• NCAA President Emmert Talks College Athletics Issues

    by Laken Litman August 2017

    With the football season nearing, The Indianapolis Star sat with NCAA President Mark Emmert to discuss various issues surrounding college sports. Q: The NCAA recently instituted a new sexual violence policy, which was followed by eight U.S. senators writing a letter to the NCAA asking what it will take to develop a uniform policy dealing with recruits and transfers who have a history of sexual assault. What do you think? A: I think they're asking a lot of good and important questions, particularly questions that have to be answered in conjunction with the rest of higher education. This isn't an athletic issue, it's a higher ed issue. It's not even a higher ed issue, it's a societal issue, but we want to and what the committee (commissioned to combat campus sexual violence) is going to do, is work with higher education leaders so that athletics can be a leader in trying to drive some change around those kinds of questions.

  • Olympian Aly Raisman Criticizes USA Gymnastics

    by Nancy Armour August 2017

    Three-time Olympic gold medalist Aly Raisman criticized USA Gymnastics and the U.S. Olympic Committee for their response to the sport's sexual abuse crisis, saying she thinks they're more concerned about sweeping it under the rug or protecting themselves legally than making sure it never happens again. In a joint interview with USA TODAY Sports and the Associated Press on Saturday, Raisman said revelations of widespread abuse by longtime team physician Larry Nassar and the reaction by the governing bodies have colored the way she views her sport.

  • Opinion: Reclassification the Latest NCAA Scam

    by Phil Mushnick August 2017

    Time will tell if the TV-delivered and sustained myth that Duke basketball is a high-integrity, uncompromising program that produces championships and legitimate student-athletes will persist this season.

  • Indiana U. Error Results in Student-Athlete Ineligibility

    by Courtney Cameron August 2017

    Indiana University true freshman Bryant Fitzgerald has been ruled a final non-qualifier, making him ineligible for the upcoming football season and unable to practice with the team, according to the INDYSTAR.

  • Maine HS Sports Growth Outpaces Officials' Groups

    by Ernie Clark August 2017

    Officials organizations for nearly every interscholastic sport in Maine have dealt with a shortage of members in recent years, leaving some sub-varsity contests understaffed.

  • Bellevue Investigation Ignites Calls for WIAA Oversight

    by Jim Camden August 2017

    The Legislature may try to impose some state control on the organization that oversees high school sports in Washington after a series of angry Bellevue residents accused it of racism, intimidation and harassment in a recent investigation. "There has to be some government oversight," Shelly Carlson, a Bellevue High School parent, who accused the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association of "using a hammer to squash a fly" in its investigation of rule violations at the school. An investigation released last year by the WIAA and the Bellevue School District concluded that a few players were encouraged and given tuition assistance to attend an alternative school that made them eligible for sports at Bellevue High. Some also were given false addresses to make them eligible to play for Bellevue, and coaches were involved in improper recruiting.

  • What to Expect from UNC's NCAA Infractions Hearing

    by Andrew Carter August 2017

    After a three-year investigation and three notices of allegations, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill will appear today before the NCAA Committee on Infractions in Nashville.

  • HS Association Blackballs Non-Member School

    by Tom Kreager August 2017

    No TSSAA-member school will be permitted to play Knoxville Christian in any sport beginning this school year. The TSSAA's Board of Control passed the measure unanimously after TSSAA staff told the board that the school admitted to recruiting athletes.

  • WSU Coach Leach: NCAA Changes Rules Too Often

    by Theo Lawson August 2017

    Mike Leach isn't necessarily bothered by a recent NCAA ruling that disallows teams from holding multiple full-contact practices on the same day...

  • NCAA Rule Ends Two-a-Day Football Practices

    by Steve Megargee July 2017

    As part of its efforts to increase safety, the NCAA approved a plan this year that prevents teams from holding multiple practices with contact in a single day.