• Opinion: UNC Navigating NCAA Investigation Well

    by Ed Hardin April 2016

    The NCAA, apparently trying this case in real time with Carolina's help, is now looking at a condensed time frame and at what appears to be cushioned charges.

  • Brady Decision Aside, NFL Should Fix Discipline System

    by Nancy Armour April 2016

    Not so fast, NFL. Yes, the league was the "winner" in the latest round of Deflategate on Monday, with a federal appeals court reinstating Tom Brady's four-game suspension after deciding Roger Goodell has Wizard of Oz-like powers when it comes to player discipline. But read beyond the headline, and it's clear the three-judge panel from the 2nd Circuit found plenty of fault with the NFL in these endless hostilities. "Somewhat unorthodox" is how Judge Barrington Parker described the NFL's disciplinary system, in which Goodell acts as judge, jury and executioner.

  • Feds: Does Satellite Camp Ban Hurt Prospects?

    by Paul Myerberg April 2016

    The Justice Department has begun an informal inquiry into the topic of satellite camps by calling college football coaches, conference commissioners and college administrators, two people with knowledge of the matter told USA TODAY Sports.

  • Religious Liberty, LGBT Rights Debate Could Impact NCAA

    by Erik Brady and Scott Gleeson April 2016

    NCAA director of inclusion Amy Wilson says her organization respects the differing views of its diverse membership while also working with them to promote respect for all athletes.

  • North Carolina Receives Amended Notice of Allegations

    by Powell Latimer April 2016

    North Carolina received its amended notification of allegations from the NCAA on Monday, the school confirmed after multiple media reports. The Associated Press first reported the school 's receipt of the amended Notice of Allegations, which pushes the long-running NCAA investigation of UNC's academic fraud case one step closer to resolution.

  • Opinion: Unless NBA Moves All-Star Game, Threat Is Empty

    by Nancy Armour April 2016

    Inaction can be just as damaging as taking the wrong action. NBA Commissioner Adam Silver reiterated Thursday that the All-Star Game wouldn't be played in Charlotte next February if hatred, bigotry and discrimination continue to be the law of the land in North Carolina. He even went so far as to say the league has looked into alternate venues. But Silver also said he sees no reason to move the game now, thinking it's more effective to try to work with state officials than issue ultimatums or threats.

  • Beach Volleyball to Become Official HS Sport in Florida

    by Jason Scott April 2016

    Beginning in the spring of 2017, beach volleyball will become an official high school sport in the state of Florida.

  • IOC Concerned About Rio Olympic Venues

    by Chris McGaughey April 2016

    International sports federations expressed concern Tuesday over problems with venues for the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, including power failures at the gymnastics arena this week. Two top International Olympic Committee officials, meanwhile, will be dispatched to Rio for frequent visits to monitor the final preparations for South America s first games. Members of the Association of Olympic International Sports Federations reviewed the status of the Rio Games, which open in less than four months on Aug. 5.

  • Inside the NFL Scheduling Process

    by Sam Farmer April 2016

    Theirs is the NFL’s most secretive room. It’s on the fifth floor of the league’s Park Avenue headquarters, has glass that’s frosted opaque, soundproof walls, encrypted computers, and can be accessed only by a special key card. Even Commissioner Roger Goodell has to knock.

  • Emmert Owes $49K to Scholarship Fund

    by Brent Schrotenboer April 2016

    After becoming one of the nation's highest-paid public school presidents at the University of Washington, Emmert signed a pledge form that year to give some of his money back to the school -- $100,000 to go toward a scholarship fund.