• How to Avoid Overtraining in Fitness Routine

    by Angie Ferguson February 2017

    There is endless discussion these days about overtraining. The term has become so popular that some athletes believe that if they feel even just a little tired or fatigued over the course of a regular training cycle, that they must be overtraining.

  • Man Accused of Stealing Car, Wallet from Fitness Center

    by Deon J. Hampton February 2017

    A Uniondale man is accused of stealing a vehicle and a wallet from a fitness center in East Garden City, Nassau County police said.

  • Study: Cell Phone Use While Exercising Dangerous

    by Johnna Kelly February 2017

    Multi-tasking may help you get ahead at work, but not at the gym. In fact, new research suggests talking on the phone or even texting while exercising can lead to issues and injuries.

  • Study Finds One-Sport Specialization Leads to Injury

    by Courtney Cameron January 2017

    Last month, the National Federation of High School Associations released the results of a study conducted by researchers from the University of Wisconsin measuring injury rates for student-athletes in conjunction with sport specialization.

  • Product Spotlight 2017: Cardio Equipment

    by Courtney Cameron January 2017

    Cardio Equipment

  • Fitness Boom Revitalizes Retail Areas

    by Ted Evanoff and Tom Bailey January 2017

    For years they were empty eyesores. Today, old left-behind sites are being put to new use as the fitness club binge continues across Memphis. On Tuesday backhoes tore into the old Imperial Lanes bowling building on Summer Avenue to make room for a Planet Fitness.

  • Fitness Chain Accused of Failing to Honor Memberships

    by Jason Scott January 2017

    Two members of a 24 Hour Fitness location near San Francisco have accused the chain of failing to honor what they thought were lifetime memberships.

  • Equipment Usage Tracking Technologies

    by Courtney Cameron January 2017

    In the past few years, fitness technology has begun to home in on one of the most problematic aspects of fitness space management: cardio equipment maintenance. A variety of device-trackers, applications and even specialized consulting services are available to help facility owners optimize their fitness floor and keep tabs on equipment usage. For the operator who is devoted to customer satisfaction but also wants to get the highest possible return on their fitness equipment investment, a combination of these available technologies may be the best solution.

  • Treadmills Offer Variety of Challenging Workouts

    by Kelli Kennedy January 2017

    Just because it's too cold for your normal three-mile outdoor run doesn't mean the treadmill has to be a monotonous exercise in staring at a blank wall.

  • Opinion: Fitness Center Trips Have Become Entertaining

    by The Buffalo News January 2017

    I marvel at the difference between that time and today. It is no longer a gym but a fitness center, with very bright lights everywhere and mirrors on the walls and so many machines that you can barely walk around.