• Establishing Rules for the Wireless Generation of Employees

    by Rob Bishop September 2010

    Owners walk a tightrope when establishing rules for the wireless generation of employees.

  • Bad News Launches Childhood Obesity Awareness Month

    by Michael Popke September 2010

    As the first-ever National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month kicks off today, scientists say the problem may be even more widespread than previously thought. Researchers have found that parents tend to under-report their children's weight - so much so that estimates of obesity and body mass index based on parent-supplied data may miss one in five obese children.

  • Club Owner: 'It's Better to Work Out and Drink … '

    by Michael Popke August 2010

    While some health clubs still insist on serving less-than-healthy snacks, select locations of the high-end David Barton Gym host cocktail parties. According to New York Times blogger Kayleen Schaefer, the post-group exercise events are sponsored by the Swedish vodka brand Svedka and tie in with that brand's "RU Bot Or Not?" ad campaign that features a sexy female robot.

  • Older Adults 'Backbone' of Fitness Industry

    by Michael Popke August 2010

    A new report from the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association indicates that older adults are the "backbone" of the fitness industry. "From 1987 to 2007, the number of health club members in the United States, aged 55 and older, increased by more than 500 percent - from 1.6 million to 9.9 million," says SGMA president Tom Cove. "In 2009, one in four health club members in the U.S. were at least 55 years old. During that same 20-year time period, the number of health club members aged 18 to 34 rose by just 52 percent - from 9 million to 13.7 million. Without the support of America's seniors, the fitness industry would be in rough shape."

  • How to Select a Prepackaged Group Fitness Program

    by Rob Bishop August 2010

    Prepackaged group fitness programs might be right for your club, but only if you do them correctly.

  • A PR Department in Desperate Need of Personal Training

    by Andrew Cohen June 2010

    I was a New Yorker on June 20, 1986, and (then as now) an avid newspaper reader. Today, I guess you'd say I was a voracious consumer of informational content. Anyway, it was with quite a bit of amusement that I read the box on the front page of The New York Times announcing that the paper now accepted that the term "Ms." had become common usage and, accordingly, it would henceforth be adopted as an honorific.

  • What in the World Does it Take to Motivate Health Club Prospects?

    by Rob Bishop May 2010

    After no one bites on a free membership, musings on what in the world it takes to motivate prospects.

  • How to set club membership fees

    by Rob Bishop May 2010

    Clear thinking and firm self-knowledge are required when setting club membership fees.

  • Nutrition Education Lacking Among College Student-Athletes

    by Paul Steinbach March 2010

    Student-athletes are starved for nutrition knowledge, yet many athletic departments are not staffed to provide it.

  • A Gold's Gym Encourages Participation from High School Students

    by Michael Popke March 2010

    A high school P.E. class gets a no-pressure introduction to Gold's Gym.