• Two Maine Companies Leading Charge to Improve Public Health

    by Erin Rhoda, Bangor Daily News (Maine) August 2015

    Businesses could help make their communities healthier, according to a recent national report -- but Maine is already leading the way. Whether by partnering with local YMCAs and nonprofits to expand community health programs, creating healthier products, giving to charity, or volunteering time, expertise or resources, the private sector could play a much greater role in improving the health of current and future workers -- and potentially controlling health care costs.

  • Fitness Bridge Helps Market Rec Center’s Offerings

    by Paul Steinbach August 2015

    Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ont., sought to connect the David Braley Athletic and Recreation Centre to an existing student association building next door, but needed to preserve vehicular circulation between the two structures.

  • All-In-One Exercise Classes Prove Popular

    by A. Marie Ball, The State Journal- Register (Springfield, IL) August 2015

    Some things relatively new — bootcamp and spinning — and some things that have been around for a long time — yoga and martial arts — represent the trends in physical fitness this summer, according to local instructors.

  • How to Recognize the Positives of Health Club Ownership

    by Rob Bishop and Barry Klein July 2015

    We're often accused of being negative on these pages. Our response is that we're not negative at all. We're realistic. Rob would liken our opinion about owning and operating an independent health club to his opinion of marriage. To anyone who has never been married before, Rob will try to tell them, "Marriage is not what you think it is. Maybe for better or worse. Maybe for good or bad."

  • North Carolina Rolls Out Online Gym Classes

    by The Herald-Sun (Durham, N.C.) July 2015

    North Carolina's Virtual Public School will be launching an online high school physical education class this fall.

  • Study: New P.E. Curriculum Improves Students' Fitness

    by Laura Godlewski July 2015

    A study by researchers at UCLA found that a physical education program that places fitness equipment in underserved schools and implements a curriculum based on boosting confidence and making fitness participation more enjoyable dramatically increases students’ performance on California’s standardized physical fitness test.

  • No Sign of CrossFit Boom Abating

    by Karen Price, Pittsburgh Tribune Review July 2015

    Jenn Murzyn opened her gym, CrossFit Athletics, in the South Side in 2010 when only a handful of gyms in the area were practicing the workout program founded 15 years ago in Northern California.

  • Keys to Success for Corporate Wellness Programs

    by Laura Delavan, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution July 2015

    Most business health care insurance models are designed around helping employees pay for checkups and immunizations, and covering the huge costs of major health events that put employees in the hospital or keep them off work.

  • Duke Football Alum Opens Youth Sports Training Center

    by John McCann, The Herald-Sun (Durham, N.C.) July 2015

    Something's missing in youth sports in Durham, former Duke football player Desmond Scott said. He said he'll fill in the blanks. "I honestly believe that as far as middle school and high school athletics, the teaching of the sport and weightlifting are not there.

  • Obstacle Race Involves Flipping Tires, Tossing Footballs

    by Marie Wilson, Chicago Daily Herald July 2015

    Flipping tires, walking on balance beams, crossing monkey bars, scaling walls. Sound like fun? How about dribbling basketballs, sprinting with soccer balls or tossing footballs? There's a race coming to Naperville that incorporates all of these obstacles, sports and more into one event — the Varsity Rush family fitness challenge.