• Legal Battle Involving Ice Arena, Water Leak Gets Political

    by Thomas J. Prohaska October 2014

    LOCKPORT - Democrats are accusing Corporation Counsel John J. Ottaviano of ethics violations regarding his dual role as the city's attorney and the president of the not-for-profit group that built Cornerstone Arena, the new ice rink. City Democratic Chairman Edward W. Tracy said Tuesday that he was directed by committee members at a recent meeting to send the city a letter challenging Ottaviano's role and seeking an investigation by the Board of Ethics.

  • NFL Begins Testing Players for Human Growth Hormone

    by Gary Mihoces, USA TODAY Sports October 2014

    For the first time, the NFL began random testing Monday for human growth hormone. This isn't the last battle against performance-enhancing drugs, but it is the latest.

  • Domestic Violence Tops NFL Owners' Meeting Agenda

    by Jim Corbett, and Lindsay H. Jones October 2014

    Commissioner Roger Goodell will engage in a comprehensive dialogue concerning new ways to tackle the biggest issues embroiling the NFL and his leadership when the league's owners converge here today for quarterly meetings.

  • MSHL Delays Vote on Transgender Athlete Policy

    by DAVID LA VAQUE; STAFF WRITER, STAR TRIBUNE (Mpls.-St. Paul) October 2014

    While expressing support for the intent behind guidelines for transgender athletes to take part in high school sports, the Minnesota State High School League decided - amid a deluge of public outcry - to think about it a bit longer.

  • Opinion: Four-Year Scholarships a Positive Move for USC

    by Brad Senkiw October 2014

    South Carolina made a serious decision when the school announced last week it would start guaranteeing some student-athletes four-year scholarships, instead of the typical one-year program set up at most schools.

  • Power Conferences Make Proposals on New NCAA

    by Michael Gaio October 2014

    The Big Ten announced a set of initial recommendations for the NCAA on Wednesday designed to "provide enhanced benefits for student-athletes that are members in good standing with their individual universities as part of the NCAA's new autonomy governance structure." The announcement came just a day after the ACC made a similar statement and on the same day the Pac-12 announced it too had notified the NCAA of forthcoming proposals.

  • In Wisconsin, WIAA Closer to Competitive Equity Plan

    by Mark Stewart Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel October 2014

    Last winter the Six Rivers Conference pushed the issue of competitive equity, which led the WIAA Board of Control to create an ad hoc committee to study the issue.

  • NFL Players Not Buying Goodell's Accountability on Abuse

    by Nancy Armour,, USA TODAY Sports September 2014

    After being on the receiving end of his authoritarian ways for years, players want to know where the accountability is now that it's commissioner Roger Goodell who is in trouble.

  • NCAA's Emmert: Domestic Violence a School Issue

    by Bozeman Daily Chronicle September 2014

    NCAA president Mark Emmert believes it's the responsibility of individual schools to handle issues of domestic violence and sexual assault, and that a spate of recent cases reflect greater societal problems.

  • NBA, MLB Determined to Avoid Domestic Abuse Blindside

    by John Smallwood; Daily News Staff Writer September 2014

    In reaction to NFL counterpart Roger Goodell's months of fumbling the issue of domestic violence and the extremely negative response the NFL has received, Silver is making plans for the NBA to come up with concrete policies to confront possible situations.