• Orangetheory Fitness Opening Pennsylvania Location

    by Jason Scott May 2017

    The Harrisburg-area studio will be the first in the central part of Pennsylvania, but locations already are in the works for the Camp Hill and State College areas in 2018, company officials said.

  • Bucks Arena Construction Crew Warms Up Each Day

    by James B. Nelson May 2017

    At 7 every morning, before work begins on the most visible and significant addition to the downtown landscape in more than a decade, hard-hatted construction workers from all construction trades gather in the arena bowl.

  • Opinion: Classes Provide Engaging Exercise Option

    by Sandra Aguilar May 2017

    A fun and active exercise class can make working out something other than a "must-do" item of the day.

  • Study: Aerobic, Resistance Training Mix Benefits Seniors

    by Carla K. Johnson May 2017

    Experts have worried about recommending weight loss to older, obese people because it speeds up bone and muscle loss, increasing the danger of falls and broken bones.

  • Is Inactivity Among Kids a Health Time Bomb?

    by Jayne O'Donnell and Joshua Mitchell May 2017

    The percentage of children ages six to 12 who were physically active three or more times a week had its biggest drop in five years and is now less than 25%, new data show.

  • Fitness Studio Offers Classes Taught by Ex-Convicts

    by Kirsten Fleming and Molly Shea May 2017

    In a small room on the Lower East Side, a group of sweaty, grunting females attempts pullups on crude bars. What appears to be the local county lockup is actually hot fitness studio ConBody.

  • Board Approves Construction for New Health Club

    by Matthew Daigle May 2017

    The Norway (Maine) Planning Board voted 4-0 Thursday to allow an Oxford resident to construct a private health club and fitness center on Aldrich Avenue. Jesse Wall has owned and operated TruStrength Athletics on Route 26 in Oxford since 2008.

  • Athletic Tape a Costly, Necessary Part of College Sports

    by Tom Schad May 2017

    Athletic tape is so embedded in the daily routine of college football that players and coaches often don't think twice about it. But for University of Memphis athletic trainer Darrell Turner, it is arguably the most important tool of the trade, an incredibly complex and surprisingly costly part of college football that few fans rarely see or understand.

  • Yoga Classes Keep Seniors Fit as They Age

    by Maria Howard May 2017

    Instructor Barbara Prema Brown, who is in her 70s, has found a niche in helping seniors stay active and strong, an approach to yoga that she calls "Aging Agelessly."

  • Group Exercise Explores Water-Based Fitness

    by Courtney Cameron May 2017

    Across the country, gyms are getting on board with water-based exercise classes, converting more and more traditional fitness routines to be done in, on or around the water.