• Portable Synthetic Turf Growing Within Athletic, Fitness Markets

    by Paul Steinbach April 2015

    It's springing up on top of basketball courts and inside hockey dasher boards, and thriving within a new workout environment that emphasizes sprints and agility drills alongside atypical strength training. But to say that synthetic turf is taking root in a variety of indoor spaces these days would be missing the point, or at least misusing the metaphor.

  • Injured Utah Athletes Rehab Alongside Practicing Peers

    by Amy Donaldson Deseret News April 2015

    The Pit is wherever Utah's director of strength and conditioning Doug Elisaia sets up workouts for those who are injured and unable to participate in regular practices.

  • YMCA Expansion Plan Back in Court Over Alley Issue

    by NICOLE CHYNOWETH April 2015

    Some hope exists an agreement will be reached to put an end to the complicated legal entanglement that has stemmed from the planned expansion of the Ligonier Valley YMCA.

  • Lakers Receive Approval for $80M Training Facility

    by Carley Dryden April 2015

    The El Segundo City Council has granted unanimous approval of a new state-of-the-art training facility and exhibition venue for the NBA team, just one block north of the home it shares with he Los Angeles Kings at the Toyota Sports Center.

  • Wyoming Announces Plans for High-Altitude Training Center

    by Robert Gagliardi April 2015

    One of the biggest and most challenging athletics facility upgrades and fundraising drives at the University of Wyoming was unveiled earlier this week.

  • New Vision Sought for Y Damaged by $2M Sauna Fire

    by Ashley Morris; April 2015

    Damage to the Wilmington Family YMCA building on Market Street from a February fire was slightly more than $2 million, according to preliminary cost estimates released Thursday by the Y.

  • Golf Fitness, Barre Among Offerings of New Fitness Center

    by Scott Kirk Special to the Reporter-News April 2015

    The new fitness center at the West Texas Rehabilitation Center is the culmination of four years of planning, said Bubba Klostermann, director of adult services for Abilene for the West Texas Rehabilitation Center.

  • Optimism Meets Reality When Opening a Health Club

    by Rob Bishop & Barry Klein April 2015

    The adage, "Do what you love and you'll never work another day in your life," likely needs some updating. Maybe something like, "If you choose to start a business based on what you love, then be prepared to work really, really hard every day and know that 80 percent of what you have to do will have nothing to do with what you love. But that last 20 percent might be fun."

  • Architectural Showcase: A Video Tour

    by AB Staff February 2015

    See how Athletic Business's Architectural Showcase offers unmatched year-round exposure for new and recently renovated athletic, fitness and recreation facilities.

  • How to Deal with Millennials as Employees

    by Rob Bishop & Barry Klein February 2015

    You know, when we were young, we were expected to work for a living.

    When did we become our grandfathers?

    Over the years, on these pages and at various conferences, we have talked about the challenges and rewards of hiring and working with the Millennial Generation. But maybe now we need to divide them between the Old Millennials and the Young Millennials.