• Healthy Choice

    by Paul Steinbach December 2005

    Savvy administrators in state-of-the-art facilities are turning campus rec into a wellness exercise.

  • Free At Last

    by Marvin Bynum August 2005

    Metal building elements are allowing architects an increasing measure of aesthetic liberty in the design of athletic, fitness and recreation facilities.

  • Top 20 Product Trends from the Past 20 Years

    by Anne B. McDonnell July 2005

    The past 20 years have seen much invention in cardio and strength equipment, but the standards have stood the test of time.

  • Top 20 Facility Trends

    by Ronale Tucker Rhodes July 2005

    From bodybuilding to express workouts, fitness centers have evolved to cater to their changing markets.

  • Best Foot Forward

    by Michael Popke May 2005

    Cardiovascular fitness equipment manufacturers strive to advance technology while simplifying the user experience.

  • Prevent Defense

    by Brian J. Wallace & Dennis E. Kline April 2005

    A forward-thinking, comprehensive approach to equipment maintenance can help protect a club's most prized possession: its positive image.

  • Let's Get Digital

    by Marvin Bynum January 2005

    Fitness equipment manufacturers show renewed interest in interactive entertainment systems.

  • Prep Powerhouses

    by Paul Steinbach January 2005

    High schools are beefing up square footage and amenities in workout spaces that increasingly resemble those of college football programs and private fitness centers.

  • 'Fit to Fight' Takes Off

    by Marvin Bynum January 2004

    A new fitness regime for the U.S. Air Force

  • A Lease on New Life

    by Marvin Bynum January 2004

    The versatility of equipment purchasing programs, especially those offering leased and refurbished equipment, can help ease the financial burden of outfitting a fitness center