• 2,000 Members Scrambling After Gold's Gym Location Closes

    by Tim Landis October 2015

    Approximately 2,000 club memberships have been caught up in what could be the monthslong process of selling Gold’s Gym assets in federal bankruptcy court in Springfield. A day after the court-approved shutdown of the fitness and recreation center at 1600 Clear Lake Ave., former club members were advised Wednesday to contact the federal bankruptcy trustee now in charge of liquidating the company. Another local fitness company, FitClub of Springfield, announced Wednesday an offer of free memberships through the end of the year to former Gold’s Gym members.

  • After Player Infected, Giants Tackle MRSA Scare

    by Paul Schwartz October 2015

    When Prince Amukamara was a freshman in college at Nebraska, he had "a little pimple on my wrist.'' He picked at it, popped it and recalls using someone's sweaty weight-lifting straps to wrap around his wrist.

  • Spotlight: Weight Rooms/Strength Equipment

    by AB Editors October 2015

    Weight Rooms/Strength Equipment

  • Functional Fitness Modular Structures Provide Variety

    by Laura Godlewski October 2015

    There's no doubt functional fitness is here to stay. From CrossFit to TRX to high- intensity interval training, more exercise programs are taking their cues from functional training, leading to an increased demand for space inside health clubs to accommodate such programming with a range of equipment that can include dumbbells, resistance bands, suspension trainers and squat racks.

  • PEP Grant Funds Fitness Center at Middle School

    by CAROL SPAETH-BAUER;, Mukwonago Chief (WI) October 2015

    Once used for teaching science, the sparkle of new exercise equipment fills the old classroom at Park View Middle School, fitness posters and fans hang on the wall. Once used for shaping minds,

  • Gym's Closure Leaves Void for Over-55 Demographic

    by Elena Ferrarin October 2015

    The closure of a longtime gym in Elgin that specialized in catering to seniors was an emotional blow to clients and staff members who gathered Wednesday for a final goodbye. Wolff Fitness co-owner George Wolff said the gym, which opened in 1988, couldn't compete in an increasingly crowded market of "big box" and smaller gym chains. "Our largest demographic is over 55. A lot of them have one or more medical issues, so we consulted with their physicians and physical therapists to create a fitness plan for them. That also made it more expensive," said Wolff, a former director of rehabilitation services for St. Joseph Hospital.

  • Trending? Indoor Obstacle Course Race Training

    by Saxo Staff September 2015

    In trying to do right by a friend who needed a place to train for obstacle course races, The Loft at the Tilton Sports Center has quickly become the premier obstacle course racing (OCR) training facility in New Hampshire.

  • Five Things the Presence of a New Competitor Has Taught Us

    by Rob Bishop & Barry Klein September 2015

    We've often written in these pages and spoken at the Athletic Business Conference about "the big squeeze." And now, after 20 years in business, we are the orange.

  • Designing a Sports Performance Facility

    by Andrew Barnard and Ernest Joyner September 2015

    Athletics is a competitive business. Professional, collegiate and youth athletics programs constantly seek a competitive edge. For today's programs, sports performance centers have become the new arrow in their quivers. Successful sports performance programs do two basic things: acquire information and implement that information in a consistent, logical and beneficial way.

  • School Filling Fitness Void with $100K Equipment Gift

    by Beatriz Alvarado September 2015

    Executing a fitness regiment is hard enough. At least there’s a gym a stone’s throw from most neighborhoods in Corpus Christi. For Hebbronville residents, getting to a fitness center is more than a marathon distance away. “There is not a fitness center within a 40-mile radius of Hebbronville,” said chairman of the National Foundation for Governors’ Fitness Councils Jake Steinfield.