• Cops Walk in Reaction to Lynx Players' Comments, Shirts

    by Jason Scott July 2016

    Reacting to comments and warm-up jerseys that denounced racial profiling and supported the Black Lives Matter movement, four off-duty Minneapolis police officers walked off their security posts at a Minnesota Lynx game Saturday.

  • Fan Who Threw Bottle at Phillies' Howard Cited

    by Chris Palmer June 2016

    The great mystery of the Ryan Howard Bottle Toss has been solved, according to police. Authorities announced Monday that Sidney Smith - a 21-year-old student at the University of Delaware - turned himself in to police last week and was cited for disorderly conduct for throwing an aluminum Bud Light Lime bottle toward the Phillies' struggling slugger on June 4 at Citizens Bank Park.

  • Man Arrested for Selling Fake NBA Finals Tickets

    by Alexis Stevens June 2016

    If you're hoping to get tickets to Thursday night's Game 6 of the NBA Finals, there's one guy you should probably avoid. His tickets for an earlier game weren't real, but his prices were, according to police.

  • Man Who Ran on Court During NBA Finals Pleads Not Guilty

    by Adam Ferrise June 2016

    A YouTube personality who has a history of getting arrested while pulling pranks entered a not guilty plea to misdemeanor charges stemming from an incident at Game 4 of the NBA Finals.

  • Russia, England Risk Euro Ejection Over Fan Violence

    by Dayton Daily News June 2016

    Football hooliganism has been making a comeback at the European Championship and is challenging French authorities who have struggled to deal with the sudden surge in violence.

  • Sex Offender Accused of Recording Child in Wrigley Bathroom

    by Sara Hooker June 2016

    A Villa Park sex offender was charged with videotaping a child in a Wrigley Field bathroom over the weekend, Chicago police said Monday.

  • French Open Boosts Security in Wake of Attacks

    by Nick McCarvel May 2016

    Stretching along the south belly of Roland Garros, Boulevard d'Auteuil has been eerily quiet without its usual traffic, the road blocked off at either end of the tournament site because of increased security at this year's French Open. Only local residents and tournament-necessary cars are allowed to pass through, one of many measures implemented at the tournament this year after November's terror attacks that killed 130 and left this city and country shaken.

  • New York MLS Fans Face Off Before Game

    by Brian Lewis May 2016

    The New York City FC-Red Bulls rivalry is not just MLS' newest, but rapidly is becoming the most heated. That point was driven home even before Saturday's game kicked off at Yankee Stadium, as fans of the two teams clashed on River Avenue.

  • Outsourcing Event Security Brings Challenges, Advantages

    by Paul Steinbach February 2016


    Salim Toorabally had his suspicions. While working a turnstile at Stade de France on Nov. 13, Toorabally noticed an individual loitering near the gate. Then, that same individual began a hasty entrance on the heels of a fan heading for the stadium and a soccer exhibition between France and Germany. Toorabally instinctively slipped an arm in front of the suspicious-looking man, who explained that his cousin was supposed to bring a ticket to him but hadn't arrived yet. Toorabally denied him entrance, then waved others past his security post as he continued to keep an eye on the young, slender man in the dark jacket.

  • Police Investigate Chokehold Incident at Football Game

    by Takara Scott-Johnston December 2015

    Police in Arlington, Texas, have begun an investigation after an incident at Thursday’s Cowboys-Panthers game. An AT&T Stadium security guard was filmed putting a Panthers fan in a chokehold while attempting to escort the fan out.

    The fan, John Small, alleges that he did nothing wrong. Smalls stated, "He jumped up on my back, put his arm around my throat and tried to pull me to the ground.”