• School's Fitness Push Results in $100K Fitness Center

    by Dayna Straehley, The Orange County Register September 2014

    Physical education classes at Sunnymead Middle School are so much fun, students said they want to participate in all the activities - even pushups. Now the Moreno Valley school's commitment to health and fitness has won it national recognition - and a brand-new fitness center set to open next month.

  • Video: Inside a Successful Medical Fitness Program

    by Michael Gaio September 2014

    Set foot onto The Atlantic Club’s sprawling 44-acre campus in Manasquan, N.J., and you’ll realize it’s not the average health club.

  • 'Fitness Recess' Gets Grade-Schoolers Moving

    by Andrew Brandt September 2014

    Monkey bars? Slides? Swings? Not anymore.

    For one recess a day, kids in grades 4 through 6 at Pennsylvania intermediate schools Shallow Brook and Spring Forge participate in a "fitness recess."

  • Georgia's 'Power Up for 30' Aims to Get Kids Moving

    by Helena Oliviero September 2014

    With the state mired in a child obesity epidemic, Georgia Department of Public Health Commissioner Brenda Fitzgerald made her case last school year for more exercise. Kids were not only heavy, but also weak. The message co-signed by Fitzgerald and State Superintendent John Barge that was sent to elementary schools across the state was simple: Find a way to get kids moving more. It was not as a replacement for recess or PE, but school systems instead were asked to develop new and innovative cardio programs to braid into an already time-pressed day. State officials asked for pledges for what they coined "Power Up for 30," which is part of Georgia Shape, a coalition of education, health care, government and nonprofit leaders dedicated to improving the state's significant childhood obesity problem.

  • Report: Obesity Rates Holding Steady in 44 States

    by Karen Kaplan September 2014

    That showing was good enough to prompt the authors of the report to change its name from "F as in Fat" to "The State of Obesity: Better Policies for a Healthier America."

  • Gym Provides Free Access, Gaming Rewards to Kids

    by Carly Harrington September 2014

    Video games. They can be the bane of every parent’s existence, particularly on a nice summer day. As the father of two and a gym owner, Bryan Butler wants to get kids off the couch and moving.

  • Chicago Ys to Merge as Golden Corridor Family YMCA

    by Daily Herald report September 2014

    Merger discussions began more than 18 months ago, when the Campanelli Y assumed management of the Prairie Valley Y's branches.

  • Van-Based Outdoor 'Social Fitness' Company Hits Chicago

    by Elena Ferrarin, September 2014

    Youtside — as in "you" plus "outside," pronounced "yowt-side" — is "for people that like that challenge, and people that prefer to be outdoors," Kuehn said. "That's really the genesis for the company."

  • Boxing-Centered Facility Represents Shift in Recreation

    by Andrew Brandt September 2014

    A two-ring boxing center in Macon, Ga., will mark its opening with a 24-bout tournament, though most of its regular users may never land a punch.

  • In Georgia, Concerns Rise as P.E and Recess Times Fall

    by Rose French; Staff September 2014

    The trend toward less physical activity is under scrutiny as students head back to school and parents find their children often have a tough time adjusting to sitting at desks much of the day after unstructured summer days of play.