• Police Brace for Potential Dayton Win with Extra Officers

    by Jessica Heffner March 2015

    For two nights in a row, about 20 additional Dayton police officers were assigned to the campus to supplement the university officers as students celebrated St. Patrick's Day and the Flyers' first win against Boise State...

  • In Arizona, Scaled-Back Plans to Quell Postgame Mobs

    by Becky Pallack Arizona Daily Star March 2015

    Tuscon city council was set to impose strict new rules on unruly crowds, but dropped the plan Monday after protesters complained the restrictions were too broad, questioning how they could be applied to peaceful protests.

  • Video: Gameday Security, a New Brand from Athletic Business

    by AB Staff March 2015

    Just what is Gameday Security? Who does it reach? What topics are covered? As we launch this new brand, we answer all those questions in this video.

  • Dayton Preps Against Dangerous NCAA Celebrations

    by Katherine Wright March 2015

    University of Dayton officials said they are taking serious precautions in preparation for St. Patrick's Day and upcoming postseason NCAA basketball games next week after two years of celebrations that turned dangerous on campus.

  • Student: 'Fire Kelley' Banner Caused Ejection from Arena

    by BRANDI JEWETT Forum News Service March 2015

    According to REA General Manager Jody Hodgson, The security staff made the decision to confiscate the sign because they didn't think it was compliant with the arena's policy on banners and signs.

  • Media Group Seeks Police Apology for Pepper Spraying

    by Jeremy Pelzer January 2015

    Northeast Ohio Media Group has demanded an apology and is considering legal action against Columbus police after a staff photographer was pepper-sprayed in the face during the revelry that followed Monday's Ohio State football championship win.

  • Ensuring Safe Venues Starts with Event Staff Screening

    by Dennis Van Milligen November 2014

    Texas A&M's Kyle Field began its $450 million renovation in November 2013, with a completion date goal set for September 6, 2014 — the Aggies' first home game of the season versus Lamar University. The upgrades are extensive, including expanded seating by close to 25,000 (from 80,000 to approximately 105,000), making it the largest football stadium in the SEC. With the increase in the number of fans came an increase in security demands for the 2014 home opener unlike any Aggies associate athletic director Mike Caruso had dealt with before.

  • Understanding Crowds Key to Controlling Fan Violence

    by Tamara D. Madensen October 2014

    Managing crowd behavior is an inherently complex task, but understanding the basic principles that underlie individual decision-making gives us a significant advantage when designing and executing fan violence prevention efforts.

  • Drones Causing Chaos at Sporting Events Worldwide

    by Andrew Brandt October 2014

    If you've recently attended a major sporting event and seen something moving in the sky, it may have been a bird or a plane. 

    But it also may have been a drone.

  • Chicago Marathon Officials Preparing for Ebola Threat

    by Michael Gaio October 2014

    Organizing an open-access event comes with plenty of challenges. There’s coordinating the logistics, finding sponsors, and of course, organizing security to keep participants and fans safe.