• The AB Extra: July 31

    by Laura Godlewski July 2015

    In this week's AB Extra, you'll find news about PED testing at e-sport competitions, a cooling mask for athletes designed by Nike and a mouth guard made by a former NFL player that gives real time data on players' hydration and heat levels. 

  • 49ers, Cowboys Practice with Virtual Reality Technology

    by Matt Barrows, The Sacramento Bee (TNS) July 2015

    The 49ers and Cowboys will add virtual reality to their weekly preparations this season with more teams expected to sign on in coming days. Five FBS college teams also use it, both to give their players virtual practice repetitions — notably without any physical wear and tear — and to allow recruits to experience what it’s like to be part of their program.

  • Opinion: MLB Needs to Seek New Lumber

    by Sam Donnellon, The Philadelphia Daily News July 2015

    Last month's gruesome injury from a broken maple bat to a woman at Fenway Park has renewed dialogue about improving ballpark safety. Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred said during his annual luncheon with baseball writers at the All-Star Game that MLB was evaluating ballpark safety features, but any changes will not be implemented until next season.

  • Banned from Parks, Drones May Get Own Spot in City

    by Alexandra Seltzer, Palm Beach Post (Florida) July 2015

    After having ordinances that both allow drones to be flown in the city but ban them from being flown in the parks, Boynton Beach staff has been told to research and find an area that can be designated for drone-flying only.

  • Nike Again Giving Michigan Record Shoe Deal

    by Detroit Free Press July 2015

    Michigan will regain one title. After twice previously setting the industry standard for athletic footwear, apparel and equipment deals in 1994 and 2007, Michigan will be back on top.

  • Market for Compression Active Wear Expanding

    by Stephanie Earls, The Gazette June 2015

    The humble cotton sports sock has no place in Erin Heberlein's serious training regimen. Before lacing up her shoes and heading out for a long run, she first wrangles on a pair of taut, knee-high compression socks.

  • Fitness Trackers are Hot, But Do They Really Help?

    by The Gazette June 2015

    Sales of fitness trackers are climbing, and the biggest maker of the gadgets, Fitbit, made a splashy debut on the stock market last week. But will the devices help you get healthier?

  • The AB Extra: June 19

    by Laura Godlewski June 2015

    This week's AB Extra features news about a startup that aims to improve athletic equipment, a study that suggests that active video games are a good substitute for physical activity for kids and a university that is looking out for those who are texting and walking. 

  • The AB Extra: June 12

    by Laura Godlewski June 2015

    This week's AB Extra features a smelly situation at Dodger Stadium, an NFL football star with plans to become a chicken farmer following his retirement, and the emergence of virtual reality technology in both football and general exercise. 

  • Are Fitness Wearables Going Out of Fashion?

    by Michele Chandler, Investor's Business Daily June 2015

    The new Apple Watch is revving up to hit stores next week, joining Google's Android Wear and other Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-connected smartwatches. But a new survey found that consumers aren't wowed by wearables.