• NCAA Tourney May Mirror Approach to Football Playoff

    by Nicole Auerbach, USA TODAY Sports November 2014

    The first set of College Football Playoff rankings, released Oct.28, brought such buzz that some in the sports media compared it to Christmas. And it hasn't waned since.

  • UT Football Players Suspended Amid Rape Allegations

    by Dustin Dopirak, Knoxville News-Sentinel November 2014

    Butch Jones’ weekly press conference on Monday was supposed to be one of the Tennessee coach’s most triumphant of the season, instead he had to discuss disciplinary issues.

  • Opinion: Time for FIFA to Come Clean

    by Nancy Armour,, USA TODAY Sports November 2014

    FIFA's announcement clearing Russia and Qatar to host the next two World Cups would be comical if it wasn't so pathetic.

  • Report: NCAA, Freeh Emailed During PSU Probe

    by Jeremy Roebuck and Angela Couloumbis November 2014

    Louis Freeh regularly conferred with the NCAA and kept its top officials informed as his firm investigated Pennsylvania State University's handling of the Jerry Sandusky scandal, according to e-mails unearthed by critics of Freeh and the league.

  • UNC Faculty Debate Role in Athletics Oversight

    by LAURA OLENIACZ; 919-419-6636 November 2014

    The debate at the Faculty Executive Committee meeting was sparked by a letter to the editor in The Daily Tar Heel by four faculty members that asked for more representation from College of Arts and Sciences faculty on a faculty committee that advises the chancellor on athletics issues.

  • Columnist: Key Is Not to Get Caught by NCAA

    by John Adams November 2014

    Tennessee fans probably are trying to decide whether they should be worried about their men’s basketball program. And not just because it has been picked to finish either last or second to last in the SEC this season.

  • Opinion: NCAA Rushed to Judgment in Penn State Case

    by Mike Sielskim, Inquirer Columnist November 2014

    Sometimes you'll hear a person or an organization or an institution described in inflammatory terms: power-hungry, arrogant, invasive, bullying. Still, even in our age of instant and oft-artificial outrage, it's rare that the person or organization or institution actually meets the measure of those epithets, actually behaves in a manner consistent with the very worst expectations we have for it.

  • Emails: NCAA Attempted to Bluff Penn State on Sanctions

    by Frank Fitzpatrick and Erin McCarthy; Inquirer Staff Writers November 2014

    The NCAA apparently was so intent on punishing Pennsylvania State University that it overlooked questions about its authority to do so, according to e-mails from the organization made public Wednesday.

  • Rice Case Puts Focus on NFL Commissioner Authority

    by Josh Peter, @joshpeter11, USA TODAY Sports November 2014

    Roger Goodell's authority as NFL commissioner is on trial as part of Ray Rice's appeal of his indefinite ban from the league.

  • Opinion: Peterson's Return to NFL Could Be Learning Tool

    by Nancy Armour,, USA TODAY Sports November 2014

    Imagine the difference Peterson can make if he's allowed to bring the bright spotlight of the NFL to an issue that, for too long, has been hidden away as a dirty family secret. Or excused because of cultural or regional differences.