• Bomb Threat Hoax Further Heightens Security in Boston

    by Kelly Whiteside, @Kelly Whiteside, USA TODAY Sports April 2014

    After a bomb scare near the Boston Marathon finish line unnerved this city Tuesday night, Boston Police Commissioner William Evans said security measures would be intensified heading into Monday's race.

  • Safeguarding 26.2 Miles Huge Task for Law Enforcement

    by Scott J. Croteau, TELEGRAM & GAZETTE STAFF April 2014

    The only thing there isn't more of is miles. This year's Boston Marathon will see more runners, most likely more spectators and, based on last year's horrific events, more security. State, federal and local authorities have been meeting for months preparing for the Boston Marathon one year after two brothers allegedly set off bombs at the finish line, killing three and injuring hundreds. Providing security for a major event inside a closed or controlled area, such as a stadium or park, can be difficult enough for law enforcement. Doing it over 26.2 miles through eight cities and towns is an enormous task.

  • Six Events that Forever Altered Athletic Venue Security

    by Nick Daniels April 2014

    With Tuesday marking the one-year anniversary of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing, Athletic Business looks back at how the sports world has changed over the past few decades in response to new security threats.

  • Security Will Be Tight as Boston Braces for Marathon

    by Kelly Whiteside, @KellyWhiteside, USA TODAY Sports April 2014

    The 118th Boston Marathon will be a mixture of triumphs and tears, beginning with a tribute event Tuesday honoring those injured in last year's bombings. A look at the week heading into the April 21 race:

  • Technology, Collaboration Key to Protecting Open-Access Events

    by Dennis Van Milligen April 2014

    No one anticipated — no one could have anticipated — what happened on that day," recalls Boston Police Commissioner William Evans. An avid runner with more than 40 marathons under his belt, including last year's Boston Marathon, Evans has been preparing harder for this year's Boston Marathon than any other race he's run. But unlike previous years, his morning runs with a member of the Boston Athletic Association aren't meant as training for his participation in the race; they are meant as preparation for his more daunting task of protecting the race.

  • Dayton Police Log $32K of Overtime During First Four

    by Jessica Heffner April 2014

    The volume of people who flooded the streets- 3,000 strong during the largest celebration on March 27- rivaled St. Patrick's Day in 2013 and overall proved more volatile than any event Dayton police has handled in the past two decades.

  • Photographer at Little League Games Draws Concern

    by Todd South April 2014

    Staff Report Repeated sightings of a man in his 50s taking photographs of children at Signal Mountain Little League games and practices has drawn police attention.

  • Lessons to Be Learned in Handling the 'Sports Riot'

    by Tim Steller, Tim Steller Arizona Daily Star April 2014

    Tucson can be thankful the Wildcats didn't make the Final Four. With the disturbances that broke out after the University of Arizona's Sweet 16 and Elite Eight basketball games, who knows what might have happened after an actual national championship game? That's one unfortunate lesson from the incidents Saturday night at Main Gate Square: These days, some young fans will take almost any excuse to get rowdy and have a go with police. And the bigger the game, the better the excuse. For Tucson police, the lesson should be that they've learned a lot in how to deal with these incidents, but they've still got a ways to go. Unfortunately, they're likely to have more chances to learn. "Sports riots" have become commonplace on U.S. campuses since we in Tucson first witnessed one back in April 1997, after the Arizona Wildcats won the NCAA basketball championship. That year, I was reporting on North Fourth Avenue late into the night as action ebbed and flowed around me. I watched, equal parts amused and dismayed, as one neighborhood resident took it upon himself to direct traffic in a gridlocked intersection, dancing happily even as a police line approached and tear gas and bottles criss-crossed over his head.

  • Teens Sent to Shock Camp Following Assault on AD

    by Thomas J. Prohaska, News Niagara Reporter March 2014

    LOCKPORT - Two teenagers who punched the Lockport High School athletic director and a monitor while being thrown out of the school gym during a Dec. 3 basketball scrimmage received identical sentences Friday.

  • Security Firms Cull Social Media for Fan Behavior Clues

    by Abilene Reporter-News (Texas) March 2014

    LUKE MEREDITH // AP Sports Writer As Minnesota Vikings fans were getting ready for the final game at the Metrodome last December, officials at Whelan Security noticed social media chatter suggesting some of the faithful might rush the field and try to steal a piece of history.