• Multiuse Facility to Unite Fitness, Speedskating

    by Mike Gorrell May 2017

    Known as the Kearns Athlete Training and Event Center, the $12.5 million facility also will serve as headquarters for U.S. Speedskating.

  • Group Exercise Explores Water-Based Fitness

    by Courtney Cameron May 2017

    Across the country, gyms are getting on board with water-based exercise classes, converting more and more traditional fitness routines to be done in, on or around the water.

  • Wellness Pop-Up Takes Over N.Y. Department Store

    by Kirsten Fleming May 2017

    Midtown department store Saks Fifth Avenue is clearing the clothing racks and turning its second floor into a pop-up health-and-wellness mecca called the Saks Wellery.

  • QUIZ: 40 Years of Fitness Equipment

    by AB Editors May 2017

    Think you know all about the history of fitness equipment? Take our quiz and test your knowledge!

    This quiz is based off of our April 2017 feature: The Evolution of Fitness Equipment. Study up and take your best shot!


  • The Evolution of Fitness Equipment

    by Jason Scott May 2017

    Perhaps nowhere is evidence of 40 years of industry growth stronger than in the area of commercial fitness equipment. To illustrate just how far the industry has come, we've collected examples of the first pieces of equipment produced by some of today's best-known manufacturers, as well as some of their most-recent products. When viewed side by side, the differences — from technological advancements to the influence of a shifting fitness culture — are stark.

  • LA Fitness Location Helps Revitalize Shopping Center

    by Maggie Menderski May 2017

    The old Dillard's storefront at Westfield Southgate has been replaced with a sleek facade. There's a three-lane swimming pool in a space that likely once held racks of clothing.

  • New Hotel Amenity: In-Room Stationary Bikes

    by Nancy Trejos May 2017

    There was a time when travelers were lucky to get a windowless room with a few weights and cardio machines in a hotel basement. Hotels have upped their game with in-room workout gear and fitness center offerings.

  • CrossFit Box Seeks Move to Avoid Noise Complaints

    by Tom Daykin April 2017

    A fitness center plans to move to a redeveloping street within Milwaukee's Menomonee Valley, mainly to avoid noise complaints.

  • Utah Opens $2.8M Ski Team Facility

    by Kyle Goon April 2017

    The $2.8 million project officially opened Wednesday, as the ski team celebrated its new home. It was christened with an appropriate tribute to the team itself — the 2017 NCAA championship at the center of a trophy wall in the new board room.

  • MMA/Fitness Gym Relocates to Former Roller Rink

    by Ernie Clark April 2017

    Less than a week after his thriving mixed martial arts and fitness gym was displaced, Chris Young finally can take a deep breath. Young's MMA is back in business.