• A New, Comprehensive Guideline Tests the DIN Standard

    by Marvin Bynum November 2006

    Europe's replacement of the DIN standard with a new, comprehensive guideline is bound to send shock waves across the Atlantic Ocean.

  • Facilities Rebound One Year After Hurricane Katrina

    by Michael Popke August 2006

    Fitness, recreation and athletic facilities rebound one year after Hurricane Katrina's wrath.

  • Zone Offense

    by Paul Steinbach April 2006

    Wall pad manufacturers and risk managers alike lobby for more room beyond court boundaries.

  • Grain Power

    by Aaron Brown January 2006

    When choosing a wood floor for your basketball court, think hard about how you want it to look -- and how you want it to play.

  • Sky's the Limit

    by Joel Loveland & Christopher Meek December 2005

    Once conceived as windowless boxes, gymnasiums are introducing daylight as a benefit for health-conscious users.

  • Court Decision

    by Andrew Cohen April 2005

    Mega-gym proprietors bet millions on basketball and volleyball

  • Goal Oriented

    by Paul Steinbach April 2005

    Equipment manufacturers continue to make improvements to the basketball stanchion

  • Analyze These

    by Marvin Bynum November 2004

    Accurately calculating a sports suface's lifecycle cost depends on a combination of factors, including investments in installation and maintenance

  • Out of the Box

    by Andrew Cohen April 2003

    By tweaking the largest building systems or the smallest details, the basic gymnasium blueprint can be transformed into something special

  • Synthetic Surface Alternatives Find Niche in Multipurpose Gyms

    by Paul Steinbach November 2001

    Synthetic Surface Alternatives Have Found a Niche in Multipurpose Gyms