• 24-Hour Clubs Experience Unique Combination of Revenue and Risk

    by Andrew Cohen February 2008

    Offering 24-hour access to club members adds some combination of revenues, expenses and risk.

  • Enemy at the Gates

    by Paul Steinbach May 2006

    Still widely regarded as prime terrorism targets, stadiums and arenas must adhere to post-9/11 security vigilance at the turnstiles and beyond.

  • Intruder Alert!

    by Andrew Cohen August 2004

    Advances in technology and a renewed focus on implementation are bringing about a brave new world in building security

  • Securing Sports Facilities, Post-9/11

    by Andrew Cohen November 2001

    By now the images of terror and destruction, so familiar that they replay daily in the minds of many, have lost a little of their power to shock and awe. Americans - unexpected witnesses to a yearlong salvage operation in lower Manhattan, a crippled economy nationwide and the prospect of a war that promises no tidy resolution - have begun to steel themselves for a future very different from the one they might have imagined on Sept. 10.