• Organized Fights at Sports Complex Concern Residents

    by Laura Godlewski, Athletic Business Intern March 2015

    Residents in a Mississippi town are concerned about their safety and that of other park-users after a planned fight occurred at a sports complex, leading to the arrests of four women. 

    On March 6, police arrived at Goldin Sports Complex in Gulfport to find a large group of people brawling. The crowd dispersed once police arrived, however footage the fight was posted on various social media sites, which allowed police to identify the four women who were primarily involved. 

  • Packing Activists Rally Against 'Gun-Free Zone' in Parks

    by MORGAN ZALOT; Daily News Staff Writer March 2015

    The specter of people openly toting guns several yards from a kids' jungle gym isn't something you see every day.

  • Video: Gameday Security, a New Brand from Athletic Business

    by AB Staff March 2015

    Just what is Gameday Security? Who does it reach? What topics are covered? As we launch this new brand, we answer all those questions in this video.

  • New Rules Inevitable as Drone Sales, Usage Take Off

    by Chicago Daily Herald March 2015

    Privacy and safety concerns are prompting a gust of proposed state and federal rules and regulations in 2015 that may bring the drone phenomenon down to earth. Or not.

  • Police Reviewing Locker Room Video in Theft Case

    by DAVID HENCH Staff Writer March 2015

    Portland police are reviewing surveillance video taken inside the Cross Insurance Arena as they try to determine who got into a visitors locker room and stole $1,000 from the Medomak Valley High School boys' basketball team as they practiced last week.

  • Thief Steals Cash from High School Team's Locker Room

    by BETH QUIMBY; Edward D Murphy, By BETH QUIMBY and Edward D. Murphy Staff Writers March 2015

    Money belonging to members of the Medomak Valley boys' basketball team was stolen from the locker room during a practice Thursday for the state high school basketball championship.

  • Clemson's Howard's Rock Temporarily Removed After Attack

    by February 2015

    The iconic artifact, irrevocably damaged two summers ago, was attacked at approximately 6 a.m. Wednesday, according to the Clemson University Police Department.

  • Man Who Shot Twins Workers Outside Gate Found Guilty

    by Staff Writer, Star Tribune February 2015

    A jury has found a Brooklyn Center man guilty of shooting and wounding two men last spring outside Target Field in Minneapolis.

  • Vandalism at San Francisco Park Totals $100K

    by Laura Godlewski, Athletic Business Intern February 2015

    Park renovations are expensive enough as it is. Add vandalism into these costs and the total price can skyrocket, which those working on renovations at Dolores Park in San Francisco know all too well. Construction at the park has already experienced delays and minor vandalism, but nothing like what occurred several days ago when two teenage vandals allegedly broke into the construction site and caused about $100,000 worth of damage.

  • Vandals Do $26K in Damage to Sports Park Lighting


    The cost to repair vandalism and other damage to lighting for six fields at the Fountain Valley Recreation Center has more than doubled since December.