• Opinion: Will the NCAA Ever Penalize North Carolina?

    by Mark Wiedmer April 2017

    When is college athletics' governing body finally going to ban the University of North Carolina Tar Heels from playing in that tournament for its hosting of one of the worst academic fraud scandals in NCAA history?

  • North Carolina Will Again Host NCAA Events

    by Nicole Auerbach April 2017

    North Carolina is back in the NCAA's good graces — after the state repealed its controversial HB2 law last month — and will again host championship events.

  • Four Fired, One Suspended in HS Recruiting Probe

    by Courtney Cameron April 2017

    At a Board of Education meeting Wednesday night, a Patterson (N.J.) Eastside athletic director and two coaches were terminated following a series of investigations into the school’s recruiting practices.

  • Seven Cases That Shaped Sports Since 1977

    by John Wolohan and Gao Fei April 2017

    In April 1977, Jimmy Carter was just starting his fourth month as President of the United States. Elvis Presley died at age 42. The first Apple II computers went on sale, the World Trade Center in New York City was completed, and Americans were flocking to movie theaters to see the first "Star Wars." It was in this environment that the first issue of Athletic Purchasing and Facilities — the precursor to Athletic Business — was published.

  • N.C. House Bill Calls for Schools to Leave ACC if Boycott Recurs

    by Richard Craver April 2017

    A Republican-sponsored House bill would require North Carolina and N.C. State to withdraw from the ACC if the conference chooses to "boycott" the state.

  • Arm-Wrestling Competition Tests NFL Gambling Policy

    by Jarrett Bell April 2017

    Nearly three dozen NFL players were in Las Vegas last weekend for a competition that classically captures the macho spirit of football: arm wrestling. Dubbed the inaugural "Pro Football Arm Wrestling Championship" -- with heavyweight and light heavyweight crowns -- it's a made-for-TV deal, to air on CBS over two weekends this spring. But arm wrestlers beware. Roger Goodell and Co. lurk for a strong-arm takedown.

  • Female Athletes Score Wins in Fight for Equality

    by Anne M. Peterson April 2017

    The U.S. women's national soccer team struck a new collective bargaining agreement with their federation, ending more than a year of at times contentious negotiations, with players seeking comparable compensation to the men's national team.

  • IHSAA Wrestles with Public/Private School Problem

    by Gordon Engelhardt April 2017

    The IHSAA dealt with its postseason tournament conundrum by implementing the two-year tournament "success factor" in 2012, bumping up schools a class if they accumulated enough points the previous two seasons.

  • Northwestern Moves Friday Night Football Games

    by Jason Scott April 2017

    In November, the Big Ten’s announcement that it would schedule games on Friday nights was met with some backlash from coaches and fans.

  • Semifinalists Running Out of Time to Request Relocation

    by Courtney Cameron April 2017

    The results of this week’s regional quarterfinals have ensured that all four 6A Region I boys soccer semifinalists will be teams from Dallas-Fort Worth — who will be traveling five hours by bus to play each other in Midland.