• NCAA Punishes Pacific Basketball for Violations

    by Spokesman Review September 2017

    The men's basketball team at Pacific has been punished by the NCAA for academic and recruiting violations under former coach Ron Verlin. The NCAA said Wednesday that Verlin failed to promote an atmosphere of compliance when he violated academic misconduct and recruiting rules to get prospects eligible. He also failed to monitor his coaches and violated NCAA ethics rules when he encouraged others to give false information during the investigation.

  • NJ HS Football Playoff Proposal Includes Bowl Games

    by Phil Anastasia September 2017

    "Bowl games" that will bring New Jersey one step shy of state championships for public-school football are among the highlights of a new proposal to change the format of the sport, starting in the 2018 season.

  • Opinion: Mishandling of Assault Cases an Issue for ND

    by Nancy Armour September 2017

    A former female student at Notre Dame filed a lawsuit last month accusing the university of mishandling and then trying to cover up her allegations...

  • Ole Miss Officials to Make Case to NCAA

    by Antonio Morales September 2017

    So often for so long, University of Mississippi officials reiterated the school couldn't wait to tell its side of the story. Ole Miss will get its stage in front of the NCAA Committee on Infractions when its hearing begins Monday in Covington, Ky.

  • Opinion: Indiana, NCAA Let Student-Athlete Down

    by Greg Doyel September 2017

    An adult somewhere made a mistake, and then a group of adults made a different kind of mistake and now it's a kid who pays the price.

  • NCAA Proposal Would Nix Transfer Ineligibility

    by Courtney Cameron September 2017

    A revolutionary new proposal up for consideration by NCAA members would offer immediate playing eligibility to all Division I transfer students, with the sole requirement of meeting a minimum GPA.

  • Opinion: NCAA a Corrupt Institution

    by David Moon September 2017

    The NCAA's mission is "to be an integral part of higher education and to focus on the development of student-athletes." How do Tuesday-night games contribute to that goal? How about fake classes for athletes at the University of North Carolina? At least UNC defended itself against NCAA charges with a grotesque, but rare honest response, claiming that the NCAA lacked jurisdiction over its academic programs. So much for being "an integral part of higher education."

  • NCAA President Emmert Talks College Athletics Issues

    by Laken Litman August 2017

    With the football season nearing, The Indianapolis Star sat with NCAA President Mark Emmert to discuss various issues surrounding college sports. Q: The NCAA recently instituted a new sexual violence policy, which was followed by eight U.S. senators writing a letter to the NCAA asking what it will take to develop a uniform policy dealing with recruits and transfers who have a history of sexual assault. What do you think? A: I think they're asking a lot of good and important questions, particularly questions that have to be answered in conjunction with the rest of higher education. This isn't an athletic issue, it's a higher ed issue. It's not even a higher ed issue, it's a societal issue, but we want to and what the committee (commissioned to combat campus sexual violence) is going to do, is work with higher education leaders so that athletics can be a leader in trying to drive some change around those kinds of questions.

  • Olympian Aly Raisman Criticizes USA Gymnastics

    by Nancy Armour August 2017

    Three-time Olympic gold medalist Aly Raisman criticized USA Gymnastics and the U.S. Olympic Committee for their response to the sport's sexual abuse crisis, saying she thinks they're more concerned about sweeping it under the rug or protecting themselves legally than making sure it never happens again. In a joint interview with USA TODAY Sports and the Associated Press on Saturday, Raisman said revelations of widespread abuse by longtime team physician Larry Nassar and the reaction by the governing bodies have colored the way she views her sport.

  • Opinion: Reclassification the Latest NCAA Scam

    by Phil Mushnick August 2017

    Time will tell if the TV-delivered and sustained myth that Duke basketball is a high-integrity, uncompromising program that produces championships and legitimate student-athletes will persist this season.