• Safety and Security Planning for Afterschool Activities

    by Emily Attwood October 2013

    The tragedy of the Boston Marathon brought to light the unexpected vulnerabilities surrounding athletic events and facilities.

  • Talking Sports Safety and Security at NCS4

    by Emily Attwood July 2013

    The country was shaken this spring by the bombings at the Boston Marathon, and though the tragedy highlighted the strength and resilience of the citizens of Boston and the sporting community alike, it also served as a reminder of just how important safety and security are at public events, and, in the face of all the preparation done, just how much more there is to do.

  • Rethinking Sports Security in Wake of Boston Bombings

    by Paul Steinbach April 2013

    In 20/20 hindsight, it is seen as the perfect target. The Boston Marathon represents an iconic, international sporting event on American soil, while lacking the kind of security perimeter and protocols that have hardened so many U.S. stadiums and arenas.

  • Stadium Security Professionals Urged to Remain Diligent

    by Paul Steinbach March 2012

    It hasn't happened. By due diligence or pure luck, no major outdoor spectator venue in the United States has experienced a significant security breach - much less an act of premeditated, catastrophic terrorism - in the decade since the Sept. 11 attacks.

  • Tailgating Causes Trouble at Reliant Park

    by Andrew Cohen October 2010

    The game-day tradition of tailgating by fans without tickets is a problem for the Houston Texans.

  • Duck!

    by Paul Steinbach December 2009

    As a University of Oregon senior majoring in sociology, Katelynn Johnson probably knew something about mob mentality even before she was rendered unconscious by a full water bottle anonymously launched from within the masses at the University of Arizona's football stadium last month.

  • Still, They'll Be Limited to One 3-Ounce Container of Hair Oil

    by Andrew Cohen October 2009

    The Vancouver 2010 Integrated Security Unit has announced that Sikhs will be permitted to carry ceremonial daggers less than 7.5 inches in length to the Winter Games. The dagger, called a kirpan, is one of the articles of faith that all observant Sikhs must wear, which include uncut hair, a wooden comb to secure the hair (worn in combination with a turban), an iron bracelet and a cotton singlet.

  • Author of Death At the Ballpark Shares Views On Fan Safety

    by Paul Steinbach September 2008

    The co-author of Death at the Ballpark shares his views on fan-safety issues.

  • Storm Fronts

    by Paul Steinbach April 2006

    Schools strategize their defenses against the dangers of postgame celebrations.

  • Sporting Events and Booze a Volatile Mix

    by Paul Steinbach September 2004

    Sporting events and alcohol can make for a volatile mix unless management strategies exist to ensure the safety of all in attendance