• Shock Pads Make Bigger Impact in the Synthetic Turf Industry

    by Michael Popke April 2012

    One of the more popular seminars attended by industry professionals at the Synthetic Turf Council's March Spring Membership Meeting in Las Vegas didn't boast a sexy name or even a call to action.

  • AED Advocate Rachel Moyer Keeps Working the Beat

    by Paul Steinbach December 2011

    Greg Moyer's grave is marked by a homemade cross. Rachel Moyer vowed not to purchase a headstone until every school in America had an automated external defibrillator, the emergency heart-rhythm equipment that might have saved her 15-year-old son from sudden cardiac arrest during a basketball game in December 2000 - if only his high school had owned one.

  • Philadelphia Eagles and University of North Texas Invest in Wind Turbines

    by Paul Steinbach June 2011

    In 2003, the year Lincoln Financial Field opened, Philadelphia Eagles employees were given blue recycling bins to slide under their desks.

  • Blog: Even 'Parasitic' Manufacturers Help Industry Growth

    by Andrew Cohen March 2011

    As the International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association trade show was winding down on Friday afternoon, a prominent fitness equipment manufacturer laid out his plans for legal action against several new competitors whose wares were displayed elsewhere in the hall. He had expected the heightened competition; his business is thriving, and as the clear leader in a popular equipment category, he knew that other companies would pop up in an attempt to grab pieces of the pie that, he said pointedly, his company had baked.

  • Inventors: We've Developed Safer Hockey Helmets

    by Michael Popke March 2011

    A Toronto-based forensic engineer has developed what he claims is a better hockey helmet - one that uses "air bag" technology to dissipate sudden jolts of force and reduce the G-force on brains floating inside skulls.

  • Blog: Instead of Giving Up, He Pushed Up

    by James McPartland March 2011

    Early one morning several years ago, I stood in an asphalt parking lot with about 30 guys all over 40 years old, attempting to respond to the commands of a very fit-looking chap who was in charge of warming us up. We were in Riverside, Calif., for team-building exercises designed through a series of paintball games. While many had been out late the night before, the luxury bus ride provided ample space to sleep, along with hearty food and drink to comfort the troops. This group was clearly not prepared, nor particularly fit enough, for what the drill sergeant was doling out.

  • New Helmet Prototype Introduced to Protect Pitchers

    by Michael Popke March 2011

    Easton-Bell Sports CEO Paul Harrington joined representatives from Little League International and the California Interscholastic Federation on Monday to unveil a new helmet prototype designed to help protect pitchers on the mound. "With our pitching helmet prototype, we have redefined what is possible and launched a new era of protection for baseball pitchers," Harrington said from the manufacturer's new Helmet Technology Center in Scotts Valley, Calif.

  • Biometrics Becoming Popular for Access Control at Rec Facilities

    by Nicholas Brown February 2011

    The very word biometrics tends to evoke scenes from sci-fi movies or thoughts of political intrigue. Despite that cachet, biometrics has evolved into a rather practical tool in access control.

  • Notre Dame's Fatal Scissor Lift Accident Shakes Collegiate Sports Video Community

    by Paul Steinbach November 2010

    By all accounts, Declan Sullivan loved his job as a student videographer for the University of Notre Dame football program. But he also recognized the risks. Before going to work Oct. 27, a day that saw extreme high winds whip through South Bend, Ind., the 20-year-old tweeted, "I guess I've lived long enough." Once aloft on a 50-foot scissor lift, with wind gusts exceeding 50 miles per hour, genuine panic ensued. "This is terrifying," Sullivan typed.

  • Low Tech Still Rules in Sustainable Rec Center Design

    by Andrew Cohen September 2010

    Low tech still rules in sustainable rec center design, but the time seems ripe for certain innovations to begin infiltrating the market.