• Proposal Would Pay Certain Clemson, USC Athletes

    by April 2015

    Football and basketball players at South Carolina and Clemson would be paid up to $5,000 per year under a proposal discussed Wednesday by state lawmakers.

  • Naming Field After Mayor Now Requires Super Majority

    by BOB BAUDER April 2015

    Pittsburgh has the bronze plaque emblazoned with "Ravenstahl Field," but it will take six City Council votes to officially name a North Side soccer facility for the former mayor.

  • Opinion: Sports and Indiana's Religious Freedom Law

    by Deron Snyder, The Washington Times March 2015

    We use sports as a respite, a means of escape from real-life issues that can keep us awake at night. However, although there are plenty of other forums to tackle potential third-rail topics such as politics, religion, socioeconomics, race and pop culture, our fun and games become a platform time and again.

  • School Official Seeks Mercy Rule for Prep Basketball

    by Ryan Bakken, Forum News Service March 2015

    William Shakespeare wrote: “The quality of mercy is not strained; it droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven upon the place beneath.” Jay Townsend, the school superintendent at Fairmount in North Dakota’s southeastern corner, agrees with England’s bard of centuries ago.

  • Ohio State's 'Fuel Zones' Reflect NCAA Rules Relaxation

    by Collin Binkley, The Columbus Dispatch March 2015

    In a new snack room for athletes at Ohio State University, players on the men's lacrosse team buzzed in after a recent practice and left with armloads of sandwiches, juice, yogurt. The snack room -- Ohio State calls it a "fuel zone" -- is one of two the university built this year to offer athletes a quick bite between practice and class.

  • NCAA Faces Questions About Regional Hockey Sites

    by The Bismarck Tribune March 2015

    The NCAA wants to take home-ice advantage away from its regional hockey tournaments. Yet, the effort to secure neutral sites reveals an imbalance between an electrifying atmosphere and hundreds of empty seats.

  • Virginia Governor to Declare Homeschoolers Ineligible

    by Harry Minium, The Virginian-Pilot March 2015

    HB 1626, sponsored by Del. Rob Bell, R-Albemarle County, was dubbed the Tebow bill after former University of Florida star and Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow, who played high school football in suburban Jacksonville, Fla., while being homeschooled.

  • Tennessee Fires Donnie Tyndall Amid NCAA Probe

    by Michael Gaio March 2015

    The University of Tennessee has fired men's basketball coach Donnie Tyndall, the school announced Friday morning. Gary Parrish of CBS Sports first reported Tyndall's departure.

  • Florida House Passes Bill to Overhaul Prep Sports

    by Nick Williams, Tribune staff March 2015

    The Florida House of Representatives' Education Committee approved a bill Thursday by a 12-5 vote that would overhaul the governance of state high school sports and allow students to transfer for athletic purposes without consequence.

  • USC 'Dismayed' with NCAA Bias in Bush Investigation

    by Michael Lev, staff writer, The Orange County Register March 2015

    USC expressed disappointment and dismay at the NCAA's handling of the Reggie Bush case after reviewing documents that indicate bias against the school on the part of college sports' governing body.