• Blog: The Buzz from IHRSA 2015

    by Stuart Goldman March 2015

    There was a lot of buzz in the room during Bill McBride’s session last Wednesday at the IHRSA show in Los Angeles.

    True, attendees were interested in what McBride had to say about “Progressive Opportunities in the Health and Fitness Industry.” But what literally created the buzz was the noise from the headsets worn by international attendees. A row of glassed-in interpreters sat in the back of the room to deliver McBride’s session in Japanese, Chinese, Spanish and Russian.

  • Sponsored Video: Kifco Irrigation Solutions

    by AB Staff March 2015

    Kifco is a leading provider of water-reels, hoses, pumps and sprinklers based in the USA. Whether you are watering one football field or irrigating multiple playing and practice fields for football, baseball, soccer, lacrosse, or golf courses, Kifco® has the perfect traveler for the job.

  • NCAA Expediting High-Def Replays During Tournaments

    by Stephen Hawkins March 2015

    The NCAA for the first time will use a replay system that captures live high-definition video from multiple angles for immediate review.

  • New Rules Inevitable as Drone Sales, Usage Take Off

    by Chicago Daily Herald March 2015

    Privacy and safety concerns are prompting a gust of proposed state and federal rules and regulations in 2015 that may bring the drone phenomenon down to earth. Or not.

  • Air Force Football Players Tracked with Helmet Sensors

    by Brent Briggeman March 2015

    Six Falcons players -- three on offense, three on defense -- were fitted with Riddell's Sideline Response System for a test during a spring scrimmage.

  • U. of South Carolina Fitted with Sensor Mouthguards

    by Post & Courier (Charleston, SC) March 2015

    The football concussion discussion is dominated by scary studies, premature deaths, suicides, lawsuits, more studies. Official progress is as elusive as discount surgery for those concerned about the brain health of athletes, particularly college students

  • Study: MRIs Can Aid in Concussion Treatment


    An imaging technique that measures blood flow in the brain could give doctors the first objective tool for treating athletes with concussions, Albuquerque researchers found in a new study.

  • Baseball Begins New Era of Clock Management

    by news wire services March 2015

    A digital clock with giant red letters counts down from 2 minutes, 25 seconds after the final out of every half-inning. It's part of baseball's new pace of game rules to cut down on the downtime that prolongs games.

  • Nike's LED Court Hosts High School Basketball Games

    by Michael Gaio February 2015

    Nike introduced what it calls "the future of basketball," over the weekend as part of the NBA's All-Star festivities in New York City. In a large tent in Soho, Nike set up a temporary state-of-the-art basketball facility featuring a regulation-size LED basketball court. The court incorporated a fully programmable LED screen to run content and interactive training programs throughout the weekend.

  • Seattle Mariners to Use LED Technology to Light Safeco

    by AB Staff January 2015

    Source: Seattle Mariners

    The Seattle Mariners Tuesday announced that Safeco Field will be the first Major League Baseball facility to illuminate the playing field with LED lights.