• U. of Georgia Indoor Practice Facility Finally on Table

    by Chip Towers; Staff February 2015

    The UGA Athletic Association Board of Directors will hear at its quarterly meeting about plans for an indoor practice facility to be built somewhere on campus within the next year or so.

  • Three Families Build Successful Training Complex

    by The Hutchinson News February 2015

    Tim and Jenny Cheatham, Jon and Amber Brown, Sausha and Greg Frieson opened the 365 Sports Complex in March and the people are coming.

  • Diamond Complex Hopes to Add Massive Indoor Facility

    by CHRISTOPHER KUHAGEN;, Lake Country Reporter (Hartland, WI) February 2015

    The Infinity Fields baseball and softball complex in the town of Waukesha could soon get a massive addition to its 31-acre site.

  • Dayton Dragons to Install $1M Video Board

    by By Dave Larsen February 2015

    The 2,050-square-foot, high-definition video board is the first-ever"13HD" video board for a minor league team.

  • Sports Complex Prospects Hinge on Prime Location

    by Chelsey Levingston February 2015

    A private developer's plan to build a new sports complex in Monroe is joining a crowded field, but the one thing in its favor is a location that is an already-established entertainment destination.

  • Gift to Cover Half of School's $1.37M Sports Building

    by Susan Dibble February 2015

    Wheaton's St. Francis High School will break ground this spring on a $1.37 million building to house some sports programs and accommodations for spectators.

  • Facility Arms Race Reaches the High School Level

    by JR Radcliffe, Brookfield Elm Grove Now January 2015

    Walk just west of Stadium Drive near the main entrance of Oconomowoc High School and peer down into what used to be known as the "shoe factory" property, to the base of the valley where a new softball field awaits. It's a beautiful setting - too beautiful to merely serve as home to freshman and JV games, as was initially intended within the Athletic Fields Forever project that renovated so many of the school's outdoor facilities.

  • Florida Gators to Build Indoor Practice Facility

    by Michael Gaio January 2015

    It’s a new era for Florida football. The Gators recently hired a new coach in Jim McElwain and he’ll soon have a new practice facility for his team.

  • What Really Caused the Illnesses at Roby Gym?

    by Emily Attwood January 2015

    Two weeks after visiting basketball players and fans to Roby High School gymnasium in Texas reported sore throats, headaches and other symptoms, investigators have found the cause: a broken light.

    Administrators initially suspected a chemical irritant used on the bleachers to be the cause of visitors' symptoms, removing the bleachers last week and having them tested. Those tests came back negative for any sign of chemical over-concentration, leaving administrators to explore other possible causes. 

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    During the investigation, someone noticed that there was still an odor in the gym, despite the absence of the bleachers. The cause turned out to be a broken metal halide light above the visitors side bleachers, which was emitting UV rays. The UV ray exposure led to visitors' illnesses. 

    Roby superintendent Heath Dixon says that the school plans to replace all of the gym lighting with LED. Meanwhile, all light bulbs in the gym have been replaced with bulbs outfitted with an extra casing, which won't emit rays if broken.

  • Gym's Bleachers to Be Tested in Wake of Illnesses

    by Christopher Collins, Abilene Reporter-News January 2015

    Bleachers on the visiting side of Roby’s varsity basketball gym have been sent for testing of chemical irritants, according to Roby ISD Superintendent Heath Dickson.