• NFL Voluntarily Opts to Drop Tax-Exempt Status

    by Stephen Dinan, THE WASHINGTON TIMES April 2015

    Commissioner Roger Goodell said complaints that the wealthy league was skimming millions of dollars from taxpayers had become a "distraction."

  • How Is South Carolina Reclassification Going to Work?

    by Lake Morris April 2015

    Last week the South Carolina High School League’s (SCHSL) executive committee held its April meeting, and the board approved, among other things, adding a competition classification by creating AAAAA starting in 2016.

  • NFL Institutes Mandatory Violence Seminar for Rookies

    by Lindsay H. Jones, USA TODAY Sports April 2015

    The program features blunt definitions of what domestic violence and sexual assault entail as well as examples of scenarios that could be considered as or escalate into such crimes.

  • San Francisco Nears Smokeless Tobacco Ban at City Fields, Including Giants' AT&T Park

    by Michael Gaio April 2015

    San Francisco officials are on the verge of spitting out a rule that would ban smokeless tobacco from ball fields throughout the city, including the San Francisco Giants’ AT&T Park.

  • Florida Lawmakers Pave Way to Replace FHSAA

    by Jenna Buzzacco-Foerster April 2015

    Lawmakers on Wednesday attempted to put Florida’s long-standing high school sports authority on notice, passing legislation that gives the state education commissioner the authority to replace it.

  • Swinney on Full Cost of Attendance: 'It's a Nightmare'

    by A. Brenner, Post & Courier (Charleston, SC) April 2015

    Dabo Swinney has long been a staunch defender of the NCAA's college football system, and he's not sure recent pledges to provide full cost of attendance are the right call.

  • Schools Save: WIAA to Suspend Dues for Two Years

    by Mark Stewart, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Staff April 2015

    The decision will save the WIAA's 505 schools a combined $420,000 each year, executive director Dave Anderson said. It also will allow the WIAA to be free of indirectly receiving state tax dollars, which could work to its advantage if it had to defend against legal or legislative action.

  • SCHSL Tables Private School Issue, OKs 5-Class System

    by J. Hartsell, Post & Courier (Charleston, SC) April 2015

    The S.C. High School League decided Tuesday to divide its member schools into five classifications beginning in 2016-17, but punted on a proposal that would have forced private schools such as Bishop England to play up a class.

  • Bill Banning 'Redskins' Moniker Advances in California

    by Emily Attwood April 2015

    The state of California is poised to quell any further debate over whether “Redskins” is an inappropriate athletic team name once and for all. The California Racial Mascots Act, advanced to a state Assembly panel on Tuesday, would prohibit the use of the name by any public school beginning January 1, 2016. 

    “There is obviously a lack of respect when we allow teams to brand themselves with racial slurs,” said assemblyman Luis Alejo, the bill’s author. “The R-word was once used to describe Native American scalps sold for bounty, and in today's society it has become widely recognized as a racial slur.”

    There are currently four public schools in the state that use the name Redskins for their athletic programs. The affected schools would not be required to cease all use of the name. Items such as yearbooks and newspapers would not longer be able to utilize the name, but to prevent financial hardship, schools would be allowed to keep uniforms and other materials bearing the name, provided they have selected a new name. Under the legislation, schools would be able to purchase up to 20 percent of uniforms with the old name until 2019.

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    “Tulare Union Redskins are part of a long and proud tradition dating back to 1890,” Sarah Koligian, superintendent of Tulare Join Union High School District, one of the four holdout schools, told  SFGate. “Our school has worked closely with our local Indian tribes to include them in the discussion regarding how the Tulare Union Redskin depicts both pride and respect.”

    The bill, approved last month by the Assembly Education Committee, was approved by the Assembly Committee on Arts, Entertainment, Sports, Tourism and Internet Media but must go through another committee before advancing to the Assembly floor.

    “It’s a small thing we can do in California that is part of a national movement to phase out the use of racial slurs as mascots,” Alejo said.

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  • SEC Pushes NCAA for Cost-of-Attendance Transparency

    by Ben Frederickson, Knoxville News-Sentinel April 2015

    Beginning in August, college athletes across the country can receive increased scholarship payments that cover the full cost of attendance, the result of a January vote in which the five power conferences freed themselves to pay for more than just tuition, fees, room, board and books.