• Video: Guardian 8 Pro V2 Product Demo (Sponsored)

    by AB Staff July 2014

    Perfect for protecting your athletic facilities, the Guardian 8 Pro V2 is an enhanced non-lethal tool designed to deliver layered defense and incident recording to all security professionals. Join Nick Sundberg of the Washington Redskins as he learns how to use the device in this short video.

  • Player-Tracking Technology to Assist NFL Teams, Fans

    by Tom Pelissero, USA TODAY Sports July 2014

    How quickly did the receiver accelerate? What was his top-end speed? How far did he run, and how much separation did he really get against the defensive back? Clearer answers than ever are coming to your TV screen this fall, and it's only the beginning of the NFL's foray into player tracking and advanced statistics that could change the way fans -- and teams -- look at what happens on the field. Every player will wear two tiny sensors in his shoulder pads this season in the first live phase of a project the league hopes will enhance the in-stadium experience as well, with further media expansion and integration with teams' existing training technology likely down the line.

  • Headband Sensors Measure Impacts at Soccer Tourney

    by Rich Romine July 2014

    The past four years have become paradise for the best Cal South Soccer organizations competing at Pleasant Valley Fields. It’s a 55-acre park, featuring 11 full-size fields or 25 smaller fields for youth soccer matches,

  • VIDEO: Jaguars Debut World's Largest Video Boards

    by Michael Gaio July 2014

    The Jacksonville Jaguars unveiled the world's largest video boards on Saturday.

  • Rockies Misspell 'Tulowitzki' on 15K Giveaway T-Shirts

    by Tom Mahon, Daily News Staff Writer July 2014

    The Colorado Rockies gave out 15,000 Troy Tulowitzki shirts on Saturday night that weren't exactly letter perfect.

  • Virigina Tech Testing Hockey Helmets for Concussion Risk

    by Andrew Brandt July 2014

    Hockey helmets may soon be getting hit with some big changes, but hopefully they'll be able to absorb the impact.

  • Disabled Advocate Pushes for Better Playground Access

    by Leslie Linthicum July 2014

    Even though she's 34 now, Tonya Rivera still has vivid memories of playing on playgrounds when she was a little girl. Mom holding her on her lap as she soared on the swings. Dad carrying her to the top of the slide and Mom scooping her up when she reached the bottom. And often, when her parents had tired, sitting in her wheelchair off to the side and watching her sister play with the freedom and independence that able-bodied children enjoy.

  • New Turf Field Designed for Tornado-Damaged Stadium

    by Telegraph Herald July 2014

    A new ProGrass field has been designed for University of Wisconsin-Platteville's Ralph E. Davis Pioneer Stadium.

  • Pro Sports Teams Still Slow to Accept LED Lighting

    by Michael Sanserino, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette July 2014

    The San Francisco 49ers are putting the finishing touches on a $1.3 billion stadium in Santa Clara, California, meant to be one of the most environmentally friendly in the world. Solar panels on the roof will create enough energy over 365 days that the power used during the 49ers' 10 annual home games will be net neutral to the power grid, according to Al Guido, the team's chief operating officer. Toilets and sinks are more efficient than state standards, and the sprinkler system will use recycled water. But when the 49ers chose to install overhead lights to illuminate the field at Levi's Stadium, they opted against the most energy- efficient option. The team initially planned to install high-impact LED lights, but later decided to join the other 31 National Football League teams in opting for more traditional metal halide lights or incandescent bulbs.

  • Sensor Project to Expand from Two NFL Teams to All 32

    by Tom Pelissero, @TomPelissero, USA TODAY Sports June 2014

    More NFL players are likely to wear sensors that assess head impact in games this season as the league and the NFL Players Association expand a project proponents hope will help them tackle the concussion issue.