• Police Employ Pepper Spray to Disrupt Field Brawl

    by Courtney Cameron September 2017

    Visiting football team Canyon Springs of North Las Vegas had just won Basic High School's homecoming game, 20-15, Friday night in Henderson, Nev., when a fight broke out between players at midfield.

    According to The Big Lead, the game was fraught with nearly 300 yards-worth of penalties — the majority of which were meted for personal fouls and unsportsmanlike conduct — and four player ejections.

    The brawl between players was broken up by the Henderson Police using pepper spray. According to USA Today, the scene did not result in any arrests.

    One spectator shared footage of the incident on Twitter: 

  • Assistant Coach, Ref Engage in Fisticuffs Courtside

    by Courtney Cameron September 2017

    Youth basketball assistant coach George Edwards III was arrested under charges of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon Saturday night after a courtside fight broke out between Edwards and referee Travis Williams at the Hive Gym in Oklahoma City.

  • Fight Leads to Stabbing at JV Football Game

    by Jenna-Ley Harrison September 2017

    North Charleston police responded to a stabbing Thursday during a junior varsity football game at Fort Dorchester High School, according to a report.

  • Storm Damage May Force LSU-BYU Game to Relocate

    by Jeff Call August 2017

    The streets around NRG Stadium are flooded and NRG Park is set to be an emergency operations center. Meanwhle, Houston's two airports are closed to due the catastrophic conditions.

  • Teen Arrested After Firing Stun Gun at HS Football Game

    by Olivia Hitchcock August 2017

    A West Palm Beach teen was arrested Friday night after reportedly firing a stun gun at a Park Vista High School football game.

  • Virginia Football Team Reflects on Weekend Violence

    by David Hall August 2017

    Second-year Virginia coach Bronco Mendenhall urged his players to avoid knee-jerk reactions to the racially motivated violence that left three dead...

  • Two Dead in Stampede as Fans Enter Soccer Match

    by Andy Berg July 2017

    A soccer match in South Africa turned deadly over the weekend after a stampede ensued while fans were entering the 87,000-seat FNB stadium in Johannesburg. 

    The match between the Orlando Pirates and the Kaizer Chiefs was eventually played but not before two people died and 17 people were injured, one critically, when people pushed their way through stadium gates.

    Public safety official Michael Sun tweeted sympathies over the fatalities and noted that all the gates to the stadium were open to ensure crowd safety.

    ABC News reported that the disruption that caused the crush was the result of people selling fake tickets outside the stadium.

    The match was eventually played, and the Chiefs won 1-0.

    Read More: Eight Die in Senegal Soccer Riot

    The BBC reports that the Pirates and Chiefs are no strangers to these kinds of accidents. In April of 2001, the two teams saw 43 fans die in a crush during a match at Ellis Park stadium in Johannesburg. Ten years prior, 42 people died in a stampede between the same two teams at Oppenheimer Stadium in the city of Orkney.

    Formerly called Soccer City Stadium, FNB Stadium has a long history. Nelson Mandela gave his famous speech there after being released from prison in 1990. The venue was later rebuilt for the 2010 World Cup and was the site of the final that year between Spain and the Netherlands. 

  • MLB Mulls Harsher Penalties for Fan Behavior

    by Courtney Cameron May 2017

    Major League Baseball officials will be entering into a planned discussion to hash out the parameters of potential stadium policy changes meant to check unruly fans.

  • Notable Events in the Evolution of Sports Venue Security

    by AB Staff May 2017

    The emotional zeal that grips fans is a hallmark of sports culture, driving both high-energy celebrations and violent altercations — and everything in between. Fan behavior has always been a top issue for sports security professionals, but as the sports environment has evolved, it's been joined by a host of other threats. The events of 9/11 proved a wakeup call across the country, prompting individual sports venues to take a closer look at their security policies and driving league- and organization-wide reforms.

  • Angry Neighbor Brings Rifle to Youth Baseball Game

    by Jason Scott April 2017

    An Ohio man was arrested Sunday after he allegedly threatened a youth baseball game with a high-powered rifle.