• Why Attrition Numbers Don't Add Up

    by Rob Bishop & Barry Klein March 2008

    When it comes to industry-wide attrition rates, is your fitness center's math trustworthy?

  • Pre-Style vs. Freestyle

    by Kelly Coulter March 2008

    Which is better for your fitness center: pre-choreographed group exercise programs, or freestyle classes? Here are the pros and cons of both.

  • Efforts to Rebuild Minds and Bodies of New Orleans Residents Move Forward

    by Michael Popke February 2008

    Efforts to rebuild the minds and bodies of New Orleans residents surge forward.

  • 24-Hour Clubs Experience Unique Combination of Revenue and Risk

    by Andrew Cohen February 2008

    Offering 24-hour access to club members adds some combination of revenues, expenses and risk.

  • Award-Winning Medical Fitness

    by Anne B. McDonnell February 2008

    The HealthStyles hospital wellness center turns a profit by offering medically based fitness programs that are popular and results-driven.

  • Maximizing Personal Training Profits

    by Stephen Holt February 2008

    Creating a solid plan can help you increase personal training evenue at your facility. Get your whole staff involved, offer a variety of training options, and educate your members through orientations and seminars.

  • Memberships: It's All About the Numbers

    by Stephen Tharrett and James A. Peterson January 2008

    Get out your calculators to determine how many memberships your fitness center needs to sell.

  • Fitness Center Insurance Needs and Tips

    by Julie Anne Eason December 2007

    A lot may have changed for your fitness center in the past year, and that may affect your insurance needs. Here are some tips to heed when you perform your year-end insurance review.

  • Motivate with New Technology

    by Heather Peavey December 2007

    As new technology gains a foothold in the fitness equipment market, it can be difficult to sort through the newest products to determine the best fit for your fitness center. One of the first steps is translating technobabble into helpful, easily identifiable categories.

  • Arcade-Style Activities Attract New Exercisers to Fitness

    by Andrew Cohen November 2007

    Arcade-style activities bring people to fitness, though they may have too much fun to notice.