• North Carolina Rolls Out Online Gym Classes

    by The Herald-Sun (Durham, N.C.) July 2015

    North Carolina's Virtual Public School will be launching an online high school physical education class this fall.

  • Study: New P.E. Curriculum Improves Students' Fitness

    by Laura Godlewski July 2015

    A study by researchers at UCLA found that a physical education program that places fitness equipment in underserved schools and implements a curriculum based on boosting confidence and making fitness participation more enjoyable dramatically increases students’ performance on California’s standardized physical fitness test.

  • No Sign of CrossFit Boom Abating

    by Karen Price, Pittsburgh Tribune Review July 2015

    Jenn Murzyn opened her gym, CrossFit Athletics, in the South Side in 2010 when only a handful of gyms in the area were practicing the workout program founded 15 years ago in Northern California.

  • Keys to Success for Corporate Wellness Programs

    by Laura Delavan, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution July 2015

    Most business health care insurance models are designed around helping employees pay for checkups and immunizations, and covering the huge costs of major health events that put employees in the hospital or keep them off work.

  • Duke Football Alum Opens Youth Sports Training Center

    by John McCann, The Herald-Sun (Durham, N.C.) July 2015

    Something's missing in youth sports in Durham, former Duke football player Desmond Scott said. He said he'll fill in the blanks. "I honestly believe that as far as middle school and high school athletics, the teaching of the sport and weightlifting are not there.

  • Obstacle Race Involves Flipping Tires, Tossing Footballs

    by Marie Wilson, Chicago Daily Herald July 2015

    Flipping tires, walking on balance beams, crossing monkey bars, scaling walls. Sound like fun? How about dribbling basketballs, sprinting with soccer balls or tossing footballs? There's a race coming to Naperville that incorporates all of these obstacles, sports and more into one event — the Varsity Rush family fitness challenge.

  • YMCA Program Allows Doctors to Prescribe Exercise

    by Laker Weekly July 2015

    The Franklin County Family YMCA is offering a Script Fit program that involves partnering with area doctors to give patients a prescription for exercise.

  • Jedi Training: Star Wars Workouts Hit Gyms, Studios

    by Courtney Perkes, The Orange County Register July 2015

    Shawn Crosby grew a beard to look more like Obi-Wan Kenobi, and once a week, he swings a lightsaber like the Jedi master brandishes in "Star Wars." His battle, Wednesday nights at an Anaheim park, may not be as cosmic as Obi-Wan's with Darth Vader, but Crosby's heart rate spikes nonetheless.

  • Small Studios Fastest Growing Part of Fitness Industry

    by Joseph Pisani, The Associated Press June 2015

    Slim one-room gyms are in, and the low cost of starting them has turned gym rats and workout instructors into entrepreneurs. No need for Olympic-size pools, rows of treadmills or steam rooms in these small studios.

  • Central Florida Rec Center Clarifies Shirt Policy

    by Stuart Goldman June 2015

    The University of Central Florida Recreation and Wellness Center (RWC) addressed its shirt policy after some male students were wearing “Y-back” tank tops in the center.