• Senators Urge USA Hockey to End Dispute

    by Stephen Whyno March 2017

    Sixteen U.S. senators wrote a letter to USA Hockey's executive director Monday over their concerns about the treatment of the women's national team.

  • NCAA to Distribute $200M in Supplemental Funds

    by Courtney Cameron March 2017

    In a one-time supplemental distribution of $200 million, the NCAA will present Division I schools with sums between 165,000 and $1.3 million per school, dependent upon the number of athletic scholarships they awarded during the 2013-14 school year.

  • Opinion: NCAA, Return Final Four Banner to Memphis

    by Geoff Calkins March 2017

    The NCAA should let Memphis hang the Final Four banner it won in 2008, which is now stashed in a locked closet in the athletic office building, even though the NCAA couldn't prove Memphis did anything wrong.

  • Gloomy Outlook for Oakland Keeping Raiders

    by Tom Pelissero, @TomPelissero, USA TODAY Sports March 2017

    Last-ditch efforts by Oakland leaders to keep the Raiders from moving to Las Vegas haven't moved the ball with the NFL. In a letter to Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf, who publicly released additional details Friday of a plan the NFL deemed unworkable months ago, Commissioner Roger Goodell reiterated that key issues with the Oakland proposal remained unresolved. NFL owners will consider the Raiders' relocation application at the league meeting that began Sunday in Phoenix. "Despite all of these efforts, ours and yours, we have not yet identified a viable solution," Goodell wrote. "It is disappointing to me and our clubs to have come to that conclusion."

  • ‘One Turf Concept’ Offers Protocol for Multi-Sport Fields

    by Courtney Cameron March 2017

    World Rugby, FIFA and the International Hockey Federation (FIH) have joined forces in order to develop a new, universal protocol for multi-sport playing fields.

  • NCAA Stands Firm on HB 2 Stance, Warns North Carolina

    by Jeff Mills March 2017

    Last year, the NCAA Board of Governors relocated NCAA championships scheduled in North Carolina because of the cumulative impact HB 2 had on local communities' ability to assure a safe, healthy, discrimination-free atmosphere for all those watching and participating.

  • N.C. Bill Seeks Student-Athlete Advocacy Commission

    by Courtney Cameron March 2017

    In a bill filed Tuesday, North Carolina lawmakers proposed the creation of the Legislative Commission on the Fair Treatment of College Student-Athletes. The purpose of the commission would be to advocate on behalf of student-athletes by investigating their concerns within the University of North Carolina system.

  • Opinion: NBA Addressing Rest Issue in Wrong Way

    by Nancy Armour March 2017

    Coaches and general managers are entrusted to decide what is best for their players and teams, and asking owners to overrule them puts everyone in dangerous territory.

  • Minnesota Provost Clears Three Players in Assault Case

    by Courtney Cameron March 2017

    In a final round of appeals, three Minnesota football players have been granted a reprieve from punishments stemming from sexual assault and harassment allegations made in September.

  • Opinion: NCAA's State Punishments Raise Red Flags

    by Ed Hardin March 2017

    Say what you will about the right to demonstrate or the right to free speech or the NCAA's right to make a stand, but North Carolina is getting ready to lose six years of tournaments over a law that restricts something that can't be policed.