• ACC Announces Proposals Aimed at Student-Athletes

    by STAFF REPORTS December 2014

    The Atlantic Coast Conference has submitted three legislative proposals to the NCAA as part of the recently adopted Division I autonomy process as approved by the league's Council of Presidents, the conference announced Monday.

  • Winston Hearing Raises Legal Questions for Universities

    by Rachel Axon, USA TODAY Sports December 2014

    Nearly two years after Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston was accused of sexually assaulting a woman, a hearing scheduled to begin today to determine whether the star athlete violated the school's code of conduct also represents the most high-profile challenge to how universities handle such cases.

  • Alumni Trustees Seek Access to Sandusky Probe Docs

    by Susan Snyder; Inquirer Staff Writer December 2014

    About 3.5 million documents plus notes and e-mails are believed to be available from the report prepared by former FBI Director Louis Freeh, said Anthony P. Lubrano, one of the trustees seeking the documents.

  • NFL Report: Player Salaries Lag Behind Team Valuations

    by Frank Fitzpatrick December 2014

    While the NFL might be America's game, it can occasionally be as incomprehensible as cricket. There's the coded lingo quarterbacks shout at the line of scrimmage. There's the league's complex salary cap. There's Dan Snyder. But for me the league's least understandable element is something that ought to be simple to explain but never really has been: Why does the richest sports entity in the universe have the lowest average salary of any of the four major professional sports leagues? The NBA's average salary is $5.15 million. In MLB, it's $3.2 million, and in the NHL - a niche sport compared to football - it's $2.4 million.

  • Opinion: Rice's Return Should Hasten Goodell's Exit

    by Todd Harmonson December 2014

    Good for Ray Rice. He's a thug who knocked out his then-fiancee and dragged her out of an elevator. He's a social pariah who might never make another dime carrying a football. But he's no liar. If only we could say the same for Roger The Dodger Goodell, the future former commissioner of the NFL who needs to be carried out on the same shield he twisted the truth to try to protect.

  • IHSA Advances Proposal to Revamp Football Playoffs

    by Daily Herald report November 2014

    The Illinois High School Association's Legislative Commission voted Monday to refer six proposals to amend the IHSA constitution and bylaws to a vote of the general membership.

  • Campus Judicial Systems in Legal Gray Area

    by Collin Binkley, Mike Wagner, Jill Riepenhoff and Sara Gregory November 2014

    Those who work in the campus judicial system say that, because the private proceedings aren't bound by the laws and rules of criminal courts, they function differently and hold different standards. They point out that, legally, schools are allowed to enforce their own rules.

  • Opinion: If FSU Won't Punish Winston, NCAA Should

    by ZACH BRAZILLER November 2014

    The NCAA should do what Florida State refuses to do: Punish Jameis Winston for breaking a rule.

  • NCAA Tourney May Mirror Approach to Football Playoff

    by Nicole Auerbach, USA TODAY Sports November 2014

    The first set of College Football Playoff rankings, released Oct.28, brought such buzz that some in the sports media compared it to Christmas. And it hasn't waned since.

  • UT Football Players Suspended Amid Rape Allegations

    by Dustin Dopirak, Knoxville News-Sentinel November 2014

    Butch Jones’ weekly press conference on Monday was supposed to be one of the Tennessee coach’s most triumphant of the season, instead he had to discuss disciplinary issues.