• Growth, Money Continue to Drive College Football

    by Dayton Daily News August 2016

    Like the universe, college football keeps expanding. More teams. More games. More money. The sport stretches on and on, year after year. Manifest destiny will play out Saturday in the form of a scarlet-and-gray religious rite as Ohio State begins its season against Bowling Green.

  • Documentary Film Delves into NCAA Exploitation

    by August 2016

    For decades there has been a thriving, billion-dollar business in America that fixes prices, engages in unfair labor practices, exploits the labor of the young and poor (and often black), denies them basic civil rights enjoyed by their fellow citizens, and does all of this right out in the open, with the full knowledge of the courts and the public. College football - it lives by a different set of laws, and very little has changed despite all the hand-wringing in recent years.

  • Opinion: Youth Sports Need Consistent Age Grouping

    by Bucky Gleason August 2016

    A few years ago, a study found that 36 percent of players drafted by teams in the NHL were born in the first three months of the year while only 14 percent were born in the final three months. The conclusion suggested older kids, some by nine months or more, had more opportunities to develop in youth hockey.

  • Schedule Strength Issues May Hurt FCS Teams

    by John O'Connor August 2016

    The ACC is considering changing from an eight-game league obligation to a nine-game requirement. If that happens, it may affect how some members view FCS games. FBS teams annually play 12 regular-season games and a proposed ACC scheduling model designed to provide attractive content for the new ACC Network could reduce games against the FCS.

  • Expanding Sports Tourism a Numbers Game

    by Brent Batten August 2016

    A sports tourism study under consideration by Collier County commissioners puts up some big numbers. As in, "$58 million to build a new multi-sport complex hosting 400 events annually bringing 265,000 visitors to the county every year."

  • MLB Considering Changes to Boost Offense, Pace

    by Bob Nightengale August 2016

    Major League Baseball, alarmed by the game's lack of action this season, is considering making the most radical changes to the game in more than a century. Commissioner Rob Manfred said baseball is contemplating everything from altering the strike zone to limiting the number of pitching changes in a game, to curtailing the number of shifts, to even installing 20-second time clocks for pitchers. If these changes are implemented, it would lead to perhaps the most radical rule changes since 1889, when baseball reduced the number of balls to constitute a walk to four. Certainly, it would have more impact than the American League instituting the designated hitter in 1973.

  • HS Teams Adjust to Reclassification, Realignment

    by Lake Morris August 2016

    One question comes to mind after the South Carolina High School League (SCHSL) voted to reclassify the state: What region are the teams in now? Back in the spring, the SCHSL voted to expand the state from four classifications to five. The move was done, the SCHSL said, to level the playing field because of the large enrollment disparity in what was Class AAAA. But reclassification, along with realignment that is done every two years, has pushed the state of South Carolina athletics into a new era.

  • NFL Demands to Hear from Players Accused of PED Use

    by Dan Spears August 2016

    The NFL's senior vice president of labor policy and league affairs, Adolpho Birch, sent a letter Monday to the NFL Players Association detailing a plan to indefinitely suspend James Harrison, Clay Matthews, Julius Peppers and Mike Neal if they don't speak with the league by Aug. 25 as part of its investigation into an alleged link to performance-enhancing drugs.

  • School Board Okays $354K Field Improvement Project

    by Joe Napsha August 2016

    The Norwin School Board took a step Monday toward fulfilling a promise it made to its high school baseball supporters by authorizing $354,600 in improvements to ensure the team has a home field next season.

  • Big Question for Big 12: Add Two, or Four?

    by Phil Stukenborg August 2016

    These are crazy, ever-changing, intense times in the Big 12 Conference, the Power Five league that dropped a mini-bombshell — at least according to national media who follow the league — on July 19 when it was announced thought-to-be-shelved expansion would be explored.