• AB Conference Tour: Pro-Health & Fitness Center - Viera

    by Andrew Cohen December 2009

    The 7:15 departure time might have scared off a couple of conference attendees, but 45 of us made the hour-long bus ride to Pro-Health & Fitness Center - Viera, and tours continue as I type. The upscale facility is beautiful, and seems well-designed from a functional standpoint - older members and rehab patients mix easily with middle-aged exercisers, with neither seeming out of place. The interior streetscape is designed to integrate people - it's mall-like, but I mean that in a good way. Different user groups that will be going their separate ways don't actually separate until they reach a central check-in desk, which does away with the threatening, face-the-doors desk of a lot of fitness centers, not to mention hospitals.

  • Facility of Merit Judging - Second Day

    by Andrew Cohen September 2009

    Dateline Chicago - A very hard-working group of panelists this year, the first in my 19 years of involvement in the Facility of Merit judging to require pushing back our dinner reservation to 9 p.m. They've lent credence to this photo, which an architect friend sent me years ago:

  • Clubs Use Exercisers to Power Their Fitness Equipment

    by Andrew Cohen June 2009

    The possibility that exercisers could generate enough electricity to power a club has beguiled fitness enthusiasts and facility owners for years.

  • A Primer on Buying, Selling Used Fitness Equipment

    by Anne B. McDonnell April 2009

    Ready to buy or sell used fitness equipment? Find out what suppliers have to say about how they acquire used equipment, and what the pieces go through before being offered for sale again.

  • Fitness Club Operators Take Seven-Step Checkup as Economic Prognosis Worsens

    by Rob Bishop & Barry Klein February 2009

    As the nation's economic prognosis worsens, fitness center operators must take these seven active steps to ensure the continued health of their facilities.

  • Researching Fitness Center Certification Requirements

    by Doyice J. Cotten January 2009

    Your fitness center's certification requirements should go beyond taking an employee's word for it. Research the certifying organization and make a paper trail to help avoid client injury and litigation.

  • Construction Costs: Will Spending More Now Reap Rewards Later?

    by Debra Atkinson January 2009

    In new constructions and remodels, decide if spending more now will reap you rewards later.

  • Flooring Trends Can Create 'Wow' Effect

    by Ronale Tucker Rhodes January 2009

    Understand the top flooring trends and techniques to create a "wow" effect for your facility's design, no matter what your budget.

  • Facility Owners Must Choose Climbing Wall to Match Interest Levels of Patrons

    by Andrew Cohen December 2008

    Facility owners must choose climbing walls to match their patrons' abilities - lest they end up with an underutilized centerpiece.

  • Passion No Substitute for Business Acumen When Creating Indoor Sports Facilities

    by Nicholas Brown December 2008

    Passion is no substitute for business acumen when launching a successful indoor sports center.