• Twins Show Off New-Look Spring Training Stadium

    by J. Scott Butherus 239-435-3468 February 2015

    After two years and nearly $50 million, the new-look Hammond Stadium was unveiled to the public on Sunday.

  • Architectural Showcase: A Video Tour

    by AB Staff February 2015

    See how Athletic Business's Architectural Showcase offers unmatched year-round exposure for new and recently renovated athletic, fitness and recreation facilities.

  • Billionaire-Owned Fitness Center Caters to Elite Athletes

    by Scott Scanlon / Refresh Editor February 2015

    The first Impact Sports Performance opened in May 2011 in the same Boca Raton, Fla., development where the owners of the Bills and Sabres have their corporate headquarters. The second opened on Halloween at HarborCenter in downtown Buffalo. Jerome, a Chicago native, and his wife, Keli, who grew up in Pittsburgh, moved to Western New York to run it.

  • Former State Champion Football Coach Opens Gym

    by Ben Calwell February 2015

    Standing amidst vintage barbells and weights, former South Charleston High School football coach John Messinger is in his element.

  • How to Deal with Millennials as Employees

    by Rob Bishop & Barry Klein February 2015

    You know, when we were young, we were expected to work for a living.

    When did we become our grandfathers?

    Over the years, on these pages and at various conferences, we have talked about the challenges and rewards of hiring and working with the Millennial Generation. But maybe now we need to divide them between the Old Millennials and the Young Millennials.

  • Defunct Mill Revitalized as Town's Only Health Club

    by RACHEL OHM Morning Sentinel February 2015

    Donovan Beane is a soccer player and used to wake up early to lift weights at the local high school in the morning. The 15-year-old said he had nowhere else to do it, and it made afternoon lifting impossible.

  • Training Center Catering to Hockey Players Opens

    by Thomas J. Prohaska; News Niagara Reporter February 2015

    Jared Byer, who has been training athletes - including former Buffalo Sabres - in Williamsville for years, will open a new hockey training business Monday on the upper level of Lockport's Cornerstone Arena.

  • National Chains Muscling into Local Gym Market

    by Kevin McKenzie 901-529-2348 February 2015

    Nationwide, from single-focus yoga studios and personal trainers to low-cost workout sites to giant full-service fitness centers, the industry is growing and creating segments to serve a diverse, expanding market of health-conscious consumers, industry experts say.

  • Cardio Equipment Leasing Strategies for Fitness Centers

    by Emily Attwood February 2015

    Cardio equipment is the heart of any fitness center. It's the most popular type of equipment, unintimidating and easy to use for fitness newbies, but also a powerful workout tool for enthusiasts. Befittingly, manufacturers are constantly seeking out new ways to improve their products, from design tweaks to make equipment more user-friendly to consoles featuring integrated technology to keep up with users' expectations. Today's cardio equipment is compatible with a range of wearable technology, offers a variety of virtual-reality programming, can record a long list of workout data, and can even alert operators to specific maintenance needs.

  • City Fitness Center to Get $413K in New Equipment

    by Elena Ferrarin January 2015

    The purchase of new fitness equipment for The Centre of Elgin got the green light Wednesday after a discussion about whether it would boost membership and revenues.