• Flooring: To Fleck or Not to Fleck?

    by Heather Peavey May 2007

    To choose the best rubber flooring for your fitness facility, it all starts with one question.

  • Outfitting Fitness Areas to Serve Disabled Populations

    by Marvin Bynum April 2007

    Outfitting fitness areas serving disabled populations is easier than you may think.

  • New Rehab Center for Injured Soldiers

    by Andrew Cohen March 2007

    A new state-of-the-art rehab center aims to make injured soldiers whole again.

  • Technical and Aesthetic Innovations in Free-Weight Areas

    by Paul Steinbach March 2007

    Technical and aesthetic innovations have lifted the free-weight area to new levels of user-friendliness and operational efficiency.

  • The Resting Metabolic Rate Debate

    by Jason R. Karp and Wayne L. Westcott January 2007

    Does strength training increase resting metabolic rate (RMR), therefore enhancing members' weight-loss efforts? As research shows support for both sides, the debate continues. Here are arguments, pro and con, presented by two strength-training professionals.

  • Certifications Gaining Respect

    by Ronale Tucker Rhodes December 2006

    The importance of trainers and instructors possessing reliable and credible certifications continues to be at the forefront of industry discussion.

  • Opening a Pilates Studio

    by Amy Scanlin December 2006

    When opening a Pilates studio, making the right decisions about location, staff and programming can be difficult. However, help is out there. Get some advice from others who have started successful Pilates businesses.

  • Ready to Sell That Old Treadmill?

    by Anne B. McDonnell October 2006

    When it comes time to sell your used equipment, one option for facility operators is to sell to equipment remanufacturers. But, before you go down that road, these tips will help you understand the buying process, what the remanufacturers are looking for and how the purchase price is determined.

  • Campus Fitness Satellites Allow Students to Get Fit on Their Own Terms

    by Marvin Bynum September 2006

    Free of the amenities of a large rec center, campus fitness satellites allow students to get fit on their own terms.

  • Tall Order

    by Marvin Bynum June 2006

    Whether designed to accommodate football practice, pickup basketball or both, indoor athletic facilities must always live up to their height.