• High School Seeks $75K to Upgrade Baseball Facilities

    by Clint Thomas April 2015

    Supporters of Herbert Hoover High School's baseball team are rooting for the Huskies to have a new field on which to play by the first pitch of next season.

  • Gov. Walker Confident of Bucks Arena Financing

    by Don Wallker, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel April 2015

    Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker said Monday that he anticipates stakeholders who are trying to get a new downtown Milwaukee arena built will be able to find a viable financing option.

  • Wyoming's Arena Reno Suspended Amid Rising Costs

    by Scott Nulph, Wyoming Tribune-Eagle (Cheyenne) March 2015

    Rising construction costs have taken a toll on the University of Wyoming's plans for Phase II of the reconstruction of the Arena-Auditorium.

  • Bill Would Fund Prep Sports with Pro Ticket Surcharge

    by Scott Alan Salomon, Special to Treasure Coast Newspapers March 2015

    The Florida legislature will take up bills in each chamber that could put more money into the coffers of all high school athletic programs in the state. Bills filed in the House and Senate will seek to impose a surcharge of .25 cents for each ticket purchased to a professional sporting event in the state and that money would be segregated and distributed to high school sports programs.

  • Falcons Have Banked $7.5M in Seat Licenses So Far

    by Tim Tucker; Staff March 2015

    Personal seat licenses, or PSLs, are among the more controversial aspects of the new downtown stadium, which is slated to open in 2017 and is quickly taking shape next to the Georgia Dome.

  • Voters to Decide if Tax Will Finance $22M Parks Project

    by KAREE MAGEE Bismarck Tribune March 2015

    The project includes a new two-rink hockey arena, including gymnastics facilities, a new football and track field, and conversion of a football and track field into ball fields.

  • HS Fundraisers 'Devastated' Over $1M Field Flap

    by Lauren FitzPatrick March 2015

    Chicago Public Schools told Wells Community Academy High School either needed to raise the entire $2+ million privately, or else let CPS run the project with some public money and approved vendors, which would cost, the district said, about twice as much.

  • Economists: Owners Benefit Most from New Stadiums

    by Jerry Zremski News Washington Bureau Chief March 2015

    President Obama's fiscal 2016 budget proposal includes a little-noticed provision that would bar the use of tax-exempt bond financing for new stadium projects.

  • Citizen Group Pushes for $88M Aquatic and Rec Center

    by The Bismarck Tribune March 2015

    The group calling itself Citizens for Minot's Future supports a tax system amendment to pay for the 450,000-square foot center.

  • Community Supports Footing Tax Bill for Church Ballpark

    by Emily Attwood March 2015

    While nonprofit and religious organizations have been under the microscope in recent years when it comes to tax-exempt status of their fitness and recreation facilities, voters in Boscawen, N.H. last night approved a plan that would donated $6,000 to a local church to cover property taxes and maintenance on its baseball field.

    The field, owned by Boscawen Congregational Church, was built in 1915 and has been offered free for use by local groups over the last century, including Merrimack Valley Youth Baseball and Softball. But in 2014, the city’s tax assessor determined that because the lot was not being used for religious purposes, it was not tax exempt, and the church was billed $1,600.

    In addition to covering the property tax bill, the city’s donation will also help defray maintenance and upkeep costs for the church ballpark. Church and community volunteers had been assisting with the efforts and will continue to do so.

    “It does need some work,” Merrimack Valley Little League president Eric Crane told the Concord Monitor. “Our plan has always been to revitalize and rebuild the church park.”

    Not all voters agreed that the donation was a grand slam, however. “My concern isn’t about the kids playing baseball. If you give money to one nonprofit, how do you deny others that come forward?” one resident asked.