• $50M Hawks Training Facility Marries Sports, Science

    by Jeff Zillgitt April 2017

    The Atlanta Hawks practice in a no-frills gym at Philips Arena, not far from the arena's main court. As practice facilities go, it's outdated. No high-tech video room, hydrotherapy pools or high-end kitchen. No massage room or players lounge with pop-a-shot and HDTVs. Just one full-sized court. Some big-time college basketball programs have nicer practice facilities and more amenities. That's about to change.

  • Clemson Football Complex Features Player Slide

    by Paul Steinbach April 2017

    It's a college player's playground.

  • Forty Years of Commercial Fitness

    by Rob Bishop April 2017

    As this issue of Athletic Business looks back over the magazine's first 40 years, I thought I'd take a look back at the fitness industry to see what has come and gone and what has stuck around.

  • Debunking Common Strength Training Myths

    by Angie Ferguson April 2017

    The fitness industry has been plagued with more myths than ancient Greece. However, of those that continue to be most common are myths surrounding strength and weight training. Let's debunk these myths once and for all so you can get on with the business of being strong and reaping the benefits of your labor.

  • New Projects: Detroit Multisport Complex | Raiders Stadium | UBC Aquatic Center

    by Courtney Cameron April 2017

    Breaking Ground

  • Fitness Trackers Become Obsession for Some Kids

    by Doree Lewak April 2017

    Just like their parents, kids have become consumed by the fitness-tracker craze. That's good news given children glued to their screens can see their weight rise and their grades drop. But is trading one obsession for another actually good for their health?

  • Event Predicts Trends in Fitness Technology

    by Jennifer Jolly April 2017

    If all the new Fitbits, Zombie running and diet-tracking apps in the world haven't helped you lose weight, get fit or stay healthier overall, you're not alone.

  • New Mexico AD Pursuing Naming Rights Deal for Facility

    by Jessica Dyer April 2017

    University of New Mexico's athletic director says he is negotiating a potential "seven-figure" naming rights deal for a school athletic facility, but he has not identified the donor — or the venue.

  • Fitness Center Provides Boost for Cancer Patients

    by Sammy Caiola April 2017

    The Triumph Cancer Foundation's exercise program, now offered at California Family Fitness, gives cancer survivors a road back to health and lowers their risk of recurrence. The group model can help people build confidence when they're frustrated by their illness-imposed limitations, said Pam Whitehead, a cancer survivor and founder of Triumph. The 90-minute classes lead participants through warm-ups, machine exercises and meditation, much of it modified to accommodate for the poor balance issues, joint pain and muscle fatigue that cancer survivors struggle with.

  • The Evolution of Fitness Equipment

    by Jason Scott March 2017

    Perhaps nowhere is evidence of 40 years of industry growth stronger than in the area of commercial fitness equipment. To illustrate just how far the industry has come, we've collected examples of the first pieces of equipment produced by some of today's best-known manufacturers, as well as some of their most-recent products. When viewed side by side, the differences — from technological advancements to the influence of a shifting fitness culture — are stark.