• Controlling Ceiling-Suspended Gymnasium Equipment

    by Paul Steinbach March 2007

    Control of equipment suspended from gymnasium ceilings has reached new levels of sophistication.

  • It Pays to Know How to Maintain the Roof Over Your Head

    by Andrew Cohen March 2007

    You can choose to leave the details to your architect or contractor, but ultimately it pays to know the composition of - and how to maintain - what's over your head.

  • Basketball and Football Practice Facility Design

    by Marvin Bynum March 2007

    It doesn't matter whether Your basketball and football practice facilities are plain or pretty. Just make sure they're well organized.

  • Managing the Construction Process from Excavation to Ribbon-Cutting

    by Erik Kocher March 2007

    Managing the construction process requires that clients be fully engaged and informed from the initial site excavation to the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

  • Ball Bearings

    by Paul Steinbach March 2007

    Players and Ph.D.s alike have taken shots at the projectiles used in professional basketball, football and baseball.

  • A New, Comprehensive Guideline Tests the DIN Standard

    by Marvin Bynum November 2006

    Europe's replacement of the DIN standard with a new, comprehensive guideline is bound to send shock waves across the Atlantic Ocean.

  • Facilities Rebound One Year After Hurricane Katrina

    by Michael Popke August 2006

    Fitness, recreation and athletic facilities rebound one year after Hurricane Katrina's wrath.

  • Zone Offense

    by Paul Steinbach April 2006

    Wall pad manufacturers and risk managers alike lobby for more room beyond court boundaries.

  • Grain Power

    by Aaron Brown January 2006

    When choosing a wood floor for your basketball court, think hard about how you want it to look -- and how you want it to play.

  • Sky's the Limit

    by Joel Loveland & Christopher Meek December 2005

    Once conceived as windowless boxes, gymnasiums are introducing daylight as a benefit for health-conscious users.