• Grassroots Efforts Help Restore Community Playground

    by Michelle Piasecki October 2014

    Not only did community members give, the county also made an offer to create an interlocal agreement that would provide $151,755 of the $350,000 needed to build the dream park.

  • Boy, 10, Donates $3,300 to Rec Program Scholarships

    by Kristen M. Clark Palm Beach Post Staff Writer October 2014

    Wellington resident Noah Norwitch donated $3,334 to the village's parks and recreation department Tuesday. It's part of some $12,000 he said he's raised and donated to charity in lieu of receiving birthday presents for each of the past five years.

  • City Seeks $210K Grant to Build Accessible Playground

    by Lucas High October 2014

    The city of Cheyenne is seeking state money to fund the construction of a playground that would be accessible to all local children, including those with disabilities.

  • Schools Move Football Up to Avoid Halloween Issues

    by Chris Thomas, Knoxvielle News-Sentinel October 2014

    Halloween won’t interfere with high school football on Friday night as it might have originally. Numerous schools in East Tennessee and across the state have moved their regular-season finales to Thursday to avoid a conflict and in some cases help the gate receipts.

  • Nationals, Astros Get $108M in Tax Revenue for Stadium

    by Joe Capozzi October 2014

    The Washington Nationals and Houston Astros staged a political late-inning rally Tuesday, winning conceptual approval for $108 million in local hotel tax revenue to build a new spring training baseball stadium. While the Palm Beach County Commission's 5-2 vote to allocate the bed-tax money is significant, it does not guarantee the teams will get the stadium. They still need to find a site somewhere in Palm Beach County to build it -- and that process won't be easy. "What we are doing in essence is throwing the ball back to them. You want to play baseball? Go find the land because we're not going to find it for you," Commissioner Mary Lou Berger said after the meeting.

  • Park Department Doubles Cost of Memorial Tree Program


    Want to memorialize someone with a plaque and tree at a local park? That will be $700, please - and according to Albuquerque's Parks and Recreation Department, that's a steal.

  • 'Indebted' Steve Kerr Shoots $1M Toward UA Renovation

    by Bruce Pascoe Arizona Daily Star October 2014

    Thirty one years after then-coach Lute Olson improbably offered him a scholarship to play basketball for the Arizona Wildcats, seeing intelligence and polish if not eye-popping skills during a workout by the skinny shooting guard, Steve Kerr paid it all back. And some.

  • UNM Soccer Wine-Tasting Back On After Hazing Scandal

    by Mark Smith, Assistant Sports Editor October 2014

    A wine-tasting fundraiser for the University of New Mexico women's soccer team is back on, after being cancelled in August because of the team's hazing scandal.

  • Parent Group Looks to Save Endangered Prep Programs

    by Nick Veronica October 2014

    Lorna Tilley-Peltier found out in March that her son's high school was planning to cut 15 sports teams, including the one her son starred on. In April, she became the president of the Niagara Wheatfield Sports Alliance and vowed to raise the roughly $80,000 needed to save the teams. "I talked to the superintendent about this probably a year ago because we've been on the fence with a lot of funds," Tilley-Peltier said last week at a fundraiser. "I told her, if you're going to cut any sports, please give us the chance to raise the money to keep them."

  • $46M Development Combines PAC, Stormwater Basin

    by DAN GERINGER; Daily News Staff Writer October 2014

    The Philadelphia Water Department needed to build a 4 million-gallon underground basin. The city's Parks & Recreation Department needed to replace the crumbling Venice Island playground with a performing-arts center.