• Boutique Fitness Leads Industry in Participation Growth

    by Courtney Cameron March 2017

    The personalized experience members can find at a boutique fitness studio is appealing to customers – so appealing that boutique fitness is leading the industry in participant numbers and growth.

  • Nike Releases Hijab Line for Female Muslim Athletes

    by Anne Peterson March 2017

    The Nike Pro Hijab has been in development for a year, the company said. Athletes contributed input into the product, and figure skater Zahra Lari was among those who tested it.

  • Winter College Football Workouts Get Intense

    by Dayton Daily News March 2017

    Winter workouts have long been part of college football, but they have become more structured, more strategic and more intense as coaches look for any edge in what has become a year-round process of preparing a team.

  • BYU Hosts Marriott Center Annex Grand Opening

    by Courtney Cameron February 2017

    On Tuesday, Bringham University in Provo, Utah, held an open house for its new Marriott Center Annex, a practice facility for the men’s and women’s basketball teams.

  • Branded Gyms Partner with Hospitality Venues

    by Courtney Cameron February 2017

    Fitness and wellness accommodations are more than just a popular new hospitality offering; they're becoming an expectation that needs to be met if hotels hope to compete in the modern market.

  • Utah Embraces Sports Science, Seeks Competitive Edge

    by Kyle Goon February 2017

    In modern athletics, keeping track of performance is the easy part. Athletes can monitor their heart rate, count their footsteps and log their diets with even average, check-it-on-my-phone means at their disposal.

  • Georgia Dedicates Indoor Practice Facility

    by David Paschall February 2017

    Georgia dedicated its long-awaited practice facility Tuesday, becoming the last Southeastern Conference school to have a 100-yard football field indoors.

  • Battling Ropes Increasingly Popular in Fitness Centers

    by Angie Ferguson February 2017

    Over the past decade, battling ropes have become an increasing popular training tool and as such are finding their way into more mainstream fitness centers all the time.

  • Airport Gym Provides Travelers Workout Opportunity

    by Kelli Kennedy February 2017

    Work out while waiting for your flight? That's an option now at Baltimore Washington International Airport, where the only gym at a U.S. airport past security opened recently with plans to open 20 more at airports by 2020. It's the latest example of how fitness and health trends have started showing up at airports. Yoga rooms and walking tracks have opened at airports around North America over the past few years, and healthier food options are also easier to find in airports now. You can even get a kombucha to wash down a salad made with locally sourced produce.

  • Inside the Odd History of the Treadmill

    by Mike Plunkett February 2017

    The tread wheel, a variation of what we know as the modern treadmill, was used in the 1800s to keep British prisoners from idleness, but more so for hard labor.