• Y Diabetes Prevention Program OK'd, Despite Objections

    by Jayne O'Donnell November 2016

    Federal regulators will move ahead with a national test of Medicare coverage for a YMCA diabetes prevention program over the objections of the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Locker Room Hygiene Key for Preventing MRSA

    by WVU Medicine November 2016

    MORGANTOWN - As football season moves into basketball season, locker rooms and gyms are as busy as they've ever been. Athletes and others need to maintain good hygiene to avoid getting benched by an unexpected opponent: methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus, better known as MRSA.

  • Air Force Tracking OSU Athletes' Performance, Recovery

    by Barrie Barber October 2016

    The Air Force Research Laboratory will expand the number of Ohio State University athletes whose performance it is analyzing to gain data airmen may use on the battlefield and push athletes further on the field, a researcher says. More than 100 wrestlers and men's and women's lacrosse players will join the research roster that already includes Buckeyes football players, OSU and AFRL officials said.

  • Experts Prescribe Active Rehab for Concussion Patients

    by Courtney Cameron October 2016

    In October 2015, a grant from the NFL Foundation was given to fund a two-day meeting of the nation’s leading experts in the fields of concussion research, treatment and care. Experts gathered at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center to discuss new leads in the active treatment of concussion patients and prepared to share with the nation the agreed-upon best practices. The result was a Statement of Agreement publication in which experts pooled their knowledge and experience regarding the best treatments and therapies for concussion patients.

  • Study: Wearable Health Monitors Unreliable

    by Karen Weintraub October 2016

    Wearable devices may provide interesting information, but the heart-rate data are unreliable and raise doubts about usefulness, a new study shows. The study, by cardiac experts at the Cleveland Clinic, examined four popular devices and found that their heart rate monitors are wrong 10%-20% of the time. That may not matter much for the weekend warriors who just want to check on whether their fitness is improving. But a snapshot heart rate, even if accurate, won't tell them much.

  • Study: Lack of Plus-Size Activewear Can Discourage Women from Exercise

    by Chelsea Bannach October 2016

    Alana Gruss is an active woman. She loves yoga, taking her young children on walks, and hiking. She wants to be fit and set a good example for her family. "It's so important," she said. But for Gruss, who wears plus-size clothing, finding activewear can be a challenge. "I'd say it's discouraging," said Gruss, a Spokane Valley resident.

  • Broncos Coach Kubiak Off After Migraine Diagnosis

    by Arnie Stapleton October 2016

    Joe DeCamillis stepped up to the podium Monday after GM John Elway named him interim head coach and was instantly met with a welcome-to-the-show question: "Who's your quarterback?" The Denver Broncos' 51-year-old special teams coordinator dodged the inquiry, declining to say whether Trevor Siemian or Paxton Lynch would be under center when the Broncos (4-1) visit the Chargers (1-4) on Thursday night.

  • Study: Exercising While Angry Raises Heart Attack Risk

    by Marilynn Marchione October 2016

    If you're angry or upset, you might want to simmer down before heading out for an intense run or gym workout. A large, international study ties heavy exertion while stressed or mad to a tripled risk of having a heart attack within an hour. Regular exercise is a healthy antidote to stress and can help prevent heart disease - the biggest problem is that too many people get too little of it. But the new research suggests there may be better or worse times to exercise, and that extremes can trigger harm.

  • Sponsored Video: Building a Better Treadmill with Cybex

    by AB Editors September 2016

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    Make your most popular equipment your best. For almost five decades, Cybex has been researching the everyday challenges of people like you – the wear and tear on bodies and treadmills in the world’s harshest workout environments.

  • Why Are More Communities Investing in Outdoor Fitness?

    by Emily Attwood August 2016

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