• Inside the NFL Scheduling Process

    by Sam Farmer April 2016

    Theirs is the NFL’s most secretive room. It’s on the fifth floor of the league’s Park Avenue headquarters, has glass that’s frosted opaque, soundproof walls, encrypted computers, and can be accessed only by a special key card. Even Commissioner Roger Goodell has to knock.

  • Emmert Owes $49K to Scholarship Fund

    by Brent Schrotenboer April 2016

    After becoming one of the nation's highest-paid public school presidents at the University of Washington, Emmert signed a pledge form that year to give some of his money back to the school -- $100,000 to go toward a scholarship fund.

  • NBA Could Approve Jersey Ads for 2017-'18 Season

    by Jason Scott April 2016

    A vote among NBA owners scheduled to take place this week may allow for advertisements on NBA jerseys, according to ESPN.

  • Bribes in Brazil: Corruption Overshadowing Olympics

    by Taylor Barnes April 2016

    Four months before the opening ceremony of the Rio Games, investigators said the probe had found evidence of bribes potentially paid in two key Olympic works, including an urban renewal project in Rio's historic port zone and a new metro line.

  • NCAA Puts Moratorium on New Bowl Games

    by Matt Murschel April 2016

    The NCAA is putting a three-year moratorium on adding any new bowls games. The NCAA Division I Council approved the measure Friday after receiving a recommendation from the Football Bowl Games Ad Hoc Working Group.

  • HS Association Votes to Maintain Playoff Format

    by Telegram & Gazette Staff April 2016

    When the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association adopted a statewide high school football playoff format in 2012, it was billed as a pilot program that would be revisited after two years. That deadline came and went, but opponents finally got their long-awaited opportunity to hold a second vote on whether to continue with a system that has led to six state champions being crowned each of the past three seasons on a Super Bowl Saturday at Gillette Stadium. But what was expected to be closely contested turned out to be a rout as representatives from 266 of the MIAA’s 379 member schools voted, 161-105, to continue with the current format.

  • HS Athletes Committing to Colleges Earlier Than Ever

    by Phil Anastasia April 2016

    In one strange sense, Jack Herman was a college baseball player before he was a high school baseball player. As odd as that sounds, Herman's decision to orally commit to accept a baseball scholarship from the University of Maryland before playing his first game for Eastern High School in Voorhees, Camden County, was only an extreme example of an expanding trend. More high school athletes, especially in sports such as baseball and lacrosse, are committing earlier to colleges, many coaches say.

  • Massachusetts May Abandon HS Football Playoff Format

    by Rich Garven April 2016

    What was years in the making could be dismantled in a matter of hours when the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association holds its annual meeting Friday at the DoubleTree Hotel in Milford. One of the most divisive issues on the docket deals with the fate of the high school football playoff format, which has been in effect for the past three years but could be terminated after the 2016 season. The MIAA’s 379 member schools, whether they field a football team or not, will each have the opportunity to cast a vote to either retain the statewide tournament system or replace it with an alternative — and unknown — postseason plan. A simple majority will determine the outcome.

  • Bills Owners Can't Dodge Stadium Discussion

    by AB Staff March 2016

    Terry and Kim Pegula haven't uttered a peep since a recent News story made it clear that their fellow NFL owners want the Bills to start giving serious consideration to a new stadium.

  • District Grants Gym Class Exemptions After Appeal

    by Madhu Krishnamurthy March 2016

    Elgin schools officials have reversed earlier decisions to deny physical education exemptions to dozens of high school juniors, mostly from Bartlett High School, after an appeals process. In February, nearly 45 Bartlett High School students urged the Elgin Area School District U-46 school board to allow exemptions for gym class for next school year. The students denied exemptions were among the top achievers, taking honors and Advanced Placement courses, and belonging to the school's Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Academy.