• Brady’s Suspension Overturned, Available for Week One

    by Jason Scott September 2015

    New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has had his four-game suspension over the “Deflategate” controversy overturned by a U.S. district judge.

  • TSSAA Approves Financial-Assistance Program, Other Proposals

    by Tom Kreager; Daily News Journal September 2015

    Tennessee Secondary Schools Athletic Association Executive Director Bernard Childress called it closing a loophole Tuesday. Private school administrators called it creating confusion as to where they fit in the high school athletic association. The loophole? While private schools providing need-based financial aid had been sent to compete in Division II, those that provided aid to immediate family members of athletes as well as work study had been allowed to remain in a division competing with public schools.

  • School District Working on Fixes to Athlete Transfer Policy

    by Nick Williams Tribune staff September 2015

    Three years after implementing a policy to deter students from transferring for athletic purposes, the Hillsborough County School District is still straightening out problems with the rule.

  • TSSAA Vote Likely to Send Private Schools to D-II

    by Stephen Hargis September 2015

    In what will be viewed as another landmark decision in the decades-old public-private school debate in Tenessee, the TSSAA passed a ruling Tuesday that likely will lead most private schools currently competing in Division I to move soon to Division II.

  • With No Settlement, Judge Will Rule on Deflategate

    by Wire services September 2015

    NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady attended last-minute settlement talks between the NFL and its players union Monday before a judge announced he would decide the dispute over deflated footballs with a ruling in a day or two. Everyone involved "tried quite hard" to reach a deal in the controversy that has hung over professional football since New England easily won the AFC title game in January, U.S. District Judge Richard Berman said in federal court in Manhattan.

  • TSSAA Council Meeting Today on Public-Private Debate

    by Stephen Hargis September 2015

    After much debate and delay, Tennessee's public-private school issue may finally take another step today toward being resolved in a way that satisfies both sides.

  • Volunteers Sought to Draft School's Conduct Code

    by Matt Hongoltz-Hetling September 2015

    Hartford -- Superintendent Tom DeBalsi has asked for volunteers to serve on a committee that would help draft a code of conduct for coaches, student athletes, parents and spectators at the Hartford School District's athletic events. During a School Board meeting last week, DeBalsi acknowledged it is an unusual way to draft a policy, but said theresult will have an effect on an unusually broad group of stakeholders. "This issue to me is a bigger issue," he said. "It's a community issue that needs to be addressed by the community."

  • Schools Somehow Find Money for Athlete Stipends

    by Bob Hunter August 2015

    A little over a year ago, doomsayers from college athletics began warning us all about the Armageddon that would follow cost-of-attendance payments to student-athletes. Bob Bowlsby, commissioner of the Big 12, said that if you like college athletics now, "you're going to hate it going forward." He predicted the end of Olympic sports -- those that do not generate revenue for their schools -- and a wider divide between the haves and have-nots. "I think (cost of attendance is) great," Bowlsby said in July 2014. "I think there are ways that it costs more than room, board, books, tuition and fees to go to school. But even in an environment where we have some additional revenue coming in, from television resources primarily, it is going to be very difficult for many institutions to fund that."

  • Player Abuse Probe Leads Illinois to Fire Football Coach

    by Jordan Wilson August 2015

    Around noon on Friday, Illinois quarterback Wes Lunt received a text message in class that told him there would be a team meeting at 1 p.m. at Memorial Stadium. His first thoughts were that someone was getting in trouble.

  • Questions About U. of Minnesota's Title IX Commitment

    by Maura Lerner; Brandon Stahl August 2015

    The month before he lost his job in a sexual harassment scandal, Norwood Teague was publicly professing his commitment to the law that forbids sex discrimination in college sports.