• College Launches 'Get Fit on Route 66' Campaign

    by David Dinsmore Special to the Courier & Press May 2015

    The campaign will help put participants on the road to better health via Ivy Tech Community College’s Welborn Foundation Wellness & Fitness Center in Evansville over the course of the summer.

  • More Golfers Hitting the Gym to Prevent Injury

    by Milwaukee Journal Sentinel May 2015

    Golf is such a mental sport that it's easy to forget about the physical demands of the game.

  • "Flash Mob Fitness" Tribe Takes Root in Minneapolis

    by ALLIE SHAH; STAFF WRITER, STAR TRIBUNE (Mpls.-St. Paul) April 2015

    The November Project's high-intensity, early-bird workouts happen every Wednesday - announced on the group's Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. Just for fun, leaders will throw in an occasional "pop-up workout" on other days, tweeting the time and place the night before.

  • Rec Center's Interactive 'PlayWord' Makes Fitness Fun

    by Kelly S. Kelly Gazette correspondent April 2015

    Today, in houses across the country, youngsters sit anchored in front of screens like Jabba the Hutt, with only their thumbs getting exercise while frantically working video game controllers.

  • Private Club's Lease Terms at Rec Center Approved

    by Bruce Farrin; Staff Editor April 2015

    The Board of Selectmen has accepted a revised payment proposal from Rich Viitala Jr. of Fire & Iron Athletics, which is leasing space at the Recreation Center and using fitness equipment owned by the town.

  • Kids Triathlons Take Off as Sport Grows in United States

    by MELISSA KOSSLER DUTTON; Associated Press April 2015

    According to USA Triathlon,the number of youth races sanctioned by the Colorado-based organization jumped from 193 in 2004 to 885 in 2013.

  • Physicians Group Targets Ballpark's Bacon Obsession

    by Dan Meyers; For The Inquirer April 2015

    On Monday, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine launched a campaign that might be summed up this way: How about a little love for broccoli?

  • Police, Firefighters Face Off in Fitness Competition


    In the case of Anaheim police Officer Heather Scaglione, participating in Anaheim's Guns N Hoses Fitness Competition is a matter of showing that a female officer can physically compete just as well as her male counterparts.

  • Woman Wins $980K in Fitness Center Injury Suit

    by NEWS STAFF REPORT April 2015

    A Buffalo woman has been awarded $980,000 for her pain and suffering after discs in her neck were damaged during a workout at a North Buffalo fitness center.

  • Fitness Center Targets Nation's 83 Percent of Non-Gym Users

    by JANE FORD-STEWART,, Muskego-New Berlin Now April 2015

    Calling all couch potatoes, does he have a gym for you, says certified strength and conditioning specialist Rick Vendlinski, former triathlete who opened a customized gym in Muskego.