• Ohio U.'s $6.5M Student-Athlete Center Sparks Debate

    by Courtney Cameron July 2017

    Ohio University is fielding some debate over the construction of the new Perry & Sandy Sook Academic Center, an academic support space dedicated to the campus’ 425 student-athletes.

  • Tennessee Pioneers Safety Rating for Youth Leagues

    by Courtney Cameron June 2017

    This week, Vanderbilt University in Nashville partnered with the Tennessee Department of Health to develop the nation’s first statewide safety rating for youth sports.

  • Law Professor Promotes Way to Pay College Athletes

    by Paul Steinbach June 2017

    It's called the Duke Model for a number of reasons. Its architect attended Duke University's School of Law, the Blue Devils basketball program is emblematic of big-time college sports, and the Rice Model sounded too agricultural for David Grenardo, who played football for the Owls in the mid-1990s. People are just starting to digest Grenardo's writings on collegiate student-athlete compensation, which suggest athletic conferences control payment amounts based on their own purse and individual performance — a player's availability (games started) and statistical impact (categories led), as well as conference members' post-season success. Poised to see his 46-page work published this year by the Brooklyn Law Review, the author believes this to be a better approach than the type of free-market system being fought for in the ongoing Jenkins v. NCAA class action. AB senior editor Paul Steinbach asked Grenardo, an associate professor of law at St. Mary's University in San Antonio, to make his case.

  • Supreme Court to Hear Case on NCAA Sports Betting

    by Dan Wolken June 2017

    The Supreme Court announced Tuesday that it would hear a case that could determine whether the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act is legal.

  • USA Gymnastics Report: Culture Must Change

    by Nancy Armour and Rachel Axon June 2017

    USA Gymnastics needs a "complete cultural change" after not doing enough to educate its staff, members and athletes about protecting children from sexual abuse and failing to ensure that safeguards were being followed, according to a critical review by a former federal prosecutor. The safety and well-being of the governing body's athletes, not world and Olympic medals, must be the focus, Deborah Daniels said in her 100-page report, which was released to the public Tuesday. She also said membership in USA Gymnastics should be "revoked if policies are not followed." The USA Gymnastics board was unanimous in accepting the 70 recommendations Daniels made, chairman Paul Parilla said Monday night. "What we've recommended will take time and strategic planning and execution to implement," Daniels said on a call late Monday with USA TODAY Sports and selected other news outlets. "But if USA Gymnastics does as they have said they will today, adopt these recommendations and implement them effectively, it's poised, I would think, to be in the forefront of the U.S. Olympic movement in the protection of athletes from abuse."

  • Horizon League Welcomes IUPUI for 2017-18

    by Jay Morrison June 2017

    The Horizon League Board of Directors on Wednesday voted unanimously to approve Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis as a league member. IUPUI replaces Valparaiso, which left to join the Missouri Valley Conference last month. The Jaguars officially will join the Horizon League on Saturday and will begin competing in the 2017-18 academic year. "We are excited to welcome IUPUI to the Horizon League family," Commissioner Jon LeCrone said in a statement. "The Jaguars bring us tremendous competitive potential, particularly in men's basketball, along with an engaged and energized city. Their addition solidifies our broad community partnerships in Indianapolis and is the right school at the right time."

  • Must Youth Sports Groups Protect Fans from Assault?

    by John Wolohan and Fei Gao June 2017

    According to the National Alliance for Youth Sports (NAYS), youth sports provide a number of physical and social benefits. Youth sports allow children to develop new friendships, be physically active and learn how to work and play with others as part of a team. However, youth sports are not without problems — the biggest of which, according to NAYS, is adults.

  • Vail Recreation District Mulls New Property Tax

    by Courtney Cameron June 2017

    Still feeling the repercussions of the 2008 recession, and now in the midst of a state-wide housing market boom, the Vail Recreation District finds itself scraping for funds at a time when its facilities are in need of significant improvements.

  • U. of Tennessee Committee to Oversee Athletics

    by Rachel Ohm June 2017

    Members of a new University of Tennessee Board of Trustees committee are working to figure out what their role will be as they strive to provide oversight and accountability of the university's intercollegiate sports programs.

  • College of Charleston Investigating Baseball Coach

    by Andrew Miller June 2017

    College of Charleston baseball coach Matt Heath is under investigation by school officials after complaints from former players about alleged abusive behavior by the head coach over the past two seasons, a source close to the athletic department told The Post and Courier on Monday.