• Stadium Security Professionals Urged to Remain Diligent

    by Paul Steinbach March 2012

    It hasn't happened. By due diligence or pure luck, no major outdoor spectator venue in the United States has experienced a significant security breach - much less an act of premeditated, catastrophic terrorism - in the decade since the Sept. 11 attacks.

  • Biometrics Becoming Popular for Access Control at Rec Facilities

    by Nicholas Brown February 2011

    The very word biometrics tends to evoke scenes from sci-fi movies or thoughts of political intrigue. Despite that cachet, biometrics has evolved into a rather practical tool in access control.

  • Stop, Or My First Baseman Will Shoot

    by Andrew Cohen February 2010

    Major League Baseball says its rules banning weapons from clubhouses was in place last year, but the implementation this month of the Weapon-Free Workplace Policy will ensure that all clubhouses carry signs - similar to the anti-gambling signs that worked so well in the Pete Rose case - that prohibit anyone working for the league to possess deadly weapons. The league defines "deadly weapon," in a spectacular example of legalese, as "any instrument or device designed primarily for use in inflicting death or injury to a human or animal or is capable of inflicting death or injury if used in the manner it was designed." An MLB spokesman confirmed the policy bans firearms, explosives, daggers, metal knuckles (do people still use those?), switchblades (or those?) and knives with blades exceeding 5 inches, and then declined further comment.

  • Public Parks Serve as Battlegrounds in Fight over Gun Rights

    by Nicholas Brown August 2009

    Public parks often serve as battlegrounds in the fight over Second Amendment rights.

  • Stun Guns Increasingly Used at Sporting Events

    by Paul Steinbach December 2008

    Security officers are increasingly using stun guns to maintain order at sporting events, but are they taking crowd control too far?

  • Investing In Access Control Can Enhance Security, Bottom Line

    by Nicholas Brown November 2008

    Investing in intelligent access control systems not only can enhance a facility's security, but also its bottom line.

  • Toxicity Scare Has Synthetic Turf Makers Scrambling to Clean Up Their Image

    by Andrew Cohen July 2008

    A synthetic turf toxicity scare has field owners concerned and manufacturers scrambling to clean up their image.

  • Cast As Safe Havens, Some Rec Centers Must Deal with Violence

    by Nicholas Brown July 2008

    Cast as safe havens, some recreation centers are forced to take aim at violent crime.

  • Court Blocks Locker Room Video Surveillance

    by John T. Wolohan and Xinxian Zou July 2008

    Citing inherent student privacy rights, the Sixth Circuit Court blocks locker room video surveillance.

  • Synthetic Turf Makers Hope Random Tests Will End Toxicity Scare

    by Andrew Cohen May 2008

    Synthetic turf industry officials hope that the planned random testing of fields by two federal agencies will end this spring's turf-toxicity scare.