• New Vision Sought for Y Damaged by $2M Sauna Fire

    by Ashley Morris; April 2015

    Damage to the Wilmington Family YMCA building on Market Street from a February fire was slightly more than $2 million, according to preliminary cost estimates released Thursday by the Y.

  • Golf Fitness, Barre Among Offerings of New Fitness Center

    by Scott Kirk Special to the Reporter-News April 2015

    The new fitness center at the West Texas Rehabilitation Center is the culmination of four years of planning, said Bubba Klostermann, director of adult services for Abilene for the West Texas Rehabilitation Center.

  • U. of Charleston Academic Center Gets $1M Gift

    by Ryan Quinn, Staff Writer April 2015

    Two longtime donors have given $1 million to the University of Charleston's planned Russell and Martha Wehrle Innovation Center, a sports and academic complex set to begin construction next month.

  • Optimism Meets Reality When Opening a Health Club

    by Rob Bishop & Barry Klein April 2015

    The adage, "Do what you love and you'll never work another day in your life," likely needs some updating. Maybe something like, "If you choose to start a business based on what you love, then be prepared to work really, really hard every day and know that 80 percent of what you have to do will have nothing to do with what you love. But that last 20 percent might be fun."

  • State Closes Gym Over Taxes, Quickly Reopens It

    by Craig S. Semon, Telegram and Gazette Staff March 2015

    Despite the building's being seized Thursday morning by the state Department of Revenue for nonpayment of taxes, Pure Fitness, at 37 Sutton Road, is now open for business.

  • One-Time Country Club Now $28M Recreation Center

    by David Macaulay, Correspondent March 2015

    The new Bow Creek Community Recreation Center is a far cry from the quiet country club that occupied the grounds decades earlier. At the grand re-opening March 21, the parking lot was full by 9:30 a.m.

  • Indoor Football Team Enjoying Dedicated Training Facility

    by DAVE LAWRENCE Mechanicsville Local March 2015

    The Richmond Raiders, an arena football team in the Professional Indoor Football League, took up residence for the start of their training camp at the newly constructed Sports Reality on Chamberlayne Road across from Hanover High School.

  • Controversy Over Olympian's Absence from Facility

    by BILL ORAM, STAFF WRITER March 2015

    Prior to the Misty May-Treanor Sports Center's opening, many wondered how involved the Olympian would be with the sprawling center in Irvine, or with its 430-member volleyball club.

  • W.V. State Coach Calls $3.5M Facility 'A Game-Changer'

    by CHUCK McGILL, Daily Mail sports editor March 2015

    The $3.5 million structure, paid for entirely by raised funds, contains a 100-seat locker room, state-of-the-art weight room, a first-level conference room with an 80-inch flat-screen television, three second-floor meeting rooms with a flat-screen TV and dry-erase board in each, and offices for Anderson and his staff that feature floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the football field.

  • Two Area Health Clubs to Get Name Change, Upgrades

    by March 2015

    New River Capital of Fort Lauderdale, Fla., has purchased ECO Fitness sites in Mount Pleasant and Charleston and will convert them to Pivotal Fitness health clubs, according to Jeff Flammang, a partner in ECO who will stay with Pivotal in business development.