Michael Gaio
Michael Gaio joined Athletic Business in 2012, originally serving as social media manager before becoming eMedia editor. Prior to AB, Michael worked in the athletic department at Baylor University where he documented every move of Robert Griffin III, Brittney Griner and the rest of the Bears for the university's website. Michael, a native of Plymouth, Minnesota, is the lone Vikings fan in the AB office and a proud graduate of the University of Missouri's School of Journalism. When he's not sending tweets on AB's behalf, he enjoys playing basketball, traveling and talking about Mizzou athletics with anyone who will listen.
  • Tuesday, July, 02, 2013
    Judge: Yoga in Public Schools Doesn't Teach Religion

    On the surface, teaching kids yoga in a public school sounds like a reasonable idea. It's a popular exercise activity and helps kids stay in shape. But nothing is ever as simple as it seems.

  • Monday, July, 01, 2013
    Life Fitness Founder to Be Featured on CNN's ALS Series

    Augie Nieto, the founder of Life Fitness and inspirational leader in the fight against ALS, will be featured on CNN this week. The cable news network is running a three-part special on ALS and how families cope with the disease. CNN's Suzanne Malveaux, whose mother has ALS, will anchor the coverage.

  • Thursday, June, 27, 2013
    High School Sports Network Coming Soon

    First there was ESPN, the first network devoted to 24/7 sports coverage. Then came conference-specific networks at the college level: The Big Ten Network, the Pac-12 Network and soon, the SEC Network. Even individual colleges have their own networks.

  • Thursday, June, 27, 2013
    Study Reveals Alarming Safety Trends in Youth Sports

    Remember the infamous New Orleans Saints bounty scandal that dominated sports headlines for much of last year? Well apparently the bounty effect has trickled down to youth sports, including kids as young as eight years old. A recent survey conducted by I9 Sports discovered some alarming numbers on bounties and injuries in youth sports.

  • Wednesday, June, 26, 2013
    NATA Releases Guidelines to Prevent Deaths in HS Sports

    Every summer, it seems we hear sad and unfortunate stories of athletes suffering heat-related deaths on the practice field. In fact, in one particularly troubling week in August 2011, three high school athletes died on the practice field, prompting one doctor to call it "the worst week in the last 35 years in terms of athlete deaths."

  • Monday, June, 24, 2013
    Technogym's Alessandri Discusses Big Plans

    Technogym founder and president Nerio Alessandri has big plans for his company. He was recently featured on Bloomberg TV's "Money Moves" segment, where he sat down with Deirdre Bolton to discuss the future of Technogym.

  • Friday, June, 14, 2013
    Athletic Business Announces Content Library Social Media Contest

    Athletic Business wants to make your life easier. First we introduced our new Content Library, a collection of our best articles designed to take the pain out of your next big purchasing decision. Now we want to send you to the 2013 Athletic Business Conference & Expo for free, just for using it.

  • Thursday, June, 06, 2013
    Athletic Business Magazine for iPad Now Available

    Getting your hands on the best content in the athletic, fitness and recreation industries just got easier. Rather than wait for Athletic Business to arrive in your mailbox each month, get it instantly on your iPad.

  • Sunday, March, 24, 2013
    Who Has the Best Arena in College Basketball?

    If you're like me, your bracket is a mess and you're finally getting your head around the fact that Florida Gulf Coast University not only exists, but is actually in the Sweet 16. So maybe you're not the best at predicting the winner of these games, but we're offering you hope.

  • Thursday, March, 21, 2013
    Get Ready for AB Facility Madness

    An outstanding home facility can make all the difference in college hoops. Take Missouri, my alma mater, for example: A perfect 17-0 at home; a painfully disappointing 2-8 on the road. Ouch. And these days, facilities are more impressive than ever as they become a major weapon in the recruiting arms race.

  • Friday, May, 30, 2014
    Blog: Six Facilities That Left Me Floored

    When I was invited by Regupol America to tour several athletic and fitness facilities earlier this month, I had no idea what I was in for. Working for AB, we know how important the right kind of flooring is — it impacts everything from acoustics and aesthetics to cost and usability — but it takes getting out of the office and seeing the details up close to really understand how flooring can make an impact.

  • Monday, March, 17, 2014
    News and Notes From the IHRSA 2014 Trade Show Floor

    There’s nothing like attending a good trade show, especially in the fitness industry. The equipment, the innovation, the music, the energy, the people… Whether it’s our show or IHRSA, I consider attending these shows to be one of the perks of my job.

  • Monday, February, 10, 2014
    Blog: Don't Let Sexual Orientation Define Sam

    "I'm not afraid to tell the world who I am. I'm Michael Sam: I'm a college graduate. I'm African American, and I'm gay," he said. "I'm comfortable in my skin."

  • Friday, December, 13, 2013
    RG3's Best Qualities Transcend Football

    A man best known for his athletic accomplishments does his best work off the field.

  • Tuesday, October, 29, 2013
    Blog: 9 Social Media Dos and Don'ts for Student-Athletes

    A professor of mine in journalism school at Missouri once said (actually, he tweeted): "Social media is like a gun. Smart people will use it as a useful tool, not-so-smart people will shoot themselves in the foot with it."

  • Thursday, October, 10, 2013
    Blog: The Wussification Has to Stop

    First there were youth sports leagues that stopped keeping score for fear of someone having hurt feelings. Then there's the football league in California that does keep score, but penalizes the teams that win by too much. Now, it appears we've reached a level of softness even Charmin can't match.