• Florida Gators to Build Indoor Practice Facility

    by Michael Gaio January 2015

    It’s a new era for Florida football. The Gators recently hired a new coach in Jim McElwain and he’ll soon have a new practice facility for his team.

  • What Really Caused the Illnesses at Roby Gym?

    by Emily Attwood January 2015

    Two weeks after visiting basketball players and fans to Roby High School gymnasium in Texas reported sore throats, headaches and other symptoms, investigators have found the cause: a broken light.

    Administrators initially suspected a chemical irritant used on the bleachers to be the cause of visitors' symptoms, removing the bleachers last week and having them tested. Those tests came back negative for any sign of chemical over-concentration, leaving administrators to explore other possible causes. 

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    During the investigation, someone noticed that there was still an odor in the gym, despite the absence of the bleachers. The cause turned out to be a broken metal halide light above the visitors side bleachers, which was emitting UV rays. The UV ray exposure led to visitors' illnesses. 

    Roby superintendent Heath Dixon says that the school plans to replace all of the gym lighting with LED. Meanwhile, all light bulbs in the gym have been replaced with bulbs outfitted with an extra casing, which won't emit rays if broken.

  • Gym's Bleachers to Be Tested in Wake of Illnesses

    by Christopher Collins, Abilene Reporter-News January 2015

    Bleachers on the visiting side of Roby’s varsity basketball gym have been sent for testing of chemical irritants, according to Roby ISD Superintendent Heath Dickson.

  • Symptoms Subside for Fans, Players Who Visited Gym

    by Christopher Collins, Abilene Reporter-News January 2015

    About 130 students, faculty and parents who attended a series of Roby-Trent basketball games Tuesday complained of sore throats, headaches and swollen, irritated eyes. Other schools who have visited the gym this season made similar complaints.

  • School's Gymnasium Linked to Visitor Illnesses

    by Christopher Collins, Abilene Reporter-News January 2015

    The illness specifically has struck visiting basketball teams and the people who come to watch them play this season, leaving some with sore throats, headaches and swollen, itchy eyes.

  • New Domed School Gym Will Double as Disaster Shelter

    by Timothy Chipp 325-676-6776 Twitter: @TimothyChippARN January 2015

    Eastland Independent School District superintendent Jason Cochran said the domed building, expected to be completed by the summer, will provide an extra layer of security for everyone.

  • HS Players Use T-Shirts to Take a Stand... For a New Gym

    by EVAN F. MOORE December 2014

    Morgan Park High School's boys basketball team joined in on the recent trend of using T-shirts to take a public stand on an issue - though one not nearly as important as the national debate over police shootings of unarmed black men.

  • How to Keep Costly ‘Scope Creep’ at Bay When Building

    by Oliver Snider, Guest Contributor December 2014

    Reading The New York Times’ latest account of the costly and troubled World Trade Center Transportation Hub project, there came a point where I recognized that the scale of the disaster — $2 billion over budget and six years behind schedule — was all that separated that project from the typical campus project beset by scope creep.

  • Per Court Order, Gym Contract Goes to Low Bidder

    by BONNIE WASHUK, Staff Writer December 2014

    The job of building a new gym for Lisbon High School will go to the lowest bidder, the Lisbon School Committee decided Monday.

  • New Projects: Wilmington Center for Sport Sciences | Armed Services YMCA

    by Emily Attwood December 2014

    Breaking Ground