• Park District's Police Dept. Making Do with Fewer Officers

    by John Reynolds Staff Writer April 2014

    This time last year, there were six full-time and about four part-time officers to patrol the district's parks. Today, there are four full-time and one part-time officer.

  • Tanning Booth Camera Brings Charges for Fitness Worker

    by Dawn Gagnon, BDN Staff April 2014

    BIDDEFORD, Maine -- A 35-year-old local man who worked at a fitness center is facing multiple sex charges as the result of an investigation by Biddeford police into a co-worker's report that she found a hidden video recording device near a tanning booth at the facility. Joseph A. Flister, a former Portland resident, was arrested Feb. 12 on the following charges: five counts of Class A felony gross sexual assault; one count of unlawful sexual touching, a Class D crime; 40 counts of exploitation of a minor, a Class B felony; and 41 counts of violation of privacy, a Class D crime, Deputy Chief JoAnne Fisk of the Biddeford Police Department said Wednesday in a news release.

  • Man Injured When Gun He Brought into Y Discharges

    by Journal Gazette April 2014

    A small handgun inside a gym bag discharged at the Renaissance Pointe YMCA on Monday morning, injuring the owner of the firearm. Police were called to the YMCA, 2323 Bowser Ave., about 11 a.m.

  • Contractor Fined $51K for Death at Saints Ballpark Site


    A construction company working on the new Saints ballpark in downtown St. Paul is contesting fines for serious safety violations after one of its workers was killed at the site last fall.

  • Inspections, Monitoring Key to Optimal Gym Operation

    by Emily Attwood March 2014

    When everything in a facility is in good working order and operating smoothly, it's all too easy for staff members to become complacent, trusting that everything will stay that way.

  • Cities Employing Guards in Parks Value Their Presence


    Riverside is considering hiring guards after shootings in La Sierra and Arlington Parks in the past few months and residents complained about drug pushers, aggressive panhandlers and being frightened by homeless people.

  • Mayor on Vote Allowing Guns in Rec Centers: 'Disgraceful'

    by ASHLEY B. CRAIG, Daily Mail staff March 2014

    "Disgraceful." That's how Charleston Mayor Danny Jones characterized the passage of a bill allowing concealed firearms into city recreation centers that house day cares and Head Start programs. The state Legislature passed Senate Bill 317, a bill that removes a grandfather clause for cities with their own gun ordinances, on Saturday, the final day of the regular legislative session. The bill would allow cities to ban openly carried firearms at city-owned recreation centers, but allows concealed weapons to be carried into those same facilities.

  • Police Call for More Security After Fight at LA Fitness

    by Nick Daniels March 2014

    When police responded to a large fight Sunday at a Minneapolis LA Fitness, it wasn’t the first time they had been called to respond to an incident there this year — or even the second time.

  • Police Target NFL's Stadium Gun Ban for Off-Duty Cops

    by Philip Messing March 2014

    The NYPD's sergeants union believes off-duty cops should be allowed to carry guns in NFL stadiums - and is planning legal action to get the rules changed.

  • Deal Sought Regarding Guns in W.Va. Rec Centers


    Charleston Mayor Danny Jones told city council members Monday night he wants council to consider removing the city's 21-year-old gun ordinance concerning firearm sales.