neurologist at Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn.

  • NFL Teams Put Greater Emphasis on Green Stadiums

    by Michael Gaio May 2014

    Once upon a time, a professional football stadium was a place to take in a sporting event. Not anymore. Today's stadiums must be a multi-purpose entertainment palaces complete with luxury suites, club seats, loge boxes, VIP levels and more food and beverage options than a Manhattan city block. A stadium must be, as the Minnesota Vikings' website says, "an epicenter of excitement, opportunity and pride."

  • Who's Verifying the Claims of Anti-Concussion Products?

    by Nancy Armour, @nrarmour, USA TODAY Sports May 2014

    While government agencies monitor the safety and effectiveness of food, drugs and automobiles, there's no such group keeping an eye on football helmets or the increasing number of add-on products.

  • High Schools to Replace Poorly Rated Football Helmets

    by Super User May 2014

    Virginia Beach, Norfolk and Portsmouth high schools say they plan to phase out the more than 300 football helmets that carry a low safety rating from researchers at Virginia Tech.

  • Blog: Does Wearable Fitness Have Legs?

    by Rob Bishop and Barry Klein April 2014

    Wearable fitness tracking technology is the future!

    Such excitement was so early-2014. We saw articles in The Wall Street Journal that described how corporate CEOs were big users of wearables and how they were competing against each other to see who could sleep better or walk more. BusinessWeek ran a story earlier this year that discussed the possibility — the likelihood? — of wearables putting gyms out of business. The New York Times ran a piece two weeks ago today about how wearables were being used in gyms.