• Court Blocks Locker Room Video Surveillance

    by John T. Wolohan and Xinxian Zou July 2008

    Citing inherent student privacy rights, the Sixth Circuit Court blocks locker room video surveillance.

  • Synthetic Turf Makers Hope Random Tests Will End Toxicity Scare

    by Andrew Cohen May 2008

    Synthetic turf industry officials hope that the planned random testing of fields by two federal agencies will end this spring's turf-toxicity scare.

  • Bleacher Theft From Parks and Fields Attributed to Cost of Steel

    by Nicholas Brown March 2008

    Widespread bleachers theft from parks and sports fields is being attributed to dramatic spikes in prices for raw metals.

  • 24-Hour Clubs Experience Unique Combination of Revenue and Risk

    by Andrew Cohen February 2008

    Offering 24-hour access to club members adds some combination of revenues, expenses and risk.

  • Enemy at the Gates

    by Paul Steinbach May 2006

    Still widely regarded as prime terrorism targets, stadiums and arenas must adhere to post-9/11 security vigilance at the turnstiles and beyond.

  • Intruder Alert!

    by Andrew Cohen August 2004

    Advances in technology and a renewed focus on implementation are bringing about a brave new world in building security

  • Securing Sports Facilities, Post-9/11

    by Andrew Cohen November 2001

    By now the images of terror and destruction, so familiar that they replay daily in the minds of many, have lost a little of their power to shock and awe. Americans - unexpected witnesses to a yearlong salvage operation in lower Manhattan, a crippled economy nationwide and the prospect of a war that promises no tidy resolution - have begun to steel themselves for a future very different from the one they might have imagined on Sept. 10.