• Lawsuit Calls NCAA, Five Conferences an 'Unlawful Cartel'

    by Super User March 2014

  • Opinion: Is It Time to Dump Conference Tournaments?

    by PAUL NEWBERRY March 2014

    ATLANTA — Looking around at all the empty seats at the Georgia Dome, one can’t help but wonder if conference tournaments have outlived their usefulness. Sure, the Southeastern Conference’s postseason shindig is a bit of an anomaly — a tournament being played in a lame-duck city, at a domed football stadium with far more capacity than is needed, after a ho-hum year where no team stood out except for No. 1 Florida.

  • Editorial: Should $325K Be Spent on Pickleball?

    by The Gazette editorial March 2014

    Pickleball. That was an answer given by City Councilman Don Knight after Mayor Steve Bach asked council members to look for ways city government might help stimulate economic growth. Bach shared the results of a U.S. Department of Labor report that said the metro area had not seen a net jobs increase in 13 years but had grown by about 100,000 residents. Retirees are moving in, and young people are leaving. With fewer young adults, dependence will grow and production will shrink. Bach's email spoke about his hope for a revival of the airport, the new lease of the city's hospital system to University of Colorado Health and four development proposals collectively known as City for Champions. He hopes all will attract and/or employ young professionals, often referred to as millennials.

  • NJSIAA Mulls Neutral Sectional Title Sites for Basketball

    by Phil Anastasia; Inquirer Staff Writer March 2014

    In response to popular demand, the NJSIAA has formulated a plan to move sectional-title games in boys' and girls' basketball back to neutral sites. But the change might not happen until 2016, if at all, NJSIAA director Larry White, who oversees the sport for the organization, said Thursday. "That might be a more practical start for this," White said of 2016's being the appropriate time to implement his plan to stage sectional finals for boys' and girls' basketball at one college site in a format similar to the public-school football finals.

  • FAMU Band Hazing: Charges Dropped Against 911 Caller

    by Mark Niesse; Staff March 2014

    Florida prosecutors have dropped charges against a former band member who called 911 after Florida A&M University drum major Robert Champion was beaten during a hazing ritual.

  • City's Little League Suspended Over Bloated Board


    Less than a week after celebrating opening day, about 700 children in the Newport Beach Little League suddenly found their season in limbo. The president of the organization, Gary Borquez, notified the players and their parents Wednesday that the league had been suspended indefinitely for reportedly not complying with rules and regulations of Little League Baseball.

  • TSSAA Votes to Study Complete Public-Private Split

    by Stephen Hargis March 2014

    After more than an hour of discussion Wednesday m During the discussion leading up to the vote, TSSAA executive director Bernard Childress laid out several frank scenarios that could negatively affect the public schools and asked, "If you do this now, what will you do in two years when the complaint is about how to legislate city schools, special school districts and magnet schools that are winning most of the championships? Which will be the case. "Are you comfortable making a fundamental change in how the organization is structured after 89 years? What you have to ask yourselves is, is this about participation or is it about winning championships?" Representatives from both public and private schools then debated their conflicting views for several minutes before the council voted 7-2 to establish a committee to study the proposal, then present it to all member schools and poll them on how they would vote. According to council members, they will then cast their vote based on the desires of the majority of the schools they represent.

  • Tribe Praises Maine Schools' Efforts to Change Nicknames

    by Nell Gluckman BDN Staff March 2014

    - A four-year push to end the use of school nicknames such as Indians, Redskins and Warriors in Maine has led to multiple name changes, leading Penobscot Nation Chief Kirk Francis to reflect on the success of the statewide effort.

  • Legislation Seeks to Revive In-State Basketball Rivalry

    by Jim Camden, (509) 879-7461 March 2014

    State law would make the Huskies play the Zags in basketball every year under a proposal introduced Tuesday by a Spokane senator.

  • Blog: Every Athlete Deserves a Certified Athletic Trainer

    by Mike Hopper, Guest Contributor March 2014

    Youth sports injuries seem to continue to pile up. Unfortunately so do the fatalities. In recent years, we’ve heard about many football players who have died after suffering brain trauma. We’ve heard reports of athletes who have died of sudden cardiac death. And we’ve heard of athletes dying of heat illnesses such as exertional heat stroke or sickle cell anemia. In response to that, there have been significant regulations in the way of law or league policies for these various cases.