• ACSM Issues New Guidelines on Exercise Quality, Quantity

    by Michael Popke — AB Managing Editor June 2011

    The American College of Sports Medicine released new recommendations Tuesday regarding the quantity and quality of exercise for adults. So now when health club and fitness center staff members are asked by patrons, "How much exercise do I need?" they can respond definitively, the organization says.

  • Blog: Always Be Persistent, Consistent and Committed

    by James McPartland April 2011

    Achieving and sustaining a healthy and high quality of life has parallels to the requirements of building a growing and profitable business. Both involve facing daily obstacles and deterrents, and both require the support of great people to encourage you to stay on track.

  • Blog: Zumba's Great - Just Not for Us

    by Rob Bishop & Barry Klein April 2011

    We're going to come right out and say it, and then go hide behind something sturdy in anticipation of the response.

  • Overly Aggressive Workouts Put Athletes at Risk of Rhabdomyolysis

    by Paul Steinbach March 2011

    A University of Iowa investigation into the January hospitalization of 13 football players has determined that an intense exercise regimen on the heels of a three-week layoff from supervised workouts was the cause of the players' rhabdomyolysis, a potentially fatal breakdown of muscle fibers into the bloodstream, where excess proteins can clog the kidneys and cause renal failure.

  • One on One: Personal Trainer David Geslak Helps Autistic Children

    by Paul Steinbach January 2011

    David Geslak's personal training career has taken him from making stronger men of major college football players to changing the diapers of 16-year-old boys. He has no regrets about the career change.

  • How to Respond to Complaining Customers

    by Rob Bishop & Barry Klein December 2010

    Sometimes you just have to tell your complaining customers to find another club.

  • Corporate Fitness Programs Add Value, Even if Difficult to Track

    by Paul Steinbach October 2010

    Corporate fitness professionals believe in the value of their programs, even if returns are difficult to track.

  • Trainer Shouldn't Have Told Client to 'Push Through' Pain

    by John T. Wolohan October 2010

    After an apparent workout injury, telling a client to "push through it" is not a trainer's wisest course of action.

  • Establishing Rules for the Wireless Generation of Employees

    by Rob Bishop & Barry Klein September 2010

    Owners walk a tightrope when establishing rules for the wireless generation of employees.

  • Bad News Launches Childhood Obesity Awareness Month

    by Michael Popke September 2010

    As the first-ever National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month kicks off today, scientists say the problem may be even more widespread than previously thought. Researchers have found that parents tend to under-report their children's weight - so much so that estimates of obesity and body mass index based on parent-supplied data may miss one in five obese children.