• NCAA Bans SMU Hoops from Postseason, Coach Suspended

    by Jason Scott September 2015

    The NCAA has banned SMU men’s basketball from 2016 postseason play, and has suspended coach Larry Brown for 30 percent of his team’s games due to a lack of head coach control.

  • NCAA Leaders Could Be Losers in Daily Fantasy Game

    by Ryan Kartje, The Orange County Register September 2015

    On DraftKings, the most prominent site in this rapidly burgeoning industry of daily fantasy, one could have played UCLA freshman quarterback Josh Rosen for Saturday's game against Arizona for a mere $7,600 of a $50,000 salary cap.

  • Coach Admits to Ordering Hit on Ref, Resigns, Recants

    by Jason Scott September 2015


    The assistant coach of the two Texas high school football players who blindsided a referee during a game earlier this month has resigned.

  • Penn State Lauded for Ethics Progress, Tension Remains

    by Erin McCarthy September 2015

    The latest review of Penn State's ethics and compliance in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky child sex-abuse scandal mostly lauded the university's progress. In fact, its progress in reforming policies so impressed Charles Scheeler, the independent athletics integrity monitor, that he recommended his scrutiny conclude two years early. But a two-paragraph section of the report under the subhead "Football" was less complimentary. "There is evidence of increased tension, and a mutual lack of trust, between the head football coach and University athletics compliance staff," the report reads.

  • Big 12 Commissioner: College Athlete Strike Is Coming

    by Jason Scott September 2015

    When football players at Northwestern University failed in their effort to form a union in August, some thought the issue of labor in college sports would go away entirely.

    Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby is not one of those people.

  • Mascot Debate Resurfaces at School Board Meeting

    by Karen Robinson September 2015

    Lancaster's first School Board meeting of the new school year turned into a deja vu moment, with renewed criticism about the district's recent mascot change to the Legends.

  • UND President Got Harassing Emails Over Nickname

    by Anna Burleson September 2015

    In July, UND President Robert Kelley received an email from someone who wrote he or she hoped Kelley would "die." It was one of several UND police think is from the same Fargo man: William Ragan. He started emailing Kelley in January about his displeasure with the school's nickname process and retirement of the Fighting Sioux logo, officials said.

  • High Schools to Control Division Setup in Realignment

    by Mark Stewart, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel September 2015

    One of the themes to the conference realignment discussion Monday at the was the desire for local control in the matter. Well, there will be plenty of local control in the plan associate director Deb Hauser plans to present to the Board of Control Oct. 9. She provided details Wednesday in an email to the affected schools, placing 29 of the 45 schools into one league and leaving it up to those schools to determine what divisional alignment works for them.

  • Rutgers Football Coach Fined, Suspended Three Games

    by Commercial Appeal September 2015

    Rutgers has suspended football coach Kyle Flood for three games and fined him $50,000 for contacting a faculty member over a player’s grade — an issue separate from a string of recent player arrests. Rutgers President Robert Barchi announced the punishment Wednesday, a day after he said he received an internal investigative report that found a professor felt pressured by Flood into allowing a player to complete an additional assignment in an attempt to improve his grade.

  • Kyle Flood's Actions Speak Loudly in Rutgers Report

    by Mike Jensen September 2015

    There was a meeting in front of the Princeton Public Library, miles from the Rutgers campus, between the Rutgers head football coach and a Rutgers professor, the coach purposely not wearing any Rutgers gear so he wouldn't be recognized in public. That's your latest from Rutgers University, straight from a Rutgers internal investigation report. Rutgers coach Kyle Flood wanted to see if a grade could be changed for cornerback Nadir Barnwell. The athletic department's academic advisers directly involved in the case said they had advised Flood against contacting the professor - and they ultimately blew the whistle. On Wednesday, Rutgers, responding to that whistle, which became public, announced Flood would be suspended for three games, starting immediately. The school also fined its coach $50,000.