• Opinion: NFL's Gun Policy Puts Public, Police at Risk

    by JOHN R. LOTT JR. March 2014

    Unbelievably, some won't even let police officers work for free. They object to them carrying guns when off-duty. Gun-control advocates are so extremely fearful of guns, the NFL has banned off-duty police from carrying their guns inside stadiums. They really believe that the presence of guns, even those carried by off-duty police, pose an unacceptable danger. Not surprisingly, police unions from Minnesota to New York are bringing lawsuits. The sergeants union in New York City is typical, fearing the ban puts both police and the public at risk -- calling the policy "ludicrous and insane." It also prevents a fast response when seconds might matter.

  • U.S. Pulls Presidential Delegation to Sochi Paralympics

    by Erik Brady, USA TODAY Sports March 2014

    That decision comes on the heels of a presidential delegation to the Winter Olympics last month that included three openly gay former athletes, a direct shot at Russia's anti-gay legislation that was a flashpoint for controversy before and during the Games.

  • Fans, Players, Coaches Caught in Court-Storming Melee

    by Michael Gaio February 2014

    It's a situation any administrator or facilities professional dreads: a court-storming gone wrong. And that's exactly what happened Thursday night in Orem, Utah, after Utah Valley knocked off New Mexico State to remain atop the standings in the Western Athletic Conference.

  • Middle School Employs Student Security Team at Events

    by KIRSTEN JOHNSON, February 2014

    It's game day at Sandcreek Middle School and the tipoff against rival Rocky Mountain is minutes away. The gymnasium, filled with basketball players, cheerleaders and spectators, starts to get rowdy.

  • Triathlon Canceled Post-Boston Returns in New Location

    by Journal Staff Report February 2014

    Jay Benson is back. The largest triathlon in New Mexico - which is said to be the oldest continuing triathlon in the country - will return to Albuquerque on May 11, Mother's Day.

  • Crasher 'Dumbfounded' by Super Bowl Security Failure

    by TOM MAHON; Daily News Staff Writer February 2014

    ON SUNDAY, the Department of Homeland Security tweeted that it was proud to partner with the NFL to ensure safety "before, during and after" the Super Bowl. Someone obviously dropped the ball.

  • Military, Police Presence in Sochi Combats Locals' Fear

    by Kelly Whiteside, USA TODAY Sports February 2014

    At the main train station in the nearby town of Adler, dozens of men and women wearing violet-colored uniforms pat down passengers on their way to platforms. Though they are outfitted in the same patchwork quilt uniforms worn by Olympic organizers and volunteers, these aren't your average mag and bag security types. They are members of Russia's military. Welcome to the Security Games. With the opening ceremony three days away, security experts are holding their breath after news reports of Russian forces searching for three "black widow" suicide bombers and Internet threats from purported terrorists. Two months ago, two suicide bombings killed 34 people in Volgograd, 400 miles away.

  • IOC Faces Questions About Sochi Security, Stray Dogs

    by Kelly Whiteside, USA TODAY Sports February 2014

    From the International Olympic Committee's perspective, all is well with preparations for the Sochi Games, which open Friday. Still, questions remain. The Australian Olympic Committee imposed travel restrictions on team members in Sochi, advising athletes not to travel to downtown areas outside the secure perimeter. IOC spokesman Mark Adams said Sunday he wasn't aware of any other countries imposing similar restrictions.

  • MLB Mandates Security Upgrades by 2015 Openers

    by CHRISTOPHER O'DONNELL; Tribune staff January 2014

    Major League Baseball has told its 30 teams, including the Tampa Bay Rays, they must screen fans entering stadiums using either hand-held metal detectors or by adding walk-through magnetometers, similar to those used at airport departure gates.

  • Safety and Security Planning for Afterschool Activities

    by Emily Attwood October 2013

    The tragedy of the Boston Marathon brought to light the unexpected vulnerabilities surrounding athletic events and facilities.