• Olympic Village, Security Among Rio's Biggest Concerns

    by Nancy Armour July 2016

    The good news for athletes scouring Rio's versions of Airbnb or Craigslist after finding a few, err, problems with the construction of the Olympic Village is that they only need to wait a few days. Not for fixes to be made. Given all the issues with wiring, plumbing and flooding, organizers will be lucky if all the buildings are ready before the Games open Aug. 5. It's not the first catastrophe-in-the-making to plague the Rio Olympics, and odds are it won't be the last. Another mess is sure to arise and push the shoddy construction in the Village from the spotlight and their list of concerns.

  • Expansion Talks Seep Into Mountain West Media Event

    by Steve Luhm July 2016

    With football realignment once again lurking in the background, the Mountain West Conference holds its annual preseason football media event this week at the Cosmopolitan Hotel. Players and coaches from all 12 schools will attend. So will commissioner Craig Thompson, who will likely be asked the same questions as a few years ago, when Utah, TCU and BYU left the conference and Boise State and San Diego State considered it.

  • Pulling All-Star Game Leaves N.C. Businesses Reeling

    by Ely Portillo July 2016

    Charlotte-area businesses have started adding up the losses after the NBA's decision to move the 2017 All-Star Game from Charlotte, and developer Johnny Harris says the long-term impact could be even worse. Out-of-state companies are more reluctant to consider relocating to Charlotte, Harris said. Hotels are scrambling to market rooms and event spaces they assumed would be booked in February. The Charlotte Hornets have lost out as entertainers cancel shows at the arena they run. Future sports events might stay away, and business owners such as custom clothier William Wilson are smarting from the lost possibilities. "I don't know what's going on in Raleigh, but it's having an effect here," said Wilson. He's run a high-end custom men's clothing store in South End for seven years and counts professional athletes among his clients. Wilson was planning to host an event for prospective clients during the All-Star Game in his shop and had lined up sponsors. He estimates he could have brought in $100,000 in new business had the event been a success. Wilson's lost chance is just one of many from an event that was supposed to be the biggest Charlotte had hosted since the 2012 Democratic National Convention.

  • Wis. School District Sues Over Realignment

    by Jason Scott July 2016

    A southeastern Wisconsin school district filed a lawsuit against the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association (WIAA) over a realignment proposal that is set to take effect for the 2017-2018 school year.

  • UConn AD Preps Big 12 Pitch

    by Charleston Gazette-Mail July 2016

    UConn's new athletic director says he's waiting to hear from the Big 12 about its interest level in the school before reaching out with an official pitch to join the conference.

  • Opinion: IOC Inaction on Russia Sends Wrong Message

    by Nancy Armour July 2016

    Integrity, decency, fair play — those are no longer the ideals on which the Olympic movement proudly and firmly stands. They have become chips to be bargained away in exchange for money, support and power.

  • WNBA Lifts Fines on Players, Teams for Protests

    by Worcester Telegram & Gazette July 2016

    The WNBA is withdrawing its fines for teams and players that showed support of citizens and police involved in recent shootings by wearing black warmup shirts before games.

  • NBA Pulls All-Star Game from Charlotte, Citing HB2

    by Tom Howell Jr. and Bradford Richardson July 2016

    The National Basketball Association on Thursday pulled the 2017 All-Star Game out of Charlotte, North Carolina, over the state's "bathroom bill," a law requiring that intimate public facilities be segregated on the basis of biological sex, not gender self-identification. The league said in a statement that holding the marquee midseason match-up in Charlotte is impossible given the "climate" created by state law HB2.

  • Despite Fines, WNBA Players Committed to Activism

    by Sal Cacciatore July 2016

    The WNBA has fined the Liberty, Phoenix Mercury and Indiana Fever and their players for wearing black warm-up shirts in the wake of recent shootings by and against police officers. All three teams were fined $5,000, and each player was fined $500.

  • As Network Brings ACC Stability, Big 12 Scrambles

    by George Schroeder July 2016

    It's no secret the TV climate has changed; the future for cable networks doesn't look bright. Which is why the Big 12, with only 11 million cable/satellite homes in its footprint (fewest of any Power Five conference) and more than half of those in Texas, saw its hopes for a conference network quashed by executives from ESPN and Fox this summer.