• Middle Eastern Athletes Eager for Athletic Hijab

    by Valeriya Safronova May 2017

    In its latest market expansion, Nike has turned to the Middle East, where female athletes have begun to come into their own over the last few years.

  • Uniform Changes for High School Wrestling Approved

    by Jason Scott May 2017

    Beginning in the 2017-18 season, high school wrestlers will have the option to choose whether they wear the traditional one-piece singlet on the mat.

  • QUIZ: 40 Years of Fitness Equipment

    by AB Editors May 2017

    Think you know all about the history of fitness equipment? Take our quiz and test your knowledge!

    This quiz is based off of our April 2017 feature: The Evolution of Fitness Equipment. Study up and take your best shot!


  • The Evolution of Fitness Equipment

    by Jason Scott May 2017

    Perhaps nowhere is evidence of 40 years of industry growth stronger than in the area of commercial fitness equipment. To illustrate just how far the industry has come, we've collected examples of the first pieces of equipment produced by some of today's best-known manufacturers, as well as some of their most-recent products. When viewed side by side, the differences — from technological advancements to the influence of a shifting fitness culture — are stark.

  • NHL Makes iPads Available on Bench During Playoffs

    by Stephan Whyno April 2017

    All 16 NHL playoff arenas were outfitted with three iPad Pros available for coaches on every bench, and officials will also have them to review coach's challenges.

  • Rachel Moyer’s AEDs-in-Schools Mission Gains Momentum

    by Paul Steinbach April 2017

    Of the many stories Rachel Moyer tells about people saved by automated external defibrillators, one stands out. It involves a former Notre Dame High School girls' basketball player from East Stroudsburg, Pa., whose team shared a bus with the boys' team the night in December 2000 that Moyer's sophomore son Greg died of sudden cardiac arrest. Finding inspiration in that tragedy, Maureen Burke is now an athletic trainer and just last year helped save the life of a 59-year-old sportswriter at a high school basketball game by using an AED. "To me, that's more than a coincidence," says Rachel Moyer, a past president of Parent Heart Watch and tireless grant writer for the Greg W. Moyer Defibrillator Fund. Since losing her son, Moyer has helped place 2,500 AEDs in schools across the country (a number that has more than doubled in the six years since AB last spoke to her) and trained more than 22,000 people in CPR and AED use. AB senior editor Paul Steinbach reconnected with Moyer for an update on her goal to see every high school in America outfitted with the life-saving technology.

  • Event Mixes STEM Education with Sports

    by K. Burnell Evans April 2017

    Peals of laughter and excited chatter ricocheted off the center's walls Tuesday morning as students shot basketballs, manipulated gears and pulleys, and kicked soccer balls outfitted with sensors.

  • After Safety Debate, Girls' Lacrosse Helmets Approved

    by Jim Baumbach April 2017

    Girls' lacrosse players on Long Island have the option for the first time this spring to wear standardized lacrosse-specific helmets after years of debate over whether helmets will make the game safer or lead to a more violent style of play. For Long Island high schools, the decision to make the helmets optional has created a new controversy. Most high schools are leaving the decision to buy and wear helmets up to the players. Other schools are buying the helmets and letting the players decide if they want to wear them. At least seven high schools are making the helmets mandatory. A handful of games have been played this season, and most players are choosing not to wear the helmets. Coaches and school administrators say it's because the players find them uncomfortable and don't like the way they look. Today's high school players also have grown up playing without them and don't see the need to start wearing them now, officials say. "You're talking about a culture change," Mount Sinai High School coach Al Bertolone said. "We have some kids that like them, some kids that hate them, a lot of kids on the fence in between."

  • Treadmill Fire Forces Evacuation of Senior Fitness Center

    by Courtney Cameron March 2017

    On Monday, patrons at the Tokay Senior Fitness Center were forced to evacuate when a faulty control panel sent a treadmill up in flames.

  • Football Helmet Maker Expanding Headquarters

    by Kim Mikus March 2017

    Football helmet manufacturer Riddell said today that it is expanding its headquarters and testing facility and relocating from Rosemont to Des Plaines.