• By Offering Immunity, NCAA Advances Investigations

    by Dan Wolken February 2017

    The NCAA enforcement staff has submitted 30 cases to the Committee on Infractions since Jan. 1, 2016, with seven in the processing phase and 59 more being investigated.

  • Big 12 to Withhold Some Revenue from Baylor

    by Spokesman Review February 2017

    The Big 12 says it will withhold 25 percent of Baylor's share of conference revenue until an outside review of the athletic department determines whether the school is in compliance with conference regulations and Title IX guidelines following its sexual assault scandal that has rocked the school.

  • Baylor Coach Arrested; Supporters Demand Reform

    by Courtney Cameron February 2017

    On Tuesday, a letter was issued to the Baylor University school board by the Bears for Leadership Reform, a group composed of thousands of Baylor supporters, voicing concern over the effectiveness of university leadership as allegations continue to surface among athletics department students and staff. The letter was signed by 14 former Baylor regents, 3 of whom have served as chairman of the board.

  • Minnesota Announces Discipline for Football Players

    by Spokesman Review February 2017

    The University of Minnesota panel that heard the case of alleged involvement by 10 football players in a sexual assault on campus has upheld recommended punishment for five of them and overturned or reduced discipline for the other half.

  • NCAA Agrees to $208.7M Settlement Payout

    by Marisa Kwiatkowski February 2017

    The NCAA has agreed to pay nearly $208.7 million to settle part of a class-action lawsuit filed by student athletes who claimed the amount of scholarship money they could receive was unfairly capped below the actual cost of attending college.

  • Baylor Produces Text Evidence; Briles Drops Libel Suit

    by Courtney Cameron February 2017

    A new lawsuit was filed Thursday by seven Baylor officials, several school regents and the interim university president among them, accusing former head football coach Art Briles and other members of the athletics administration of conspiring to keep hidden multiple counts of athlete misconduct.

  • NFLPA Officials Talk Concussion Protocol, Other Issues

    by Bob Glauber February 2017

    NFL Players Association president Eric Winston pressed the league Thursday for a better adherence to a recently revamped concussion protocol system in which the league and players union jointly determine whether proper assessments are made during games.

  • NCAA Upholds Show-Cause Penalty Against Tyndall

    by Dan Wolken February 2017

    The NCAA infractions appeals committee upheld all penalties against former Tennessee and Southern Mississippi basketball coach Donnie Tyndall, including a 10-year show-cause, one of the most severe penalties in NCAA history, according a person with knowledge of the decision.

  • NCAA Hopes to Refine Tourney Selection with More Data

    by Dayton Daily News February 2017

    The NCAA has used the RPI as a metric to help it pick the NCAA Tournament field for more than three decades. The analytics system may be ready for an upgrade.

  • MLB's Cardinals Punished for Hacking Scandal

    by Bob Nightengale January 2017

    The St. Louis Cardinals' long-awaited punishment Monday for their computer hacking scandal can't possibly be judged by its monetary value or even the loss of valuable draft picks. Their $2million fine won't even buy you a utility infielder these days. And the Cardinals' forfeiture of their top two picks in the June draft were only the 56th and 75th picks, already having sacrificed their first-round pick with the signing of free agent center fielder Dexter Fowler. The two picks, more important, will cost them $1.853million in slot money they no longer can spend in the draft.