• Grassroots Fitness Movement Gains Following

    by Nedra Rhone July 2017

    Five months ago, another group workout came to town and while it is similar to some of the other HIIT workouts, it is more about building community than building muscle and it is free to anyone who wants to join.

  • Fitness Trainers Gather to Craft Perfect Workout

    by Molly Shea July 2017

    Ten years ago, it was easy to lump classes into one of a handful of categories: spin, yoga, pilates or retro step aerobics. But the recent influx of workouts means that anything goes in a fitness studio now, whether it be rope slams, bar hangs, one-armed burpees or cathartic screams.

  • Army Implements First Combat-Specific Fitness Test

    by Courtney Cameron July 2017

    Over the past 10 years, the Army has been working to develop a more effective model of the traditional Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT).

  • Americans Polarized on Fitness, Obesity

    by Froma Harrop July 2017

    Even on the matter of fitness, our population has become polarized. Large numbers have surrendered to obesity, while others seem willing to suffer hugely in pursuit of uber-fitness. So many of us, it seems, cannot enjoy good health in a relaxed way.

  • Rhabdomyolysis More Common as Workouts Intensify

    by Courtney Cameron July 2017

    Rhabdomyolysis, a rare but potentially life-threatening condition that can be a side effect of extreme exercise, is not a new discovery. Hundreds of documented cases appear among those in demanding professions, such as firefighters and the armed forces. Occasionally, college athletes are diagnosed after a grueling workout.

  • Video: Dave Castro Talks Bringing CrossFit Games to Madison

    by Andy Berg July 2017

    If you’re looking for the fittest people on earth, you could do worse than venturing to Madison, Wis., this August. No, it’s not that beer, cheese and sausage comprise the diet of champions but rather that the 2017 Reebok CrossFit Games (Aug. 3-6) have relocated to Madison’s Alliant Energy Center.

  • Wisconsin Assembly OK's Measure for Sports Physicals

    by Lillian Price and Jason Stein July 2017

    Lawmakers have reopened a decades-long controversy over letting chiropractors do physicals...

  • Tuberculosis Diagnosis at Vallejo 24 Hour Fitness

    by Courtney Cameron July 2017

    Patrons of a 24 Hour Fitness in Vallejo, Calif., were notified Thursday in a letter from the Solano County Health Department of a potential exposure to tuberculosis.

  • Study: Average Teen as Sedentary as 60-Year-Old

    by Ariana Eunjung Cha July 2017

    In an eye-opening study, researchers mapped how physical activity changes over a lifetime

  • College Facilities Offer Fitness Opportunities to Public

    by Jennifer Toland June 2017

    Worcester State’s indoor and outdoor tracks are available free to the public, and for the first time this summer, Worcester State is offering community and alumni memberships to its DeFeudis Fitness Center.