• Pitch Count Rules Coming to HS Baseball Nationwide

    by Joe Sirera July 2016

    The National Federation of State High School Associations has decided it's time to protect baseball pitchers' arms.

  • KSHSAA Mulls Rule Change After Softball Controversy

    by Rick Peterson July 2016

    With inclement weather threatening state tournaments in several sports across the state, the KSHSAA was left scrambling to get tournaments completed while also abiding by regulations established by the National Federation of State High School Associations.

  • Opinion: MLB Should Fix All-Star Game Farce

    by Barry Rozner July 2016

    In the dream, Ron Manfred steps to the podium and smiles. The commissioner of baseball says that while he understands the reason why his predecessor decided to take an exhibition game and arbitrarily attach meaning to it, Manfred has concluded that homefield advantage in the World Series should be determined by the team having the best record during the 162-game regular season, during which each game counts in the standings. He means no disrespect to Bud Selig. In fact, he waited two All-Star Games and watched carefully the selections and management of the game itself, while weighing the arguments for and against.

  • Utah Considering Sanctioning Prep Lacrosse

    by Trevor Phibbs July 2016

    Many club sports prefer to remain unsanctioned for various reasons ccc particularly to avoid regulations and procedures established by the UHSAA — while others petition for inclusion, such as lacrosse, which is widely believed to be on the precipice of joining the realm of sanctioned sports.

  • Ga. Southern Staff Provided Academic Help to Players

    by Doug Roberson July 2016

    Georgia Southern's football team received several penalties on Thursday after the NCAA announced that an investigation found two former members of the athletic staff provided impermissible academic assistance to three players.

  • Horizon League to Change Basketball Tourney Format

    by Jay Morrison July 2016

    The HL Executive Council on Wednesday approved a revised tournament bracket, with one of the biggest changes on the men's side being the elimination of the double byes for the top two seeds

  • Proposal Looks to Ease Time Demands on Student-Athletes

    by Steve Berkowitz July 2016

    College athletes stand to gain greater flexibility regarding the time they are required to spend on their sports under a broad set of concepts unveiled Thursday by the Power Five conferences. The concepts include preventing schools from counting a travel day as the day off athletes are required to receive during the season, as well as provisions for additional time off and an eight-hour overnight period in which no required activities can occur.

  • AAU vs. High School, Which is Better for Basketball?

    by Erin McCarthy July 2016

    Many high school coaches want to build programs through teamwork, deep rosters, and tradition. AAU coaches want to showcase top players, entice coaches and recruiters to their games, and play at high levels every night.

  • Letter Calls on NCAA to Act on Abuse Allegations

    by Jason Scott June 2016

    In an open letter to the NCAA, a lawyer representing a former assistant gymnastics coach at Penn State calls for deeper NCAA investigations into allegations of abuse.

  • Report: Baylor Board of Regents Mulling Briles Comeback

    by Jason Scott June 2016

    According to multiple reports, Art Briles may not be done at Baylor after all.