• Changing Underage

    by Heather Peavey, Associate Editor October 2008

    Ensuring the privacy and comfort of your members in your locker rooms is essential for your retention efforts. The challenge is to accommodate minors, their parents and other members, while also taking into account available space and budget constraints.

  • Skyrocketing Costs of Raw Materials and Fuel Affecting Price of Exercise Equipment

    by Andrew Cohen September 2008

    Skyrocketing costs of raw materials and fuel are putting tremendous upward pressure on the pricing of strength equipment.

  • Science Update: Biomechanics of Free Weight Exercises

    by Stephen Holt July 2008

    Not all standard free weight exercises actually work the muscles they were designed to strengthen, and some can even be harmful. However, by using the principles of biomechanics, trainers can design free weight exercises that are safe and effective.

  • Global Enlightenment

    by Stephen Tharrett and James A. Peterson June 2008

    Fitness industry leaders and facility operators in the U.S. should look abroad for new ideas about technology, service, programming, pricing, design and more.

  • Buying Equipment: Going Once, Going Twice

    by Rob Bishop June 2008

    When other fitness facilities put their used equipment up for auction, you can find some great bargains.

  • Country Clubs Emulate Lower-Priced Fitness Providers

    by Andrew Cohen June 2008

    Country clubs seek a competitive edge by emulating lower-priced wellness providers.

  • It's Not Easy Flooring Green

    by Heather Peavey May 2008

    Making eco-friendly choices in your fitness facility seems relatively uncomplicated. But when it comes time to make green flooring choices, things get more complicated.

  • Survivor Opens Fitness Center for People Fighting Cancer

    by Andrew Cohen April 2008

    A university professor and cancer survivor opens a fitness studio for people fighting the disease.

  • Marketing of Fitness and Recreation Is Getting Personal

    by Nicholas Brown April 2008

    The marketing of fitness and recreation benefits is getting personal.

  • Fitness Center Features Floating Roof

    by Andrew Cohen April 2008

    On first glance, it seems the roof of the HealthRidge Fitness Center is floating. As with most tricks, figuring out how it's done is easy when you look more closely.